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Xavier Hermes

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There are vast influxes of energy coming into the planet at this time, frequencies that are not readily measured by those systems currently available for this kind of ‘cosmic-inbound’ energy measurement. Such energies are both beyond the frequency range that scientists expect, or, when they are within range, they are ‘out of sync’, being subject to an angular shift. To explain - two identical objects, if they are vibrating at the same frequency but with their atoms spinning in different planes, have no common point of reference and no awareness of each other. They are in different realities, while in precisely the same physical space. It is the same with energies.
        As our solar system travels through space, it has a ‘bow wave’ running ahead of it. This is where the density of the solar system meets the density of the surrounding space at a speed measured in thousands of miles per second. Although both densities are very low, the huge speed at which we are moving through space means that there is resistance, from which the bow wave is derived. Recently, this bow wave has increased markedly in depth, a sign that we are travelling through a denser area of space that previously. This enhanced bow wave is also sending shock waves of energy through the solar system.
        Perhaps this is our entry in to the photon belt, a phenomenon once discussed and photographed by scientists, that then became a point of great interest in ‘new age’ circles in the 1990’s. Most references to it subsequently disappeared – certainly, anything published with a scientific base and attaching credibility did. It was said that the energy of this belt would change ‘every atom on the planet’. My take is that a) the photon belt is a real space phenomenon knowledge of which has now been suppressed, b) that we are indeed starting to enter it, and that c) it will be the means by which those energies that are currently ‘out of sync’ will be re-aligned.
        At one time it was much reported that our solar system is the seventh such system out from Alcyon, a sun which is also the hub around which these systems circulate in a single plane (as with our planets around our sun). According to these reports, our journey takes a little less than 26,000 years, and we pass through the photon belt twice, taking around 2000 years to pass through it. These periods are said to be ‘golden ages’, and I associate them with higher frequencies and harmonics caused by the interaction between the solar systems’ great speed through space and higher space density.
        So, not only is the planet being flooded with energy in the ‘ordinary’ sense, but a vast reservoir of energy that is in a slightly different plane is also building, and our interaction with the photon belt is likely to align these energies with each other.
        Energy pouring into the planet has an effect a little like adding energy to ice: there is a period when the ice absorbs the energy and there seems to be no great change – but then, there is a complete and relatively sudden change of state, resulting in water. With the planet, the only possible outcome of building up and then aligning these energies is also a radical change in state.
        Welcome to the New Reality!
        Xavier Hermes