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Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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Sometimes man needs to come out of the dense aura of the big city and climb high, to submerge himself in the pure world of the mountains. Only there do certain questions arise to be answered.

Ostritsa is a modest peak of the Vitosha Mountain, solitary, pure and hardly visible among the high-mountain meadows. The peak is surrounded by beautiful clearings filled with fresh grass, flowers and the fragrance of junipers. Spread around these are small groups of firtrees and silver birch. Often we came here with our beloved Master and sat among the rocks on the peak as we contemplated upon the peace of the mountain and talked.

On one occasion the Master said:

"The Idea of God must be the foremost idea for all people. In order to come to know this Idea, all need to have one Idea alone; and yet, when it comes to worldly things, each may think as he wishes.

"At least once in your lifetime you should have this experience:

to come to know God. In reality, God is the most known and the most unknown Being in the Universe. The bread you are eating - God is hidden within it. The water you are drinking - God is hidden within it. God is also hidden within the air and within the light.

"We have a great task in front of us: to come to know God. When Man comes to know God, he will be illuminated with such a Light that he will be ready to offer true Sacrifice.

"If you think that in a few thousand years you will find and come to know God, you are deluded; even more so, if you think that you can find and come to know God in 10-20 years. The Angels who are so intelligent - they do not yet know Him in full. The coming to know God is an eternal, continuous process. All will study - and will study eternally - as to how to come to know God in His Infinite Love, Wisdom and Truth. Even the Divine Beings, when they come near to God - they feel like little children who do not know anything.

"The beauty of Life is in the uncomprehended things. Which are the uncomprehended things? The great ones.

"In order to come to know God, we need to sacrifice everything for Him. The man who comes to know God will come into being with a new Science, a new Education and new Culture such as the world has not imagined. For man to come to know God not only one Eternity is necessary, but a few.

"To not be interested in God means to not be interested in the lessons you are being taught, that is to say, to withdraw from the School. Everyone who does not draw closer towards the sublime in the world loses. And he who loses subjects himself to great sufferings.

"The Law states: you cannot come to know God if you do not love Him.\"

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)