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July 23, 2016

July 15, 2016

11/1/93 #1   HATONN


This may well be the most important edition of this paper which you will receive.  Why?  Because it is going to deal greatly with that which is your "new" Constitution.

It is the next step in the puzzle wherein you are isolating the ONES in power and then what THEY are using as their blueprints for takeover.  Please note that always there will be a merging in with all plans so that YOU WILL NOT NOTICE UNTIL THE THING IS UP AND FUNCTIONING UNDER CHANGED LAWS YOU CAN BE FORCED TO OBSERVE.

Once again I will remind you that you cannot restore, fix or redo something which is not visible to you.  You can't restore your original Constitution, for instance, if you don't even know what it says and almost none of you know.  Certainly you cannot realize that you are USING a new blueprint for government and world order if you don't find out what is happening and what is being enforced and HOW.  Much we bring is repeated again and again--but how many of you can recite and really understand the NEW CONSTITUTION from the couple of times we have run it before?  I thought not--my people right here cannot even remember when it was last presented--OR WHAT IT SAYS.  There is NO MAGIC for insight and no magic for accomplishment of any task. However, happening onto another task is not going to solve this problem--I don't care who you are or what you perceive is your purpose.  YOU MUST KNOW THESE THINGS OR YOU HAVE NO USE FOR SERVING IN ANOTHER PURPOSE OR ADVANCEMENT--THE RESTRAINTS OF THE HUMAN PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT AND RESTRICTIONS BY PHYSICAL AND GOVERNMENT WILL CONSUME YOU.


It is, further, that you have not "right" to impose the load on another assuming that "you" need not know a thing or effort to move along learning because "you are different and your ultimate purpose is greater".  Greater than what?  If you don't get a handle on this government of yours, you have no future!  Worse, if you don't pay attention, you will NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT THROUGH INTO THAT HOPED FOR FUTURE.

When YOU settle into narrow perceptions of "self", you are "hooked", however.  You can call it "balance" or whatever you wish but if you resign from the task at hand, I call it "cop-out" of the highest order.  It presents that YOU do not feel the mundane functioning and workings of a civilization in the immediate unfolding is worthy of your attention or work increase.  Every man, woman and child must do that which he is guided to do; I simply suggest in EVERY instance you consider the "guidance", the source of that perceived guidance and the CONSEQUENCES; in other words, what will you do when you get 'there'!  What will be different "there"?  Are there funds to do your great task "there"--from "whom"??  Check with your own "Command" and carefully consider your input for some will blunder badly and actually MISS THEIR OWN PURPOSE FOR THE "MOMENT".  CONSIDER THAT WHICH IS PRESENT IN YOUR INSTANCE--I.E., WHERE YOU ARE--BEFORE LOOKING FOR POSSIBILITIES ELSEWHERE.  SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS WILL NEVER BE FOUND "ELSEWHERE"; THEY ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE OR THEY ARE STILL ELUSIVE TO THE TRUTH WITHIN.  PONDER IT.

If there are missing bits of Editorial direction or explanations at the onset of articles, etc., please bear with us because Dr. Young attended those necessary bits of information easing your input! We are short-handed, short-funded but not short-tempered with you, our readers, so please be gentle as we grow one more step forward.  We ARE going to GET THERE, team, and you are the team.  Thank you.

As you study the New Constitution, read it CAREFULLY.  Also, understand this: your free Constitutional Republic is IMPROPERLY called a "democracy" by most of those in positions of public trust.  Pure "democracy", without the checks and balances of a representative system, is MOB RULE.  And as every demagogue knows, MOB RULE IS DICTATORSHIP.

Your alleged leaders, while waving the banner of "democracy", have brought the United States to the threshold of degeneration into dictatorship under their own control.  True representation of the public will have been dangerously undermined, and our representative system itself is being rapidly replaced with appointive, centralized government.  And now, little-known plans exist for adoption of their Secret New Constitution under conditions of deliberate political and economic crisis, by national referendum or otherwise.

We feel that you have a right to know about this Secret New Constitution and its contents, and therefore, we present it AGAIN for your consideration--it is now "old" and in play--it is simply that it is still kept invisible so you don't notice its enforcement.  Your freedoms will be snuffed out brutally and THAT time is at hand.

This is not "liberal", "conservative", Democrat, Republican, black, white, Jew, or Gentile, Pagan or penny-ante; it is serious; it is in working mechanism right now.  It is a question of SURVIVAL OF THE FREE SYSTEM that allows the precious individual differences among you to continue to coexist, as guaranteed to you under your "original" United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

What you will be reading is TRUE.  It has happened.  It is not a frivolous or "academic" matter--THIS AFFECTS YOU!

As background: In 1964, the writing of a new constitution for America was begun, in preparation for the interim transition into total World Government Control.  This was structured and fronted by a tax-exempt foundation with a most misleading name, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.  It is a DIRECT OFFSPRING OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300 NEW WORLD ORDER!

The people involved WERE NOT elected parties or in any other way YOUR representatives.  They did, in fact, do this travesty of free sovereignty at YOUR expense--as tax-free, using YOUR funding through taxes.  The American people are STILL very much unaware of this document or that it is being utilized in your daily lives RIGHT NOW AS WE WRITE. YOU CAN SEE IT IF YOU LOOK AROUND YOU!

There were over 40 drafts of this document; the one we share here is, I believe, a copy of the fortieth!  It is being changed to merge with the United Nations Charter continually so expect more restrictions on freedom and more control from "foreign" enforcement teams.  In other words, EXPECT DICTATORSHIP BUT, DO NOT EXPECT IT THROUGH THE PUPPETS SET IN THE ROLES OF FAMILIAR CONSTITUTIONAL ELECTED LEADERS.  THE PUPPET-MASTERS ARE SHREWD AND WOULD NOT BE SO FOOLISH AS TO SHOW THEIR TRUMP CARDS AS YOU BEGIN TO WITNESS THE SCHEME PLAYED UPON YOU.  The person who presented the guidelines for this new Constitution was Rexford G Tugwell, a Zionist member of the Committee of 300, set forth and paid by that group to do this very job.

May you be given into understanding insight and realization as you study this most urgently important material--your very survival rests in the balance.  God be with you for only in HIS LIGHT can the adversary be slowed and overcome.  Only through HIS truth can the lie be exposed and freedom regained.  I salute you for your willingness to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


4/9/93 #2   HATONN

So what has gone wrong in the American heart and within the masses of the inhabitants of the world?  Perhaps we should share one more set of verses:




He was beaten from the start,

Beaten by his doubting heart,

And he had a ready ear

For the busy tongue of fear,

And he had a timid mind

Unto fretfulness inclined,

Filled with many reasons why

It was vain for him to try.

Given a task he'd shake his head,

"Can't do that!" he often said

"Times are hard and none will stay,

Listening to the words I say.

It is futile now to try,

People simply will not buy!"

Thus he walked the streets of trade,

Both discouraged and afraid.


But another kind of man

Thought this way: "Perhaps I can!

If I will supply the pluck,

Fortune may provide the luck.

If I have the grit to try,

There are people who may buy;

Anyhow, I'll not submit

To defeat before I'm hit."

One was beaten from the start,

Beaten by his doubting heart,

Beaten when he gave his ear

To the busy tongue of fear.

But another with his chance

Seized the moment to advance,

And came happy home at night

Just because he dared to fight!

                    *  *  *

Newstates Constitution

I would remind you, however, citizens, that once wide coercive powers are given to governmental agencies for particular purposes, such powers cannot be effectively controlled by democratic assemblies.

Let us now take a look at the Constitution for the NEWSTATES OF AMERICA.

In 1964, the writing of a new constitution for America began, at a tax-exempt foundation with the misleading name, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

The people who took it upon themselves to write this new constitution on your behalf were, of course, not elected representatives, or in any other way your representatives.  As a tax-exempt foundation, they were able to do political work on what amounts to a subsidy taken from your taxes, but you were never asked if you wanted a new constitution written.  Indeed, only a very tiny fraction of the people of the United States even know, today, that it exists; it has been made known to practically no one except a select category of influential Elitist people whose views and interest generally coincide with those of the people who wrote it.  The American people, as a whole, are absolutely ignorant of its existence.  This is deliberate.  This is a "secret" constitution--but already in use AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE.

It took some ten years to write this model constitution.  A preliminary version was published in 1970 and some of you patriots who object to it will recognize the title and author: THE EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell, the man who directed the formulation of the new constitution.  By the way, during the writing of this "secret" constitution that Center for the Study of Democratic Institution was very lavishly funded with over two and a half MILLION dollars a year.

To appreciate the document, we will effort to offer you some commentary and review and you will forgive me if I fail to always at every paragraph mention the speakers.  Tugwell's book, by the way, was published by Harper & Row and sells for about $20.

We will write on a section and then append comments and observations.




So that we may join in common endeavors, welcome the future in good order, and create an adequate and self-repairing government--we, the people, do establish the Newstates of America, herein provided to be ours, and do ordain this Constitution whose supreme law it shall be until the time prescribed for it shall have run.




This new constitution would replace the present U.S. Constitution and would dissolve the States as you know them into Newstates, "each comprising no less than 5 percent of the whole population." This new constitution is, in itself, a vehicle for the transition from your proven, tried and true, Divinely-ordained Constitution with its Bill of Rights Amendments, to the New World Order that man, in his own efforts, hopes to impost upon mankind--and basically has already accomplished at this writing.

The first eight words of the "preamble" clearly spell out all of the above: "so that we may join in common endeavors" assumes that everyone wants to support their endeavors to destroy America's sovereignty, states' rights and the individual's God-given liberty and freedom.  Should this be accomplished, the states would be abolished in favor of regions known as "newstates".  By their assumption, the initiative is taken and the momentum gained.

The "common endeavors" in this case is the destruction of your U.S. Constitution so as to replace it with dictatorship.  The new would have the form and appearance of the old but there the similarity ends.  The Newstates of America Constitution is merely a form of the old in order to pacify those still remembering the liberty that it guaranteed.  The New Constitution is a bridge, a part of the hopefully peaceful transition from a Constitutional Republic to an oligarchic world dictatorship.  THE MERE FACT THAT THIS NEW CONSTITUTION IS TO BE IN EFFECT FOR ONLY 25 YEARS, AND THAT MANY OPPORTUNITIES ARE PROVIDED TO REVISE AND REWRITE IT IN THOSE YEARS, INDICATES THE ROLE OF TRANSITION.

Yes, you will find in Article XI, Section 2 it declares: "When this Constitution shall have been in effect for twenty-five years the Overseer shall ask, by referendum, whether a new Constitution shall be prepared."  And should those in power be defeated in the case of amending their new constitution, they won't take no for an answer.  To quote Article XI, Section 1: "If rejected (that which they proposed), it may be restudied and a new proposal submitted."  So it is not possible for the people to totally reject that which the appointed Principal Justice and that which the appointed Senate proposes.

You will note that the word "emergency" will appear frequently in the proposed Constitution but is never mentioned in Your U.S. Constitution.  Consequently, an "emergency" is used to impose new dictates which could only be accomplished at the expense of the U.S. citizen's liberty.  Keep your eyes open as we go along.

Read again the "preamble":

1. It welcomes the future "in good order".

Just what does that actually mean?

2. "To create an adequate and self-repairing Government."

If your present Government needs some minor repairing, why not carefully consider the matter for possible improvement?  Why even consider a new form of Government that might be "self-repairing"--by command coming from a DICTATOR?  Why change the entire form of a highly successful Government for free people to one controlled by iron-clad Dictatorship?

3. "We, the people, do establish the Newstates of America herein provided to be ours...

What would you have then?  What, in contrast to that which you have, now?  Today, you have a noble document, even if teetering on the edge of extinction, far, far removed from a "Concensus for Collectivism"--a DANGEROUS PHRASE which you will hear from Internationally- influenced speakers in their efforts to further the aims of the super-rich Corporate Socialists and Bankers!  The emphasis in the Preamble, and throughout, is to favor BIG GOVERNMENT and downgrade The People!  This is the complete reverse of your own Constitution which you are selling out.         [p. 30]


[To be continued...]



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 2, 1993, Volume 3, Number 6, Pages 1 & 29-39.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.