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The Daily Motivator - You Are Still You

Ralph Marston

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your circumstances. But you are not any

such thing.

For you are blessed with the ability to step back from even

the most intense situations. You can hold and nurture within

you a vision that transcends the outer reality of any


Keep that in mind the next time you become frustrated by

life's ups and downs. There is a very real and powerful part

of you that exists above and beyond every frustration,

setback and disappointment.

By all means live and enjoy and experience life in the

universe that surrounds you. At the same time, stay

connected to that essential part of you that exists

independent of the outside influences.

Whatever happens or fails to happen, you are still you at

the deepest, most profound level. Remember that, and you'll

find renewed confidence to step boldly forward no matter


Ralph Marston