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Sept. 7, 2016


8/21/96 #1  HATONN



Today the heart is so full that the warmth of the overflow seems as if the refueling can last forever. You must understand, precious friends--IT WILL!  God knows that for which you seek and will always respond with more than that for which you petition--IF you ask without limitation upon that which you receive.

Now that we have understanding of that message, we can perhaps move on into abundance and fulfillment of our mission?  We WILL find the WAY--as we allow God to present the doors through which we must pass to find the right chamber for the collection process.  But, YOU are going to have to walk through those doors!


There is no way to express appreciation and gratitude for a period of time of such closeness as to touch the very LIGHT itself and have realization of that which we seek.  Remember also that that which you received from our "visitors" is equally as overwhelmingly received by THEM as by yourselves.  When the lessons are RECEIVED by the students--the Master (teacher) is also overwhelmed, for walking around in your human FORMAT is equally confusing to the BEING within.  In the human form there is no perfection--in the LIGHT of Being there in no IMperfection. The realization of that merged oneness and acceptance of BOTH is the joy that overwhelms the heart and overfloods the eyeducts.

I watch ones like Wally L. and Dave W. waggling around in their need to remain in the ecstatic movement of God!  Then comes the wonderment and the wondering as to purpose of calling--of service and how, where and to whom they might serve.  Oh dear brothers, can you NOT see?  You have the gift and the RESEARCH of all these wonderful background studies from the Masters themselves--to come forth and hold the chalice of TRUTH in Spirit--without desire for abundance beyond that which fills need.  Ah, indeed, how blind we are to our own message and calling.  You and such as Eric P. are the example of living allowance whereby you know that Truth is that which MUST BE WITHIN--but with"out" realizing that each being must find his own way as he fumbles with the keys to the doors.  We can all have our own realization and our own functions--but alas, we all need a point of "gathering" capability where we can come into the beauty of the signs of Spiritual comfort integrated with the representation of that which brings calm and realization to the soul in its searching.

We do not call ourselves "MASTER" when we are doing our work correctly in SERVICE to GOD. We become the servant in all respects of that term--for we must serve the soul essence of individual man.  Sometimes SILENCE is the only ability to connect--to simply have a beautiful and peaceful place for a being to sit and regain composure and connections.  No CHURCH on your place can offer this and few places, even where the teachers are master craftsmen at their own realization as with some of your own recognized teachers, can this peace and joy be found because of the rattle and dazzle of the awe-inspiring distractions.  If you can simply sit in the perfection of a quiet moment in a place of beauty--it is ENOUGH for each must find HIS way and not YOUR way.

This is why you come to this place where I serve in my own mission--to fill this void of focus on that which IS Spiritual confusion.  We do not need build great temples--only simple, comfortable and BEAUTIFUL places where the soul can rest in peace and have focus on and WITH God.  This must come without RITUAL other than assisting a brother to open his mind and heart and LET GOD.  It is not a place of YOU putting on robes or pious faces--just a simple hand to those who ask wherein the souls can touch and a tear be shared because the heart UNDERSTANDS--not the problem, the mutual caring!

Few are gifted with this Spiritual ability to allow others while you simply offer "a way", a momentary time of growth FOR BOTH OF YOU.  All the while you think you are "taking" and can't find your "purpose", you are being trained in the finest honing for the task ahead--to offer these "retreats", these places of renewal of soul--yea, even the windchimes which signal tones of wonder.

My mission, for instance, cannot focus on that which is simply of SOUL and my own soul cries out for "nothing more" than that one focus.  But it is not for me this time, nor for the ones who must construct and rebuild and redirect in the illusion of mankind's physical expression.  Nor would those who must build a warehouse know what to put in a garden of PEACE that Spirit can reclaim its balance.  That builder can only experience that which you can make available for the moments in "time" when the soul says, "Enough already, today I need help."


There are WONDERFUL places available, when the time is ready, to build such places where the human travelers can go to regain balance--so why NOT YOU?  Do you not think it TIME YOU START YOUR PLANNING?  We must SHOW man that he can live both in living flesh and Spiritual wholeness in the form manifest.  IF NOT "YOU", WHO DO YOU SUGGEST?  Must you always demand that your Teachers do more and more and more, and never prove unto them that THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED?

Perhaps the FIRST GRADUATION LESSON you must have in realization is that whatever you do, it MUST NOT BE IN THE NAME OF a Baba, a Yogananda, a Jesus--a Hatonn.  We are but messengers--do not "cultize" selves or visitors by such linear thought or direction.  YOU ARE OF GOD, UNIVERSAL, PERFECT AND ABSOLUTE.  ANOTHER "TEACHER'S" NAME SHOULD NOT OCCUPY THE PLACE OF GOD--ONLY IN REFERENCE FROM TIME TO TIME AS THE HELPER THAT SHOWED YOUR OWN SOUL A LITTLE LIGHT ALONG THE WAY.  THE GREATEST GIFT TO A COHAN IS TO HAVE A STUDENT LEARN HIS TRUTH--THAT ONLY GOD AND BEING IS IN THE PLACE OF REVERENCE AND HONOR.  NOT WORSHIP--RESPECT AND HONOR!  You must not build a building or temple to Buddha, Hatonn, Aton, Esu, Baba, whoever.  HONOR YOUR TEACHERS BY TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELVES--AND BUILDING A SOUL, NOT A BUILDING OF STONE OR STEEL--TO GOD.  AND KEEP IT SIMPLE. All you will need do is attend the swelling which may well arise between your own ears.  Also keep that simple, please.

We are NOT in this mission to attend only the survival needs of Man--but to also see to it that SOUL TRUTH is available at every turn of the pathway.  Here is where you people fit into God's picture and, now that you see it--can you ever turn away from it?  I certainly HOPE NOT for that would mean I HAVE FAILED.  Not only will that portion of our mission be fulfilled--but there will be great sums to expend on making the gardens and quiet places radiant with the true LIGHT OF GOD--and you will be given to KNOW what is necessary.  Now, aren't we having fun?  Mankind has forgotten that he must first attend his SOUL and all the rest follows--for he has been trained that everything else must be attended in physical form and then, only then, can attention be turned to "soul".  Man, however, must SEEK Truth--it cannot be simply PREACHED at him until he is confused and nauseated.  And, within himself, he KNOWS when Truth is present in both speaker and content of the speaking.  Gentlemen and Ladies, your own state of realization is but reflection of that which radiates from the soul of another when your calling is to share this wondrous realization of God.  No man, no teacher--no one save God can "ordain" this journey.  This IS the greatest responsibility ever taken by Man and to remain ever HUMBLE with such a gift is the TESTING YOU EXPERIENCE NOW!  Other people around you cannot even begin to perceive that which is within YOU.  Will the man who constructs the local pub have the same recognition of what goes into the Garden of Peace?  Very doubtful indeed!  So, I ask again: "If not you who have shared and experienced WITH me--WHO?"

Dharma, we have served well during these days and will continue through the years ahead--so allow us a bit of respite to regain "order" from the confusion of the past few days and digest in our soul the great and wondrous gifts received.  Each person picked up and DID MORE than a given "share" and you are blessed and I am grateful.

Thank you and I ask that you make sure Wally, Dave and Eric get this message.  Let us hold within ourselves and our beings that which was GRACED upon us during these short, short days and I thank you for receiving all of "US" with such gracious hospitality for we must be the lamps for each and ALL who go out to do God's work.  GOD IS LIFE--AND NOTHING OF DEATH CAN TOUCH YOU IF YOU REMAIN IN THE SHELTER OF THE PERFECT LIGHT!  Salu.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 27, 1996, Volume 14, Number 3, Page 16.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.