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SERAPIS BEY - The Architect, The Fourth Ray of the Rainbow Masters

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Feb. 11, 2015

12/7/96   SERAPIS BEY

Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Serapis Bey, come to commune with you this day so that you and your brothers may have the insights and instruction that you need in order to find your way.

Yes, I am of the Light, and I come within the Light of Creator God as the Fourth Aspect of His spectral expression.  It is ALWAYS wise to demand identification of ANY and ALL who would come to commune with you.

Thank you for allowing for the opportunity to share this day.  These messages of Lighted Truth reach much farther than you would be comfortable realizing.  Find balance and peace within and let us continue please.

The people of this planet are on the peripheral edge of awakening to the Higher Reality of both the physical truth and, more importantly, the spiritual truth concerning the TRUE nature of their existence and placement within the universal order of Creation.

You of Ground Crew must be prepared, yourselves, for you, yourselves, could be caught up in the chaos and confusion that shall ensue within a very short physical segment of time.

As ALWAYS, sequence of events (not the physical ticking of a clock) dictates the occurrence of events.  So, do NOT ask, "When?" or "What date?"  You shall have to prepare as if it will be tomorrow, if you want to be certain that you are ready for the upcoming changes.

The awakening that I speak of is that of the coming undeniable realization that your little planet is not alone in the universe and that there is a very real community of "extraterrestrial" (that is, not of this Earth) beings who have come at this time for the very purpose of awakening Earth physical human from a most limiting sleep state.

There are many reasons for this sequence of events at this time.  One of the major reasons is that you are in the process of destroying your planet and this is NOT acceptable to those who recognize the universal impact of such an event.  You, both as individuals and as a planetary community, affect the ENTIRE universe by both your thoughts and actions.  Remember: "ALL IS CONNECTED TO ALL!"  Your lack of understanding of basic spiritual truths has brought you to the point at which you find yourselves this day.

The truth is the truth is the truth.  YOU have to face your own personal responsibility as a member of your planet's community for having allowed this condition of ignorance to grow and to persist.


Many of you to whom I speak have been patiently awaiting this time with great anticipation of the whole awakening process.  THAT TIME IS AT HAND and though many have anticipated the return of the "Christed One", ones have, in many cases, ignored their own awakening--always waiting for another to "do it for you".

You ALL have the Christ potential within!  Why do you await another to come and save you from your own self-generated hells?  You shall save yourself or you shall repeat this experience again and again until you do.  No Lighted Wayshower would deny you your opportunity for personal growth.

Many have prepared long ago and have grown complacent in their efforts to keep up with the daily flow of information available to them.  Many have heard similar messages to this one and view these messages as just another message of "crying wolf".  This is fine and you must always discern for yourself the value of each and every message offered.

God shall always provide the Wayshowers and Guides.  He shall leave the decision-making up to you, so that YOU alone shall stand accountable and responsible for both your actions and your inactions.

Those of you who offer these messages to friends and family, who then refuse to listen, must come into realization that you can NOT do it for them--and if you did, they would resent you for doing so.

Each souled being has, at some point, agreed to go through the experience of the learning cycles of growth.  You must honor their decisions and choices.  Each error that they make in judgment shall give them insights into what it is that they need to confront and overcome in the way of self-imposed limitations.

And related to the above, let me remind all of you, once again, of the following most important point: There shall be many who will not physically survive the upcoming transition.  MANY!

So, when I say, "Be prepared", I am saying that there shall be those difficult-to-confront issues, such as loss of family and friends, that you must be prepared to face and overcome--else you become overwhelmed with grief and thus possibly lost to those who may truly need your help.

Keep always in your heart that the experiences of the soul are infinite and that this is but one small existence in the infinite cycles of a soul's journey.

Let us return to considerations of the awakening that is imminent:

First of all, your populations shall be torn in perceptions and emotional impact.  You shall see ones of very (so-called) "educated" stature become absolutely overwhelmed to the point of insanity as their ego-based reality is shattered completely.

Then, at the other end of the emotional spectrum, you shall see ones who are filled with great excitement and joy as their longtime hunches and perceptions of reality are finally confirmed and verified.

For many, there shall be feelings of chaos and confusion as ones shed their old limited perceptions and beliefs.  The more soundly asleep the entity, the more jarring will be the wake-up call.

There shall be a great spiritual resurgence as ones innately recognize the universal signature of the emotional frequencies emanating from the non-terrestrial visitors.  These shall be most warm and genuine frequencies of compassion and love.

You ones of Ground Crew who have been diligent in your preparations will know what to do--when the sequence is correct.

Indeed, many of you will be nearly overwhelmed with the ones who will be moved to come your way seeking to understand what is taking place.  These ones will be, more than anything else, seeking to find balance within as they must come to grips with the fact that they have been living a mind-controlled existence within a mind-controlled society--and further, that they have been completely caught-up in the dazzling distractions engineered by these controllers.

Realize well that this is THE major overall role for Ground Crew: To aid in the transition of the planet to a higher level of consciousness.



In as much as you have prepared, your job will be easier.  Take each and every opportunity for growth as an opportunity to prepare for these challenges that are coming.

Do not think that you are just another "nobody" who reads some so-called "underground" newspaper.


Learn to recognize the distractions of the adversary and persist through the challenges with which you are faced.  And, by all means stop limiting yourself!  KNOW that you are a valuable team member--IF you so chose to be one!

Rejoice in knowing that you are never alone in this experience, or any other.  When the whole world seems to be against you, know that God is always there for you and that you need the experience in order to cause you to search to new depths for the answers that you need.

Seek always, within the projection of God's Light, to understand more and you shall find yourself amazed at how fast you can grow and learn.

I am Serapis Bey laying out the foundation upon which you ones can build a solid enough certainty that will allow you to weather the chaotic and confusing events of the not-so-distant future.

Blessings to those of you who have persisted through these trying times and have learned your lessons.

In Light and Service to Creator Source,




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 10, 1996, Volume 15, Number 5, Pages 26-27.

Transcribed into HTLM format by R. Montana.