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These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

Matt Hershberger

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FW:  May 6, 2015

THERE AREN’T MANY “LOST” tribes any more — the realities of the modern world means that most formerly nomadic people have settled down into cities, and that virtually everyone, for good or for bad, has been brought into the global fold. The Dukha tribe is one of the rare exceptions. The Dukha are a Tuvan-Turkic tribe that lives on the border of Mongolia and Russia, and they are best known as reindeer herders. But their connection with animals extends far beyond reindeer.

Photographer Hamid Sardar Afkhami traveled to the Khovsgol province of Mongolia to take pictures of the few Dukha families that remain: there are only a few hundred people within 44 families left.

The children of the tribe are raised surrounded by reindeer, and they build a close connection.

The Dukha do not typically eat the reindeer unless the animals are no longer capable of helping them hunt or travel.