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What If

Tom Trefts - United Veterans Coalition

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at is owned by a Cartel that has ties to several Governments?

What if... that company claims it wants to control all the supply of wheat for the global bread supply?

What if... that company was the same one that produced Agent Orange up until it was banned?

What if... that company was also tied into a company that supplies the Militaries with foods?

What if... that company was sue-ing Farmers and having them jailed for 'non compliance' and the public didn't know?

What if... that company produced a potato that was registed as a pesticide but sold as a food source?

What if... 90% of all American processed food has these products in them and the labelling laws were lifted to hide it?

What if... it was in most major brands of baby formula and may be causing 'behavior issues' and other issues - we do not know?

What if... the US Government and the company and the WTO ganged up on the European countries to force them to buy it?

What if... the Eurpeon experts believe it may be responsible for causing cancers and other human diseases?

What if... it is promoted as a 'healthy food'?

What if... it is fed to a large number of meat animals, milk animals and egg chickens?

What if... the company is a sister company to another that is listed as being capable of running its own private army?

What if... that sister company was being awarded contracts by the US Government, without being accountable in any way?

What if... that sister company is also a sibling of another Company that has interests in a Pharma company?

What if... that 'Sibling Company' is owned by less than 800 individuals, and wants to be the 'biggest investment corp world wide'?

What if... the Agricultural Company produced a Modified Cannabis seed, cut with the Human Addiction Marker and 'released it' globally?

What if... this cannabis is now 'proven addictive' but curable with Pharma Medications produced by the Pharma Company?

What if... the same Pharma Company specializes in 'new cancer treatments'?

What if... the 'Individuals' involved are or were involved with the Political Regimes of the Western Nations for the last 50 years?

What if... one of these individuals made a speech in the early 80's, on 911 [then] proclaiming the onset of the NWO?

What if... one of these individuals never gave up the throne and instead set up his idiot son to 'take the bullet' if it goes wrong?

What if... one of these individuals used to be the CEO of the company that 'can support its own military' and is now the Veep'?

What if... one of the executive [formerly] of the Pharma Company is now on the US Administrations 'leader tickets'?

What if... the one that made the speech is an ex President?

What if... two of the players have been changing laws and playing the game since the 1950's?

What if... one of the players can be traced to links into Nazi Germany and 'bio chemist' scientists being relocated - to the US?

What if... the company that caters to the US Military has the license and rights to mine the best Uranium on the planet?

What if... that same company is also licensed to produce nuclear weapons for 'allied companies'?

What if... that same company, through it's 'Sibling' can be shown to have ties to the US Port Dealings?

What if... that same company antagonized the Australian government by failing to report that it 'lost Nuclear technology'?

What if... that same trio of companies is involved in producing bio and chemical weapons, and the US based destruction of?

What if... all three companies together proclaim to want to - Control the Wheat, Investment and Military 'Supplies' Globally?

What if... this isn't speculation?

What if... those three companies have produced genetically modified soya and corn and they know it causes cancers, blood disorders, reproductive problems and 'mental health issues'?

What if... those three companies have used their fiscal and political connections to have laws changed so that now, at least three nations have agreed that 'mandatory mental health assessments' are a social requirement - and they have the chemical 'antidote' to the 'contaminated' foods that we eat every day?

What if... an estimated 90% of our food source is contaminated with it... a teaspoon, a half there - soon you have a whole cup...?

What if... the US Administrations have successively been manipulated to

allow for one company to gain control of the US military supplies and


What if... that same trio of companies and all their subsiduaries can now

supply their own nuclear weapons and use them as 'Corporate Weapons' against ANY nation they like, without anyone 'able' to stop them because they don't 'have a nation' - they 'usurp' others and use the populations as 'human shields'?

What if... the people have never seen anything like this before, but they know there are more Laws, Guns and Corruption upon them?

What if... the people fear the 'legendary New World Order' but it has already been established around them...? What if... now, the tightening comes because if you disagree, you're mentally deranged and with these three companies now actually 'holding office' - you will be 'disappeared' for your own 'good'?

What if... these people controlling these companies have literally 'bio altered' the drug supply and 'deliberately' addicted people so that it weakens any resistence...

What if... the products these companys have supplied and force silently onto us are actually causing a majority of the 'new age mental health problems' and the 25% of our populations now medicated are 'Poisoning survivors' who will never get 'better' because they are still eating the contaminated


What if... it is silently known that our babies are increasing born with 'problems' or 'early' or by 'artificial means' - and that is

deliberate, so that the next 'generation' is already placid?

What if... the growth in cancers, especially bowel and stomach cancers is a 'result' of these foods in 90% of all processed foods - and that the new 'cancer drugs' aren't the results of a corporate 'weapon' to reduce the 'Babyboomers' who can't be 'supported by Social Security'?

What if... the Shareholders of these companies are actually providing funds so that their own countries can be infected and suddenly bought into a 'trapped existence'?

What if...

So many questions... and every one of them drawn from legitimate paperwork

and documents across the globe...

What if - we were being infected with the genetically modified soya and corn products 'deliberately' and everything else around us is all just to bring in the New World Order - one massive, interlinked global corporation that specializes in 'genetically modified foods' [including a potato registered as a pesticide but sold as a potato] [which have never been given

proper human trials the public can see], and weapons from guns through to nuclear technology in almost half the countries globally... and also has strong fiscal ties with the Company that can 'help or cure' many diseases that have only emerged since these companies commenced their full blown operation and expansion in the last ten years...

Right about the time America started eating GM Foods unwittingly - and experiencing alarming annual growths in cancers, and mental disorders...

You've blamed the planes, and you've blamed the environmental pollution... has anyone ever thought to consider the FOOD?

It's a really BIG jump, folks - but right now, nothing else makes ANY sense... everyone thinks that there is some new world order in motion... can you think of a better way to install one that to control the 'food', the

'militaries' and the 'medicines'?


Can you think of any OTHER single scenario [no matter how 'out there'] that fits EVERY symptom that has seemingly caused our downfall? We know now that they burned innocent people that were affected by fungus on rye as witches... is it so far to step out that the reason the Administration doesn't seem to care about Iraq is because it is doing the following:returning 30% of Veterans with 'Mental Health Issues'... [thus making you think they are 'unfit' if they should do something 'unusual'] supplying massive rorting opportunities [which you all know about] to one of the companies... and they KNOW we don't know what is really 'happening'?

Can you find another way that a 'New World Order' can get complete compliance with its 'Order' unless it controls even the 'very health' of the people? The current administrations show no control over pollution - it causes cancers and other problems but they have reversed laws that allow one of those companies to contaminate your very ground waters... does that matter? does it matter that EVERY politican has allowed this to occur - to let untested products into our foods - let Laws be turned back, allowed laws to be bought into to force us into medicated status... let one company get international license to secretly produce weapons, develop weapons and test weapons?

Does it matter that the same men that run or have run and still maintain massive interests in these companies now ask for permission to torture people, build detention camps in the Homelands and introduce Laws that take away our rights?

Does ANY of that really matter to anyone?

Does anyone think that instead of looking for 'pet causes' that it would be a very good idea to start asking the POLITICANS to get ANSWERS to these questions - to FORCE answers to these QUESTIONS?

Does anyone understand that ten years from now our grandkids might be dying of cancers and we then KNOW that these companies have done this to us and THERE IS NO WAY BACK?

Does the fact that ALL These companies can be tied into the Administrations entirely MATTER?

Do WE, THE PEOPLE count anymore - or do we just sit back, consumed by static and bullshitting Politicians forever?

Anyone that can dispute the above scenario with FACTS and PROOF is most welcome to do so... PROOF will be professional, legally admissible documents proving the HUMAN SAFETY FACTOR of Genetically Modified foods upon the mental health and physical health of the Human Being - not RATS, not SHEEP, not COWS... but instead HUMANS!

These CLINICAL tests will naturally convince the Europeans and Russians, Africans and other very poor nations that they should end their moratoriums on these 'UNTESTED' foods and introduce them so that they can feed their people 'more easily'. They will STOP the RIOTS and PROTESTS and SUICIDES in INDIA where the crops are failing to produce and the people are starving despite big promises...

These CLINICAL TESTS won't be paid for by any 'involved Corporation or Government'. They will professionally conducted, science based and suitably overseen clinical studies that prove that Genetically Modified Foods do not harm Humans in ANY WAY!

I welcome ANY ONE that can prove this is the Truth. Until then - We Do Not Know and anyone that thinks a 'New World Order' is coming might like to think about whether or not it is ALREADY UPON US... and now it's just a case of 'take the pill' and it'll all 'feel good' before you die!

No Guns - Profits all the way... and only the Sheeple eat the foods everyday of their lives... the 'Company Elites' know much better than that...

How much are your kids really worth? Do they deserve you to ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS AND GET THE TRUTH?

How many nights will it take to get over finding out in five years that you should of asked those HARD QUESTIONS NOW?

The ELECTIONS are coming - there has NEVER been a better time to FORCE the Politicans to do the RIGHT THING!

If they don't know, let them tell the truth, then demand they get informed by publicly displayed TRUTHS! The Current administration doctored 'proof' for starting a war against Innocents - they'll certain coverup this potential disaster...

It is time for Americans to take back their nations and inspire those affected by the actions of the Administration to take back control of theirs too... Starting with knowing the truth about the very foods that we eat, that we feed our children every single day...

The US Government had to FORCE the Europes to take the GM foods - it's America started to ask the EUROPES WHY!?

They're the ones with the studies that show extremely bad outcomes in other mammals when clinically tested!

Ask the hard questions... do the right thing now... EVERY Politican has had the chance to DEMAND the right answers - these companies subsidize huge lobby bills and 'wipe away' all opposition... 'what the politican doesn't know only hurts YOU!'

WHY have the labelling laws been challenged and threatened with removing the LEGAL REQUIREMENT to denote GM foods?

Ask the hard questions... before the Elections, sort out the real issues ... 360 000 000 million Americans, 60 000 000 Englishmen, and 20 000 000 Australians are potentially at 'risk' and the only 'treatments' offered come directly from the same companies potentially causing the problems...

The Current Administrations either sat on, or will sit on the Boards of these three main companies... it always pay to pad your nest BEFORE you leave office...

Who WILL you sue in ten years if you find out that you should of asked that HARD QUESTION today?

Americans are the ONLY nation that can FORCE these Companies to their knees financially and politically - and shed no blood in doing so... Americans can 'save the world' by forcing the TRUTH to the surface and literally exposing the 'plots and plans' - and bringing the culprits to Justice - the American Way. Like this planet expects...

Protests and pickets haven't worked... let's see what happens if the Americans DEMAND that they be told the TRUTH about what is really in their foods - and which politicans wish to announce that unfortunately, they've

discovered some 'problems' with the integrity of several companies... and when they figure it out, they'll let all the world know how many are REALLY affected...

These same people are using DU weapons and have just ordered another 70 million USD dollars worth for Iraq - do they sound like the type of people that GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOU, the PEASANT WORKERS?

If you still think so now, take another pill and vote Republican next election - they're the only pills 'really' subsidized at all!

Tom Trefts

Unified Veterans Coalition