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Earth's Ancestors

Window On Ancient History Fills Some Incredible Gaps


11/26/94  #1   HATONN

On a beautiful snow-blanketed morning it would be more suitable to turn the forum over to Sir Nikola Tesla who loved the privacy and beauty of a new snowfall more than any man I ever knew.  The only thing that was amiss on a blizzard day would be the pain it brought to the little creatures--especially his beloved doves who became his companions.  Dharma wonders if we shall ever get BACK to those loving and wondrous days of such experience and friendship with those of her working crew.

No, not as it was but yes, there will be those days of sharing as we move past the LIE and into TRUTH.  We must bring the information in the sequences necessary for your ability to understand your journey--Not more "free energy" devices to clutter your hidden archives.  You MUST KNOW YOUR ENEMY or you cannot "change" a thing in your "reality" for your "perceptions" are INCORRECT!



To A.F. I address the next. Dear One, do not go boldly where Angels refuse to tread!  The very LAST thing you want to do is stir the hornets in the ANC and whatever else APPEARS to be going on in South Africa.  Your MISSION is NOT to stir the pots of political or extraterrestrial intrigue, for the enemy will simply take you out. YOU ONES ARE ONLY JUST NOW GETTING TO THE FACTS OF YOUR STATION ON EARTH SHAN.  Most of you who serve in the intent of the LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD are from the Anunnaki by way of Niburu.  I do not want to go into THIS historical data here but you are in a hot-bed of Serpent people who have never left their gods of warrior intent.  I don't even want to discuss the facets of activities and personages abounding at that time of evolvement and transplacement of "people" on your place--but you MUST understand that you have not so much as scraped off the surface of the "looking glass".

The Sumerian Texts hold the great mysteries' answers but you in general have no way to establish the meanings within those ancient revelations.  Let me just refer to a tiny portion of history which will show you that much BEGAN in what is known as Africa and was brought forth later to what would be called Mesoamerica (for lack of better identification).

Just as if you had landings on Mars and other planetary people had like landings--what would you have?  A place such as Babel--a place where anyone who could get to Earth planet would set up stations, bases and colonies.  Stop being so narrow in your perceptions of TRUTH.  Some were godly people--most were misfits and bastard tribes who wielded POWER.  They would NOT, however, leave KNOWLEDGE in the hands of the slave tribes they would LEAVE to harvest the wonders of such a balanced place as Earth Shan.  Just as with Australia for England--Earth was a place to mostly shove to and corral the misfits and warring outcasts of the Cosmos.

Because of the fighting and devastation taking place between tribes who had no concept of peaceful coexistence, the stronger of the tribes of Niburu, the Anunnaki, I believe you would call your Pleiadian ANCESTORS, took control--being first and by far more advanced in all perceptions.  There was a division of "territories" and an effort made to integrate the different tribes because war was the only thing they knew.  That did not work for, as soon as the "leadership" returned to Niburu, the peaceful division of Earth among the Anunnaki clans was disrupted.  This would have been circa 3450 B.C. as your records show.

The leader Marduk / Ra attempted to obtain primacy, at least for his own city of Babylon in Mesopotamia.



Your Old Testament of your Bible (and other "bibles") will tell you of the Tower of Babel.  The point, chelas, was NOT to have a disoriented tower of babbling people all speaking languages--it was built in the area of Babylon and WAS A LAUNCH TOWER! To involve human-mankind in building such a structure was about the worst mistake made by the "visitors" in those early days.  You couldn't and didn't get along even then. GOD "learns" also.  This was not a "mistake" as such but a desire to see if mankind could unite--to obtain his OWN FREEDOM and place within and through the Cosmos as he would grow in discipline and learning.  I guess it was a "flop" in your terms but human MAN must learn and grow SOMEWHERE!

At that time you still had only ONE ACTUAL CIVILIZATION.  So, it was decided that it would be wiser to split up that one civilization and its languages.  This period of activity lasted half a millennium and was a period of total chaos.  I did NOT say you only had ONE race--I said "civilization".  After the split-up the various people of similar nature and identity were either transported or MIGRATED.  Since the global land masses were originally in connection but terribly out of balance on the orb, measures had to be taken to stabilize and rearrange for a better stability in both balance of the orb and the stability of the orbiting planet.

Remember, please, that we speak here of 3450 B.C. as to the above measures and actions.  There had been humankind on the planet for eons before this event within your time of historical calculations and data were recorded.  So, much of the history was oral and became myth--some misinformation but also much truth.  The area of the time of chaos of which I just spoke was within the peoples along the Nile River--for that is where a lot of US had our beginnings of interrelated functioning.  Don't concern about that, please, or you will be distracted from the important information in favor of the mystical.  STOP THE MYSTICISM!

It was along the Nile area where the first language of the day and PLACE was recorded.  This does not mean that things were not taking place in an even more advanced state in other places--this is simply where the most records are being uncovered.  Your Egyptologists will tell you that that of which I am not speaking was somewhere around 3100 B.C.  In our lack of time or space--that is but a blink of an eye.

Frustrated in his effort to assume supremacy in civilized Sumer, Marduk / Ra seized upon the granting of civilization to the Egyptians (if you can remotely call it "civilized").  Now, you people who perceive Ra to be God as handed down in historical perception--he could well be called by that title; however, he was more "interesting" than benevolent.  We DO, however, refer to Ra as one of the major leaders of human-kind and a major player in Higher Universal Mankind.  To be a member of the Brotherhood of Ra (Ranostras) was to hold a very important position in the evolvement of mankind in TRUTH--but not necessarily of JUSTICE or LOVING BALANCE.  Many of you are now having to continue to work out those misdirections and actions taken back in those experiences.  NO, I DO NOT mean kharma! I have no realization of such a thing--there are only lessons and growth through restructuring soul intent and journey.

In the area of Egypt at that historical "time" Marduk / Ra was unable to assume supremacy in civilized Sumer (in Southern Iran near Babylon in Mesopotamia).  His "brother" is recognized by most of you historically as Thoth.  Ra was the "last word", the supreme leader, of the civilization at the time so he acted about like Kissinger would act now--"...let's just go take it back!"  So he did! Now Thoth found himself a god without a people; and it was from that time that you came to have a MESOAMERICA.  Thoth brought his people together and transported them to the "New Realms" (in Mesoamerica and of course it was not called by that label but how else can I explain it?).

Records can actually show that this happened in 3113 B.C.--exactly the time, the year, and even the day from which the Mesoamericans began what they called their "Long Count".

Counting the passage of time by anchoring the calendar to a major event is not unusual.  We are now counting from August 17, 1987.  Thus: You are in day 102 of the current year "8" which number SYMBOL is the "universal" symbol.  No, I am not going into that now either.  The Western Christian calendar counts the years from the birth of Christ.  The Moslem calendar begins with the Hegira, the migration of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina.  Skipping over the many examples from various preceding lands and monarchies, we will move on to the Israelite Calendar, which is in effect the ancient (and first-ever) Calendar of Nippur, the Sumerian calendar in 3760 B.C.--the time of one called Anu visiting the Earth.  Oh indeed Anu was a very big fish and the very name gives you his origin (Anunnaki).  It is interesting to note that in your day this particular calendar is referred to as the "Jewish" calendar.  It has always been assumed that the counting of that calendar was "from the beginning of the Earth".  No, it was actually from the beginning of the Nippurian calendar in about 3760 B.C.--the time of Anu's visit.



"Winged Serpent?"  Yes, he was a very important "god" but he was not a Lighted Creator God!  He was a hard-nosed RULER who wielded power of incredible magnitude and drove space-ships all about your place.  You are now [presently] dealing with human-type species who rule through the "fallen god" POWER of the one banished from the Lighted Realms.  So, NO CHELAS, you are NOT going to reverse the trends of a physical expression into goodness and LIGHT.  You can bring order from the CHAOS, and brotherhood among MEN, but you are in the LANDS OF GOG, FOR THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT IS NOT IN THIS DIMENSION OF PLACEMENT.  Now I've done it!  So be it.  I just wanted to allow you to see that the occasion of starting the "Long Count" of the Mesoamerican calendar was actually when Quetzalcoatl established HIS new realm.  That calendar ENDED its projections in counting on August 17, 1987!


Well, that Serpent God came with HIS AFRICAN FOLLOWERS!  It was from the African origins which came the people who developed some of the satellite metal-processing sites around Tiahuanacu.  There are stone stelae and sculptures from a time between periods I and II of Tiahuanacu which are decorated with the symbol of the Serpent God(s).  Hey, readers, I am HERE TO BRING TRUTH--NOT CONCERN OVER YOUR SYMBOLS OR BELIEF PATTERNS.  The Serpent is the symbol of that which is opposite of the Light which is the symbol of the Sun.  No more an no less.  My WORSE job is to tell you Truth about that which you MISPERCEIVE NOW and has brought the globe to a state of possible annihilation.  I am not here to whisk you away and you who wait for a RAPTURE to do so, are equally as confused.  That is a tale to lull you into following the  depopulation plans and HOLD YOUR SOULS CAPTIVE--HUMAN!



...  All people in Africa ARE being used, as Africa is going to be depopulated and the black population taken out eventually--if at all possible--except for those who will SERVE the ones who consider themselves HIGHER (the British-Israeli element) which includes the Royalty of Britain (Covenant Land) and the British (Covenant Man).  That's the way it WAS and that is the desired way to which the effort is to return--only the NEW HOMELAND FOR THESE PEOPLE IS AMERICA--SPECIFICALLY THE OFFICIAL "KINGDOM" IS WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF WHAT IS NOW KNOWN AS THE UNITED STATES--BUT WHICH BOUNDARIES ARE BEING REMOVED AS WE WRITE. ...



...  It PAYS TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY--even if you be a SLAVE!  The MASTERS here are powerfully entrenched in your dimension of expression and the physical aspect of MAN is weak in fending off such power.  It MUST BE DONE THROUGH MIND IN CREATION AND BUILDING "UP THROUGH"--NEVER IN THE DESTRUCTION BY WAR CONFRONTATION.  YOU OF THE MASSES CAN NOT WIN A CONFRONTATION OF WEAPONRY!  Go with your "LIGHTED" guidance and you will be given to KNOW in every situation and circumstance.

Your world is faced with a New World Order which is under dispute as to WHO will command it.  It is not a question as to what will happen as much as WHO will be in charge.

I hope you will have wisdom enough to choose the "side" which offers a way back into freedom of sorts through which you CAN build your righteous community of mankind.  If you move with the Elite Zionist Slave-Masters you blow your chances of recovery.

There are grades and levels of evil--if you be of Christed orientation (Goodly), then you shall choose that group which at least RECOGNIZES "Higher Creation" and Source.  The Empire Race of Anti-God is upon your place in full and total intent of destruction of all that is Goodly and a total depopulation of the planet is underway for the use and control by the Elite bastards cast out of the Cosmos and onto your "prison" planet is underway for rehabilitation--which obviously is not happening toward LIGHT--but rather, toward destruction and limitation.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 29, 1994, Volume 7, Number 5, Pages 25-27.