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Oct. 22, 2016


Comment by RM:   The following report by Commander Hatonn, written 22 years ago, is a small taste of what America is going to have to endure if Hillary Clinton is elected our next President.    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."   --George Santayana



7/9/94 #1  HATONN


If you can't see what is happening, America, you are blind and perhaps it is time to simply also DIE.

The Clinton gang had planned a coup and war in Korea.  Carter was sent to stop it--he did.  Now Georgia is paying the price for that indiscretion by the deluge of water devastation--AND--Kim L. Sung was murdered LAST NIGHT!

One of the EARLY statements with the announcement of Sung's death by "APPARENT" heart attack--was: All agreements made with Carter are now "off"!  That has not been repeated since dawn today--but I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE?


I also ask you to turn your attention to the ILLNESS of the representative from Japan to the G-7 meetings which has negated his presence at the most important business conferences in the world for any nation.  Shades of Bush in Japan?  Shades of discipline against Japan?  The LATER with a twist of sick, black humor!!!

The horror of foul and corrupt dealings runs from the top offices to the most lowly single human citizen.  (SEE THE ARTICLE BY RICK MARTIN REGARDING THE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AND PLIGHT OF JOHN SCHROEPFERON PAGE 44 IN THIS PAPER.)  There seems to be no level beneath which these scumbag slimeballs will not stoop to hurt in their neverending quest for total evil.



7/10/94 #1   HATONN


Dharma and I are just a bit "behind" as we sit at the keyboard this morning because I saw fit to have "us" do the transcription of The Clinton Chronicles video tape [see Front Page story] and that required a couple of days of focus on that subject--not just the tape in point.


I don't care what else you might think about Bill Clinton, Hillary, etc.  These are products of total Mind-Control Programming.  Both were created (born) to be prepared for their job and it is not them as individuals that should concern us--but LOOK TO THE "HANDLERS".


Are any of you confused about what in the world Haiti is all about these days?  Why all the boat people, problems, AIDS infection from those incoming people, etc.?  You know and I know that if YOU just got out of their business, the people would stay home and THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY PROBLEM--YOU HAVE MADE (CREATED) THE PROBLEM--SO WHAT FOR??  IT WOULD HARDLY BE A FAIR FIGHT BETWEEN HAITI AND THE UNITED STATES AS TO FIRE-POWER AND MILITARY CONFRONTATION--ONE NEUTRON-BEAM BOMB WOULD TAKE HAITI OFF THE MAP FOREVER.  SO, WHAT IS GOING ON?  Let us look at this article:

The tear sheet article is by a journalist whom I respect greatly--but can't always agree with his "insight" into truth of circumstances.  In specific point is this article which has no affront to his work or his own perceptions.  It simply is an excellent discussion point for studying PROBABILITIES and POSSIBILITIES.



If you enjoyed the Cuban flotsam generated by Jimmy Carter, you'll love the coming Haitian deluge.  By Mike Blair, July 11, 1994.

The Administration of President Bill Clinton is preparing for a flood of Haitian refugees to enter the United States beginning in a few weeks.

The Spotlight, through several sources, has learned that Clinton, under a more relaxed program that will allow Haitian refugees to enter the country, is believed to be preparing Fort Chaffee, Arkansas as a large temporary detention center for thousands fleeing from the island country wracked by prolonged civil strife.

For the past several weeks, according to these sources, there has been considerable construction work and other activity underway at Fort Chaffee military reservation, which is located southeast of the city of Fort Smith, near the Arkansas border with Oklahoma.

According to one source, who asked to remain anonymous, Fort Chaffee has been quietly transformed into a detention center to hold up to 20,000 PEOPLE.  [H: I'm sorry readers, this "teacher" just can't resist emphasizing some things to acknowledge "clues".]


This would not be anything really new for Fort Chaffee, although it does not come as particularly good news for the people around the sprawling military complex, including Fort Smith.

As a result, many of these later undertook a violent uprising at Fort Chaffee and large sections of the detention area were burned.

For years since the influx of the Cubans, the criminal element among them has been responsible for a sharp increase in violent crime throughout the United States, particularly noticed in Florida, New York, California and Texas, among states which have requested financial relief from the U.S. Government to help with the millions of dollars that have been spent by them to deal with the problem.

Many critics of the relaxation of barriers to a flood of Haitian refugees are fearful that a similar situation will result, plus the fact that the AIDS situation could be worsened in the United States.

Haiti has one of the very worst epidemics of AIDS in the world.


The Spotlight has learned that massive amounts of barbed wire to encompass the detention center have been shipped into Fort Chaffee, along with one report of 5,000 mattresses arriving there.

In addition, residents of the surrounding area have reported a steady flow of heavy construction equipment onto the military reservation.

There have also been reports of unusual activity in the Fort Smith-Fort Chaffee area involving foreign troops.  One report indicated that some 300 Nigerian soldiers were seen in downtown Fort Smith.

Since the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is working with the Clinton administration on the Haitian refugee issue, it is possible, sources told the Spotlight, that the Nigerian troops may be part of a UN effort to assist in maintaining or actually running the detention center.  [H: IS EVERYBODY WITH ME?  ALERT?  ALERT?  ALERT?]

President Clinton announced the new relaxed program involving the Haitian Refugees, as a result of heavy pressure from the Black Caucus in Congress, the NAACP and other Black organizations.  He has appealed to the UN High Commissioner to help in encouraging other nations to accept at least 5,000 of the expected refugees.  [H: But I thought they just said they were going to be able to house and expect to do so, 20,000 at Ft. Chaffee.  And Clinton?  In viewing the information regarding Clinton--just in this paper--DOES HE APPEAR TO BE THE GIVING, LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE KIND OF REFUGEE SAVIOR?]

So far there have been few other countries willing to accept the Haitians, Canada being one of the very few exceptions.  [H: Yes, that is WHERE you need the most "cover" for the REAL TRUTH OF THE ACTIVITIES!]


If you think this is a camp-out for refugees--you had better have your head examined--or perhaps if you are a goodly patriot--you can have that done for you on your way to the camp-out being planned all over your nation--FOR YOU!

You people can continue to debate as long as you "CAN"--but it would seem to me that it is time to take stock of what IS and stop the garbage collections.


By the way--for you "inquiring minds"--one of your nice large UNDERGROUND FACILITIES is under Fort Chaffee (Fort Smith).  I think it's time for all of you to get your hands on our past journals--and STUDY YOUR LESSONS.  WE HAVE GIVEN YOU ENOUGH TO LAST YOU, GOOD FRIENDS, AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU!  As a matter of FACT, William Clinton is a product of that facility with cross genetic DNA from such as Rockefeller, et al. YOU had better wash out the grit from your eyes, citizens.

Ah, but what of:


Revelation 6:4:  And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the Earth, and that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword.

I suggest you all pay attention to what is going on in what was Yugoslavia and Macedonia as relates to what is happening with that "red horse".

Remember that Clinton continued the "Emergency" in the area "there".  Was that an accident?  No. I suggest you particularly keep in mind: Hill 703 in Macedonia.  Does anybody know what the Serbs are doing?  Who are THE SERBS?  Hmmmnnn...!?

What of Bosnia and importance of that area?  Briefly, it is one of the most important locations on your globe.  Ask the Greeks!  Why, however, should the U.S. be on National Emergency because of Bosnia?  Why did not the Europeans take action and do something about Bosnia?  The war doesn't show signs of stopping and over half a million people have died--what with this?

Well, the ones in charge, in reference to European intervention, HOPE that by doing nothing they will somehow be able to stall-off or stop World War III from becoming a reality.  Another answer is that the Bosnia conflict is something THEY created with the planned breakup of the former Yugoslavia.  The Balkins have been a flashpoint for war historically because they represented strategic frontiers of interest and influence of the BIG POWERS AND THE CONFLICTS OF ETHNIC GROUPINGS IN THE REGION.

I do not have time nor inclination to get into that arena of discussion today, but we will try to focus on its importance at another time.  I would prefer you take stock of what is happening within your own place and discretion.


This term and activity is moving like wildfire across your nation--is it viable and feasible?  YES, TO BOTH QUESTIONS!!  How else do you think you will change your government?  Do you have to go to WAR?  No, but that is not the point here!

I will leave you with a quotation from Capt. Ray Southwell, Northern Michigan Regional Militia: "We are not extremists.  We are not white supremacists.  But we are all concerned about where our federal government is going... and of the abolishment of our Bill of Rights and Constitution."

I would say that THAT is not a matter of race, creed or color--Citizen!!  God will march WITH you when you get your GOAL AND DIRECTION CORRECT!!  I don't think you even need to concern selves with THE NAME YOU CALL HIM!

I salute you who labor IN and WITHIN the "vineyard"--remember that from the vineyard comes the fruit that, properly cared for, LIGHTS THE LAMPS!  SALU.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 12, 1994, Volume 6, Number 3, Pages 41-43.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.