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Ista To (Blue Eye)

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FW:  Sept. 3, 2013

All of you were led by your Higher Self.  You were led by your Spirit. You were led by Creator.  All of you have been chosen to be here.  All of you were given gifts of healing.  And, these gifts belong to Mankind.  Utilize these gifts to create balance—first, within yourself and your family; (then) take it out to your Relatives, the People of the World, all directions, whether they are from the East, West, North, South, Above or Below.  Utilize these gifts to help Mother Earth to heal the mistakes we made.

Mother Earth has been good to us.  She has nourished us with her milk—the Mni Wiconi, the Water of Life.  She has nourished us with the foods of the Earth, with the fruits of Her body.  She has comforted through your sorrows, through your grief and hardships of life.  She has always been there for you, along with Creator.  When you felt abandoned, it was only when you needed to grow; you needed to take time for yourself to learn and to go within to find those healing energies it takes to heal.

            Many of you have improved yourselves, and you have become like Spirit.  Many of you have improved as a channel to carry out the word.  Many of you have utilized your own action as a gift to others.  Many of you have overcome the greatest of difficulties and followed the disciplines within your path that helped you to be the teachers that you are.  Many of you have gone beyond your own limitations of compassion just to help others to grow and to walk with Spirit, to walk in a unified effort to protect and defend Mother Earth.

            Think of Mother Earth as your own Daughter.  How do you protect your Daughter?

            Think of Mother Earth as your Sister, as a younger Sister—to defend and to carry Her through Her difficulties.

            Think of Mother Earth as your Mother—to honor, to worship.  Adore Her.

            Think of Mother Earth as your Aunt, as you would learn from your Aunt to discipline yourself.

            Think of Mother Earth as your Grandmother, as your advisor in the deepest moments of your life.

            Think of Mother Earth as the Universal Mother of all creation—the creation that has helped you with happiness in good health and a long life.

            There have been many feminine energies in your life that helped create the Person that you are. There have been many feminine energies in your life that have helped to create the Woman that you are.  There have been many feminine energies in your life that have helped create the Man that you are.  Honor these energies.  For, these goddess energies have been so vital to your existence as Man and as Woman.

            When you look up into the heavens and the skies, you see the Clouds.  These Clouds are the plume of your Mother.  Through these plumes, the Clouds, carry Her name:  Pacha, Ina, Unci Maka.  Honor this name in your time of need and in your time of want.  Always remember to give back to Mother Earth tenfold of what She has given to you, so that all beings of creation may enjoy the fruits of your actions.

            In the Animal Kingdom, look to the Ways of the Bear.  While she sleeps, her children will play; her children will do things without the watchful eye of the Mother.  So is the Way of Mother Earth—while She sleeps, we play.  When She is awakened, as a Bear, She will be hungry and will shake Herself.  She will rise at the moment when we least expect.  We need to take care of Her.  Treasure Her moment of sleep.  We need to honor Her moment of rest.  We need to worship that moment of Dream.

            Now, through this sleep, our Mother Earth will help us with the messages that we need in our Walk on this Path.  We need to listen to Her silent voice with our mind.  We need to listen to Her silent voice with our heartListen to every message that She has given to your spirit.  You will have a life of balance and harmony with creation.

            All you men of knowledge and all you men of Spirit, treat Mother Earth as you would treat your wife.  Treat Mother Earth with respect andhonor.  Give Her all the support and love that She needs to nourish Her Children.

            Share with your wife all the Wisdom of your Mother and Grandmother.  Protect your wife; for, she is the daughter of a mother.

            These are the instructions of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.  These are the instructions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  These are the instructions of the Lady of Guadeloupe.  Honor these instructions.  They are gifts for the New Race of mankind, which is the New Race of peace, the New Race ofhonor, the New Race ofrespect, the NewRace ofbalance.  Through this, you will find harmony with Mother Earth, the feminine energies of Universe and Creator.

            Honoreach other as Man and as Woman.  Without each other, you cannot live; without each other, you cannot grow.  You are in balance as human beings. You are one as human beings.  As a human being you are the same energy, only with a different name:  Man, Woman.  Honor each other, for you will honor the Creator.  Honor each other, for you will honor Mother Earth.  Honor each other, for you will honor yourself.  Honor each other, for you will honor all creation.  Honor each other, for you will honor the Universe.

You Men, honor the ways of your Grandfather.  Do not look upon another man as your enemy.  Do not look upon another man as different.  Do not look upon him as your competitor.  Look upon him as your Brother.  Look upon him as your Uncle.  Look upon him as your Father.  Look upon him as your Grandfather.  Treat yourself as you would treat another man.  Treat another man as you would treat yourself.  He is of the same blood.  He is of the same flesh.  He is of the same Creator as you.  Condemn not a man for the color of his skin, the hue of his flesh, the lilt of his voice, or the curvature of his face.  It is the unseen within him which can love you.  Look upon your fellow man as you would look upon yourself.  When you see yourself, you will see a man of creation, a man of balance, a man of harmony and peace.

When you go out to nourish your families, respect all Life.  Respect all life forms.  Do not hunt for the sake of killing.  If you hunt for the sake of killing, go out and hunt a man; for, he is your equal, and he can shoot back the arrow.

When you feel proud and mighty and above your fellow man, go out into the Forest.  Stand before the Mighty Pine.  Tell that Mighty Pine how great of a man you are.  Go out and stand before the Mighty Blade of Grass.  Tell that Mighty Blade of Grass how great of a man you are.  Stand with that Mighty Pine and that Mighty Blade of Grass, and see who stands the longest.

If you feel like a Wolf in your lodge, go out into the Forest.  Spend some time.  Find tranquility.  Rest for a while.  Return a whole person.

The greatest gift you can give to your Brother or your fellow man is the gift of Knowledge.

For the Father, Seven sets of Four Summers, go out into the hills with your Son. Stand naked for a time with your Son.  And, knowing this is the link in the decency of man, tell your Son you love him.  This will be here and gone.  And, in time, your Son will ask himself, “Did my fatherlove me?”  The Wind will tell him so.

Fathers and Mothers, in your youth, find time for your Children.  For, in your age, your Children will find time for you.

Fathers and Mothers, if you are to correct a Child, do so in such a way as to build his Spirit.  Lay not your hand on them, for you may damage the possession of the Great Spirit—His Gift of Life through you.

Fathers and Mothers, look into the eyes of a small Child, and you will know the Love of Great Spirit.

Sons belong to Fathers, for Fathers were once Sons.  Daughters belong to Mothers, for Mothers were once Daughters.  If the Mother were to raise a Son, then he can never become a Warrior.  If the Father were to raise a Daughter, then she will always have trouble in her search for gentleness.  The pride of the Father in his Son is the glint of the Son in a worthy effort.  The pride of the Mother in her Daughter is how gentle she becomes.  The Father is the Law of the Lodge.  The Mother is the Love.  If the Mother becomes Law and Love of the Lodge, then Father becomes useless in the eyes of the Children.  If the Father becomes Law and Love of the Lodge, then Mother becomes useless in the eyes of the Children.  Each must have their place.

These disciplines have been laid down through the ages by the Wicahpi Oyate, the Star Nations, to the Men of the Kit Fox Society and to the Dreaming Society to create the Equality of Man, Woman, and Child.  These laws and disciplines have come from the Spirit.  They have come from your Ancestors, and they were given to the race of this Land.

Thus, honor the teachers of this Land; they have sacrificed their blood so you could have a good life.  Honor their teachings; for they have honored yours.  They have adopted your ways of living.  They have adopted your ways of prayer.  They have adopted these ways through depression, suppression, and oppression from their fellow man.

Through this Shift to the Earth Ways, Red Man is the Teacher.  So, honor his Teachings.  He has held these Secrets.  He has held these Traditions.  He has held these Oralities that have sustained the deepest part of his soul.  He has loved the Grandmothers.  He has loved the Grandfathers.  He has loved the Ways of Earth.

The Old Ones were given the disciplines to protect the Earth.  Red Man cannot protect the Earth when the Black Man, White Man, and Yellow Man have abused the Water, the Fire, the Air.  The responsibilities have not been met.  So, with great difficulty, our Mother Earth is sore.  She has sores on Her body.  Her Hair has been cut.  Her Skin has been ripped apart, and Her clothes have been torn off Her back while She has been sleeping.  When She awakes, we need worry.  Before She awakes, we can correct our mistakes by clothing Her, by combing Her hair, and by cleansing Her wounds.  We can do this as Spiritual men and women of Earth.

Learn the Language of the Mind.  It is more powerful than the language of the tongue and mouth.  Learn the Language of the Heart; for, it is more powerful than the mind and the language of tongue and mouth.  Combine the Language of the Heart and Mind before you use the language of the tongue.  Use these languages in unison.  When the language is formed by the essence of the three, there will be Language of Love and Peace.  It will be language that will start the healing process within ourselves and all through Mother Earth.  Mitakuye Owasin.

                                                                                                            ISTA TO (BLUE EYE)