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The Daily Motivator - Break the Negative Momentum

Ralph Marston

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your life and your work. Yet many

of the burdens under which you labor have been built up over

time by your own thoughts and habits.

What seems to be a big problem may actually be a very small

and easily resolved issue that your mind has made into a

monster. Stop focusing on how bad it is and start focusing

on something positive that you can do in response.

That can quickly cut it down to a manageable size, or even

eliminate the problem altogether. Once you break the

negative momentum that your mind has established, things

will soon look a whole lot better.

It's important to effectively address the challenges that

come along, yet there is no need to blow them out of

proportion. Keep your focus on the good you can do, on the

value you can create, and most of the difficulties will be

far less difficult.

Ralph Marston