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The Daily Motivator - Setting Priorities

Ralph Marston

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ur answer will be clear.

The real, driving purpose behind your life is expressed not

by flowery words or lofty intentions. Rather, that purpose

is most accurately expressed by what you actually do with

your life.

You can think and dream and speculate about what might and

what might not hold real meaning for you. Yet the truth of

who you are will be unmistakably shown by the choices of

what you do.

Look around at the life you've created for yourself, and

you'll clearly see your true priorities. If you wish to

adjust those priorities, you can reliably do so by adjusting

the actions that support them.

By the way you choose to give your time, attention and

effort, you are setting your priorities, and those

priorities will greatly influence the way your life

proceeds. So choose to set them as high as you can imagine.

Ralph Marston