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I Am One With The Eternal Spirit

Through Aannsha

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hands, silently praying. Meditating. Waiting.

I look at each face, framed by the backdrop of golden green pastures - new growth springing from fertile soil. Each face - eyes closed - a picture of blissful peace, calm anticipation of His return. My heart bursts open with love for these people - brothers, sisters, friends who have worked together for so long towards this Day. My heart expands, completely enveloping this circle; welcoming, warming each precious Soul standing here. This Day has been our focus ever since I can remember - it has brought us together and carried us through many difficult circumstances.

This Day - prepared for lovingly by each of us in daily meditations; longed for collectively in our waking thoughts; dreamed of prophetically in our nocturnal slumbers.

This Day - the point of our existence. Suddenly, I feel the energy changing all around me. The air is becoming charged, rarefied; the surroundings seem visibly less dense, shimmering in a golden/white light that is diffusing through the clouds and streaming onto the Earth.

The sound of music fills my ears. Angelic voices ring in melodic harmonics that lift my consciousness to breathtaking heights. I take a long deep breath, drinking in this amazing prelude to His arrival and my lungs become filled with exotic jasmine perfume - perfume that filters through my whole being, until I feel like the petals of a delicate flower opening to the radiance of pure sunlight for the first time.

The breeze now feels like Angels' wings caressing my cheeks with a touch so soft, so delicate that my whole body becomes sensually, vitally alive.

The Angels' voices soar to a climatic height, accompanied by ethereal trumpets playing clear, light-filled notes. And then it happens.

Suddenly. Like heavenly waters breaking upon the Earth's shore - pouring through an invisible hole from the highest dimension, flows a wave of pure Love. Invisible, yet visible, it washes over each of us. For all my preparation, this influx of divine energy is so powerful, it nearly knocks me over.

Sheer God Force streaming through into my reality. Total unconditional love pounding at the door of my heart, which yields with a graceful bow as The Christ enters my being.

I stagger slightly and take in a sharp breath, and as I do so, I am filled with total knowing. We are one. My whole body feels so alive, so electric, I feel I will explode in a myriad of heavenly colors. My heart, so filled with love, is momentarily overwhelmed and beats as fast as the wings of a hummingbird.

My mind explodes outward, expanding on, on, further and further to the unending limits of Space. My internal eyes see stars, planets, exploding nebulae all in the flash of a split second as I am joined with the mind of God - The Vast Knowingness of the All That Is.

All I know is that I exist. All details explode into the oneness of It All. My whole body/mind/soul shudders in the ecstasy of being at one with the heart and mind of the Creator. And now the wave recedes. Not completely - it laps against the shore of my reality - bathing, cleansing, caressing my stunned consciousness.

My eyes focus again on my shimmering surroundings. I breathe out a long, calming breath. And I just stand there - still riveted to the spot of land that anchored me on Earth; that received the aftermath of the electric jolt as it surged through me to the core of the planet.

I become aware of myself - my slow breathing, the grateful tears streaming down my face. The feeling of peaceful completeness that I have never experienced before. The absence of the always-present longing for something-someone. I become aware of a new presence within me. Coloring my vision, my thoughts, my emotions. I'm still me, but now I am infinite in this finite body.

He is here. Living. Breathing. Experiencing life through me. With me. My earthly body falls to its knees, weeping with relief - thousands of lives and lifetimes sobbing their thanks through me. I touch the Earth with my hands. The soft green grass feels good to my touch.

At last. I am Conscious. I am Present. I am Home. I AM.