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Secret Society gearing up and preparing for 2012

Posted by Inside NSA

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I will give some initial background information about how I came to learn this information. I am in no way advocating my belief in what I have learned. But I felt I must share it because it shook me to my core. I could not sleep for days after learning what I have. So in a way it is therapeutic to share this and perhaps get some good ATS feed back to show me that its full of crap. Which is what I am hoping for.

In my profession we are more or less information cowboys. Usually the more secretive something is, the more valuable and important it is to someone/s. Sometimes this also means the information is potentially dangerous to someone/s, which is pretty much why we get paid to do what we do... mainly protect this great country. In this business we network and establish very trusting relationships, which is an absolute must to get anywhere. You must have a core network of intelligence agents that you can rely on. Because it can mean the difference between stopping an eminent attack and not stopping it. (which happens more than you would ever imagine) some of the greatest heros in this country you will have never known there name or what they did in the sake of protecting the greater good. in our business also, we have the absolute state of the art in signal processing/extraction equipment. and by state of the art I mean military state of the art, which is decades more sophisticated than what is commercially available. Let's put it this way. when you encrypt something with standard 128 bit triple des encryption, you are basically telling the gov't that you are trying to hide something, red flagging yourself, and it is cracked and in plain text in some agent's queue within less than a second of the interception.  Thats how good it can be, and better. but that is not what this thread is about.

ok back to the 2012 connection. one of my most trusted 'friend's' hand delivered a computer data cd to my house one evening about a week ago. which is not unusual in and of itself, but kind of a rare occasion. his face looked unusually pale and his calm usual demeanor was noticeably missing. only when something important is in the works has he ever done this. i was thinking maybe he had the scoop on an eminent attack on iran or something juicy and current like this. to my surprise it was nothing like this at all. he had been on a job recently in the last 6 months collecting intel on a secret society. i cannot say which one, (no not the Masons or Rosicrucians) and i'm not sure you have ever heard of them. i had never heard of them until my friend showed me this intel. but obviously they are important enough for our agency to dedicate a couple of guys to do surveillance on them.

the cd contained some pictures of photographed documents. the most interesting was their background info on what will happen around 2012. One of their documents was titled. 'End of the 5th age, return to spirit' . Though it was fairly detailed and long and burdened with their philosophy I will get to the gist of it. They believe that there will be a pole shift. A complete magnetic pole shift and a 37 degree physical one. Nothing new so far. But they believe that thsi pole shift will be sudden without much warning. And the physical effects will be so overwhelming and so swift that NO ONE will be alive afterward. They believe taking shelter no matter how deep underground will not do any good because of the magnitude the effect of the poleshift will shutter the earth's crust to hard, no matter where you are it will be like getting hit by a train. They did not call it an earthquake but gave a comparison, that if it were an earthquake it would be equivalent to a magnitude 14 WORLDWIDE earthquake on the Richter scale. Being that the Richter scale is expontential, not linear a 14 is 100,000 times more powerful than a 9.