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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Light Within

Last week I asked you to visualize the white light of Heaven moving like a gentle rain storm over the land of America, beginning far out in the Pacific and moving steadily Eastward, first engulfing Hawaii and then the West Coast and the Midwest and the South and the Eastern Seaboard. 
People immediately asked --- why only America?  
The short answer is: because of unique history.   If we wake up America, we wake up the entire Earth.  
Why?  Because people from all over the planet are here, every possible race and ethnic group and color is here, with connections to all parts of the planet. 
So the message and the light is not "only" for America, but rather through America, like a giant transmitter that reaches every corner of the globe. 
When America awakens and shines like one of the stars of Heaven, all the other nations will rub their sleepy eyes and remember who they are, too.  
Indeed, this is already happening. 
So stand fast in your strength and calm in your faith, and imagine every scrap of America illuminated with bright, beautiful light --- not the light of the sun, but the light of the son.  Let love and compassion shine.  Let new understanding arise. 
In Ezekial Chapter 8 we read about those who face East, those who worship the sun and who place their faith in the created thing instead of the Creator (Romans 1:25).  
This is why we must turn away to the "West" for our salvation and bathe in the light of The Truth, not the light of any physical sun, though we may imagine it as light like the sun, piercing the spiritual darkness and making it flee away beyond remembrance.
Imagine being able to comfort everyone for all the ages of suffering and injustice?  Being able to soothe the hurts and take away the tears?  Imagine being able to bring to fruition all the good dreams that seemed to be lost?  
Imagine the Earth in harmony, living and breathing and healthy and whole? 
This is possible.  
It is in reach.  
All we have to do is want this end result and to envision it with our mind's eye and with our love extended to cast out the darkness in every part -- first, every part of America, and then, every other part of the Earth, until there is no more ugliness, no more pain, no more fear, no more want anywhere.  
And why and how, exactly, is this to come about --- despite the headline news? 
Because those who have dwelt in darkness have seen a great light ---- not a physical light, a light within, a spark, a flame, a beacon, a watch fire of the soul.  The bright light of Heaven. 
Let this light of Heaven soak every cubic centimetre, every tree, stem and leaf, every creek, every mountain top, every river and sea.  Let it find the lonely escarpments and the sand banks.  Let it search the city blocks and tenements. Let it caress the tired billboards and the wounds of those who are weary and sick at heart.  Let it wash over us and over our country. 

Let it bring healing in its wake and keep us steady and centered no matter what craziness may be going on in the world around us.

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