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Sept. 15, 2016


3/3/95 #1   HATONN



Come on, readers, don't hide under your covers thinking what a good thing that no one is tampering with the Constitution by not passing the Balanced Budget Amendment.  Sorry!  It has NOTHING to do with the Constitution.  It has everything to do with collapsing the government, banks and nations. From Argentina to Africa to Americas, the BANKS are being shored up VERY METHODICALLY.

If that Balanced Budget Amendment HAD PASSED yesterday, you would be in TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE.  The Treasury Department HAS TO ISSUE THOSE TREASURY BONDS TO BOOST THE NEW YORK BANKS (INTO THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS) THIS WEEK AND, HAD THAT BILL PASSED--THERE WOULD BE NO ABILITY TO GET THEM ISSUED.  As it is they will be "silent debt".  That means that YOU-THE-PEOPLE are not supposed to know until sometime in the future and you are going to be simply given a new set of numbers.  There will be a bit of hoopla like with the S&Ls and Derivative markets and then you will just come into the acceptance that you no longer have a country.  Well, dear ones, YOU DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY--NOW!

Let us look benevolently and with charity in our hearts at your goodly Congress today.  They can't tell you-the-people what is really "up" and they certainly can't tell you what is "coming down" so, in their place, what would you have done?  If you don't follow the Constitution which already demands annual balancing of the budget (and the state picking up the tab for the overdraw--go read your Constitution) what do you think an "Amendment" would do?  Yesterday, however, Congress was faced with instant financial collapse or HIDDEN COLLAPSE AS FORECLOSURE TAKES ITS FINAL FLING.  YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW REALLY BAD IT IS.  You are, people, AS WE WRITE, drawing up the paper instruments to pay off trillions of dollars to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers--THE BANKS.  It is just that you don't know it.


So, you are angry?  So you think that it is good to go get a gun and defend selves?  Against WHO?  I speak of phasers, lasers and tasers and urge you to be most careful for "they" have bigger guns and KNOWLEDGE is your only remaining weapon.  You write back and tell me I am "full of it" that those are weapons of Star Trek and other outlandish fantasy tales.  One writer even suggested that there isn't any real problem going around--"you just want to sell papers".  That would be nice also.  It is that I don't know where you are that you don't KNOW about these things.

Right in SPOTLIGHT there is an interesting ad stating that "THE TASER IS BACK!" (Where has it gone?).  It goes on to say you shouldn't delay in ordering while this product is still legal, this "THE STUN GUN ON A WIRE".  It is touted to deliver a high voltage knock-out punch from a safe distance.  I wonder how "safe" Cathy O'Brien thinks these guns are--in the hands of your "protectors"?

What else does the ad proclaim?  "Compressed air blasts two small probes attached to 15 feet of TASER (registered trademark) into your astonished target.  Small hook-like barbs attach to clothing and instantly transmit a T-WAVE electric signal that jams your attacker's central nervous system. This 50,000 VOLT STUN INSTANTLY RENDERS YOUR ATTACKER IMMOBILE, EVEN THROUGH 2" OF CLOTHING.  Air taser IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE NON-LETHAL SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD AND IS, IN A WORD, "AWESOME".

Sounds good?  Well for $240 you can have one.  But, you want to know what is interesting?  The gang members being trained to "help" in time of riot and disorder--are getting these as "standard issue".  They are told to use these as first defense when going house to house in search teams--and--if the tenant still continues to threaten--shoot them.



What happened to Ken Vardon?  As I understand it he simply ran out of money and had some $6,000 plus in phone bills he couldn't pay.  There comes a limit beyond which we can't longer operate.  A FAX network with no phone line(s) is no longer!  We face the same thing--a paper, with no ability to continue to "press", is no longer!

In many ways it is good for Ken because his protection of person comes WITH the crackdown HARD AND with finality, on the "PATRIOTS" and their armed groups and networks.  The government (Janet Reno and her BATF) plans to take care of all you "Patriots and Militias" around the 25th to 27th of March.  Blue Beam imaging is still on track for 16th through 18th (with the U.S. excluded for the images) of March.  Will these things happen?  Some of the patriots call you to arms and you grab whatever is near and run to the battle.  Reno laughs and tells her chums, "Stupid is as stupid does."

The next question comes, "What about CONTACT?"  We don't know about CONTACT but we have no banditos, no SWAT, no BATF and no RENO on our doorsteps--so far.  The problems we have been plagued with are with the efforts of those to try to INDIVIDUALLY destroy.  Why?  Because we are NOT "patriots" as defined today, we are NOT "Tax Protestors" as defined today, we are not "subversive" as defined today, and we are NOT, NO MATTER WHAT MAY BE THOUGHT--RACISTS OR RADICALS.  We have no "groups", no cults, and we do not speak ill of the Jewish people--we tell the TRUTH about the Zionist Khazarian Mishpulka.

Wouldn't it be good for "those" to get rid of us?  I don't think so for when they trounce upon MY PEOPLE, they trounce upon ME and the adversary anti-Christ KNOWS ME AND MY PATIENCE LIMITATIONS.

What if:!?!  "They" came for the patriots and there were none?  What if they come for the "militias" and there are no guns and no groupies?  Check to see WHO is rallying the troops to FIGHT and BATTLE AND THERE IS YOUR WORST ENEMY--WEARING PATRIOT CLOTHING.  EVEN YOUR PATRIOT CRIES AND CLOTHES ARE BRITISH!  AND YOUR SYMBOLS: FREEMASON ILLUMINATI.  You can SEE that you cannot do a thing with that Government in Washington DC.  Don't concern with just "where" to set up government--it doesn't really matter.  When there is no blood for the parasites to suck--you will have lots of places.  The problem with waiting is that you won't be alive AND WELL enough to do much of anything.  I hope that I "incite to thought", not ever incite to "thoughtless riot".  Insurrection is that which is defined according to the rules and definitions of the Big Boys--not what a dictionary says.  Although you will find, my friends, that the modern dictionaries have strangely added definitions that FIT THE BIG BOYS--NOT YOU-THE-PEOPLE.  If "they" have established a "government" under Satan and "they" have the big guns, then the definition of "government" is according to "their" desires--not the Constitutional truth of it. You are not actually the United States of America--you ARE the United States of the United Nations, Western Hemisphere--ONE WORLD ORDER.  This IS the "tribulations" through which MAN must pass or sink.  The "horses are out of the barn", beloved ones; there is no need to rush now to nail shut the doors and windows of the barn lest you can't get the stock back in when you find them.

Will there be intelligence enough on the part of the "people" to make this passage in a state of "being alive"?  No.  I see ones with fingers on triggers, on bomb buttons and on saber-tasers itching to get it started.  No, I fear "intelligence and wisdom" will not be the mode of action for the day--but some of you, enough of you, will use wisdom in actions and walk through this.  I do not share the secrets of the satanist evil-barons to have you go kill them (there are too many of them).  I want you to know WHO THEY ARE so you QUIT honoring them and voting for them.  I, for instance, can't change the past actions of a Lamar Alexander or a William Bennett--BUT I CAN WARN YOU THAT THEY ARE BAD NEWS IF IN POWER.  You can STILL work in pretty good circumstances within the laws even as projected upon you and you can change the direction of your nation by utilizing their own loopholes built in to insure "their making it".  Small scale?  Perhaps--but small things grow when nourished and tended.  You do not HAVE TO BECOME evil to recognize evil.  In fact until you are NOT EVIL in intent--YOU CANNOT RECOGNIZE IT.  Money, for instance, is NOT OF GOD--"money" is something conjured by man.  Therefore it would seem quite reasonable and wise to handle money as "man" pronounces upon you his rules for his money.  If you go to war--he ends up with you dead--AND THE MONEY.  Likewise, GOLD is neither good nor is it bad--it IS.  So, it depends on what you choose to value such product, that it has value or NO VALUE.  As long as it has value as "money" it will pay to consider that the enemy wants all the money, so attend gold to the extent that you need it for electronic circuitry or monatomic gold for cell rehabilitation, etc.  If you are to make passage within God then you are going to have to do the things OF GOD--not the negative things of Satan who can only use and destroy.  GOD CREATES.  So, what do we do?  We start CREATING!  WE CREATE THE WAY.

"But won't the enemy tear down our creations?"  Yep, a lot of them--but he cannot uncreate--only destroy.  IF WE CREATE PASSAGE--HE CANNOT DESTROY IT.  My suggestion is that we create a whole bunch of things for him to tear down--for he can't tear down that which is REALITY--he can only sweep you into HIS ILLUSION.  Creation is "thought" so let us "think" wisely and CREATE through wish THOUGHT that which shall come to pass.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 7 1995, Volume 8, Number 6, Pages 22-23.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.