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AUGUST 16, 2016

Hatonn  / 10/19/91

This focus on the United States is NOT to select one "goodly" people from another--it is to remind you that the focus MUST be in the United States of America for it is the ONLY placement which retains any form of Constitutional foundation and it only survives by the most fine thread which has become transparent.

Human "culture" of humans always must take one of two directions: It will go against Nature, or it will go in the direction of Nature.  The culture that breeds for mass manipulation goes against Nature; the culture that breeds for individual sovereignty goes in Nature's wondrous direction. Governments are formal implements of people's culture.

Opposing the theocracy that had overrun the aboriginal culture of the Northern Europeans, and opposing any monarch who purportedly ruled "by the grace of God", the Declaration of Independence proclaimed before all mankind that the following facts are the self-evident laws of Nature and Nature's God:  1. All individuals are equally sovereign.  2. Just governments are created by and derive their power from the governed.  3. Different peoples must necessarily separate themselves from those whose ways of life are not compatible with their own.  This is true in any facet of individual life as well as in consideration of the whole.

Reclaiming the practices of their aboriginal Northern European heritage, the people of the United States pledged their lives to each other in a cooperative fight for those self-evident laws.  They then established a government based on a Constitution implementing those laws of Nature.

The Constitutional government is now in dire jeopardy.  A conspiracy, which is obviously committed to mass manipulation and the destruction of the Constitutional government, is a clear and PRESENT danger.

The conspiracy has been increasingly identifiable by its consistent anti-constitutional actions for many, many decades.  The specific individuals that compose it come and go while its consistent actions demonstrate its continuity and growth of power.  Some of its actions take place in secret; some are blatantly publicized.  Some of its participants can be identified; others cannot.  It involves an increasing number of "duly elected" officials within the Government.  However, removing these specific individuals would have little effect on its power; it would control their replacements in an instant.  It has been designated "conspiracy" because it must be dealt with as a group entity opposed to the Constitutional government.  Its identifiable actions are continuous, coordinated, unconstitutional and have demonstrated a direction in destructive opposition to the Constitutional U.S. Government.

Back in, say, 1913, two tools that have been forcefully used by the conspiracy were brought into action.  One was Constitutional; the other was not.  It was a time of world tension and the people, wanting the U.S. military to be strong, ratified a fully Constitutional change to provide for a Federal income tax.  Although this change was constitutional, it was used in conjunction with another that was not.

On December 23, 1913 an action was taken in Congress which showed that the conspiracy had gained effective power.  On that date Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act.  This was a violation of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which gives Congress the prerogative and obligation to determine the value of U.S. money.  Article I, Section 8 is obviously based on the assumption that Congress will determine the value of money by laws that THE PEOPLE CAN EXAMINE.  The Federal Reserve Act made it possible for the Federal Reserve Board--NOT Congress--to determine the value of money by a method that is virtually invisible.

Most people know money only on the basis of their limited experience with it; they freely accept the cliché that money is nothing more than a medium of exchange.  They think of a government's power as a military power.  They know that much of their Government's military power is often given over to a military commander.  This is acceptable because it is a known military commander who has demonstrated his fidelity to the Government's ideals.

Most people in the U.S. would not accept the Federal Reserve Act if they understood that money is not only a medium of exchange; money is also POWER.  As power, money is the power of a government reduced to a piece of paper that can be given to an anonymous bearer.  In this form a government's power can be transferred to criminal conspirators or to foreign enemies.  Most people do not recognize that this can be done either by actual transfer of money or credit, or by manipulating the value of one government's money in relation to the money of other governments.  Nor do they recognize that those who control the value of a government's money--whether officials responsible to the people, conspirators, or recognized enemies of the people--can also control the government's domestic economy.

The Federal Reserve Act removed a substantial portion of the United States Government's power from control of the people and gave it into the hands of anonymous international bankers.  As the years have passed ALL of the control has been transferred.

Manipulating the value of money is an almost invisible tool of the conspiracy; most people do not understand it.  The fact that an international conspiracy began taking control of the U.S. Government as far back as prior to 1913 was not visible to most people at the time.  It injected the United States into the world's two great wars but the conspiracy--as manifested by its manipulation of U.S. money--is NOT VISIBLE to most people EVEN YET!

But because of its actions within the United States, the conspiracy is now not only visible; it is conspicuous.  The fact that the conspiracy--as manifested by its media-based actions--now exercises control over the United States government is obvious to anyone who is not a totally brainwashed zombie.

However, the fact that the media-based control is UNCONSTITUTIONAL is not so obvious.  The congressional act prohibited by the Constitution on which the media-based control depends was buried in bureaucracy about seventy years ago.  The media-based control was delivered into the hands of the conspiracy by duly elected officials within the Government.  It was the action that delivered it to the conspiracy that was unconstitutional.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, October 1991, Volume 17, Number 2.