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June 27, 2015

3/19/97 #1  HATONN



You skip along the razor's edge with every breath and yet you seem to see not what is coming upon you, indeed, what has already come upon you.  Brother raises his hands against brother, children are killing their schoolmates and yet you go about precipitating even worse atrocities in the name of equality and gaining freedom.  Freedom?  Do ye know what means "freedom"?

Blacks "think" they want to be free and equal with "Whites".  Say what?  What Whites are free?  Look around you and see that no one of the masses of humanity is FREE.  The very act of causing man to turn against man tells it all.  The Elite have force enough, laws made in their own image, and greed enough to continue to keep the masses in uproar and filled with perceptions of inequality that the Elite do not lose their ability to control through that force they have usurped from the people.  So be it, for until you look more closely at WHAT REALLY is killing you as a species, you will not find ways of recovery except through more and more atrocious avenues of killing.  Force is not of God--informed citizenry is of God--course of action that will win the day--THROUGH THE LAW!  You can "kill" a tyrant and another simply rises to fill the empty seat--but if you "overthrow" the culprit under the LAW, he is put down until you-the-people return to your cots.

How is it that I speak as of Aton/Hatonn and yet no one sees my scribe or my speaker--save a handful of "special" people?  These are not "special" people and the facts are that they are the least able to separate the author from the typist.  If you have no face to put to the words, then you have no way of dividing your intake by simply tossing aside the speaker as possibly corrupted and therefore unworthy of your own precious time and consideration.  It happens over and over again wherein the messenger is simply substituted in for the message sender and the whole of it becomes simply an ongoing series of entertainment sit-coms.

Well, people, my scribe and translator has so much other "stuff" to attend that she certainly needs no more of the ripping and confusion of a handful of persons who "can's decide what they 'think' " about it all.



Now we start on another round of blast Doris because "...who in the world wants to help a murderer?  GOD!  And, JUST WHO gave YOU the input that O.J. is a murderer?  Oh, I see, the news commentators and the Goldman-Brown families?  You blind children can't even see when you have been set up for the kill.  And you tell me, who else but O.J. can have enough attention in this world to get the focus of the ORDINARY MAN ON THE STREET to pay attention to a different thrust within the courts already corrupted and decayed past recovery?

You ask God to show you the way--and then you turn off the input lest you have to take responsibility for doing something worthy of Man.

My friends, until you can take the hand of the brother, be he purple or blue, you cannot win this battle against injustice.  GOD PLANNED IT THAT WAY ALSO!  You will unite and work together, you who acclaim God as your source and resource, set aside doctrine, and join in brotherhood and intent toward equality and building a worthy nation--or you will fall into a rubble of despair and more and more atrocious methods of murder.  You must and WILL stop the token acknowledgement of other people as "if" they are going to be allowed within your spaces but only for reasons of your ego fixations.  Together you can get it done and moved about into reclamation, but separately you will simply GO DOWN.

It is NOT "Black" or "White", foolish children, it is BROTHERHOOD or total disaster.  Certainly the most powerful fools on the face of the Earth are neither Black NOR WHITE, as you think of "races".  And YOU, YOU, and YOU had better take a most special and careful look around you.  You can no longer isolate selves for God has arranged it, brethren, so that you have to reach OUT TO THE others of your globe if you are to be able to fund success.  You must understand that you are made up in population, first of all, by a major DIVISION of Elite Rulers and Enslaved, or "being enslaved" people who will serve those Elite.  From there you can then break down elements within each segment of the population into the ones fighting for ruling control over each of those positions--only the mere citizen of the world no longer counts in their consideration except as servant fodder.

It is not a group of African-Americans or Aboriginal Natives in Australia's Outback of which we speak--this is about you-the-people who had always assumed you were among the elite just because, perhaps, you are American or South African or whatever you perceive to be somehow "better" than the others.  In every nationality there are the nationalists who KNOW THEY ARE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER NATIONAL.  This is called love of nation and PATRIOTISM.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 25, 1997, Volume 16, Number 6, Page 9.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.