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"Somehow I'll Find My Way Home" - Tribute to All Lightworkers

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1. "Contact" (1997)

~~~Horrible actions by the dark~~~

2. Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)

3. Hunger in Africa

4. 9/11


6. Chemtrails

7. Vietnam war (1959 - 1975)


8. George Bush jr. & sr.

9. David Rockefeller

10. Dick Cheney

11. Jacob Rothschild

12. Donald Rumsfeld

13. Vatican Church

14. "The Beast"

15. Reptilian alien

16. Eye of the Illuminati on the dollar


17. Girl

18. Earth and sun

19. Flowers at dawn

20. Island

21. Diving

22. Father and son

23. Young tiger

24. Young giraffe

25. Fingers making "peace" sign

26. Free girl

27. Young couple kissing

28. Older couple kissing

29. Little boy praying

30. Obama

31. Girl listening to Obama


32. Angel

33. Dolphins

34. Whale

35. "God" (by Michelangelo)


37. Gregg Braden

38. Bill Cooper

39. Regina Meredith

40. Wendelle Stevens

41. Bob Dean

42. Project Camelot

43. George Green

44. William Deagle

45. Barbara Marciniak

46. David Icke

47. Peggy Kane

48. James Gilliland

49. Jaime Maussan

50. Mike Quinsey

51. Billy Meier

52. Pleiadian ship

53. David Wilcock

54. Clifford Stone

55. Alex Collier

56. Blossom Goodchild

57. Suzy Ward

58. Matthew Ward

59. "Contact"

~~~Illuminati secrets~~~

60. Ancient moon base

61. UFO on moon

62. UFO sighting (Japan)

63. UFO sighting (Bulgaria)

64. UFO fleet sighting (Mexico)

65. Crashed UFO on Antarctica

66. Flying saucer entering underground base

67. Nephilim skeleton

~~~"Shift Happens"~~~

68. Happy boy

69. Michelle and Barack Obama

70. "WE WIN!"

71. Mayan Calendar


73. Crop circle of the Phoenix

74. Earth from dark to light

~~~ET civilizations~~~

75. Sirius A

76. Procyon

77. Pleiades

78. Arcturus

79. Andromeda

80. Alpha Centauri

81. Vega

82. Earth ascending

Music: "Somehow I'll Find My Way Home" - Vangelis

Update 23-06-'09: As I receive so many questions on this: there are several 'spectacular' pictures in this video, of a UFO underneath the Antarctic ice, an ancient moon base etc. These are pictures that I found on .

I'm not sure what the background of this site / film is. The script is fictional, but the theme (an 'alien' attack, staged by the illuminati) is one that I know to be true. It is out of the question now, due to the developments that we all know of, but it was their 'masterplan' for some time, after the so called "success" of 9/11 (which of course will backfire on them too).

There are so many seemingly authentic pictures on , that I suspect they really are authentic. Maybe the French secret service had something to do with disclosing those pics, as some Illuminati members revealed that there are conflicting sides within the Illuminati, and maybe some didn't want to go along with this absurd plan and decided to tackle it by releasing this film. It wouldn't be the first time they use film as a way to influence the public.

I hope to find out some day what the real story behind that site / film is. If you have some more info on this, please share it here.

Thanks for watching everybody!