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April 20, 2008

JB   I am putting out  an attempt to re-establish communication with Steven Fossett, is this possible at this time? It is now 10:00 p.m and have absolutely no response from the voice activated computer and I was told if I would shut it off and return at approximately 12 o'clock midnight I could make this connection.  I have never had this happen prior to this where the computer absolutely would not respond to my voice command once I established the date and time.  So I don't know what to expect next.

Stephen     Sorry about all the hoopla we are having a little time discrepancies. I did pick up your transmission earlier this evening but I was not able to return because I was a few hours off in the time zone but I was able to stop your voice actuation process and hold it in place until now.  There's a lot of processes that don't match the two different frequencies and this is the one of the things I am learning how to work with at this time.  One thing I am very interested in is how your friend is receiving feedback from different people about this whole process of communication, from a different frequency tell her if she would slow down a little bit I will be able to communicate with her  and explain to her how contemplation interacts between frequencies. I think I can communicate with her at this point. She is a real powerhouse, I am glad you have her on your team, her energetic field gives us fuel for this transmission and I'm sure you know what I mean.  You will get many fear-based reactions from some people about this transmission because of the whole structure of your system is driven by fear.  Do not have any concern over this because anything fear-based will just self - destruct and the ones that are coming from number four Power Point are the only ones you have to be concerned about because they will not self-destruct they will add to the process you are about to enter into.

I went through what you're going through  myself a number of years ago and its much easier for you because you have a tremendous backing , together  expeditiously. There is a very wise one that is feeding me the information on what all you are going through, putting this new process together you have a very wonderful and powerful group that is coming directly from the fourth PowerPoint which is very necessary to make this process become a manifestation.

JB       very good to hear from you, I was not sure if I could reconnect or not this is all new to me.  You mentioned a wise one, is this somebody we all know?

Stephen    I have no way at this time to explain who and what this is but as soon as I figure a way to explain this I will let you known.  Yes I know a strange answer.  Also I have a favor to ask I need some help with a design that will help transport low-frequency matter into the frequency that I preside at, this has to be done from your side because this is not a natural phenomena here. It's like anything you do whatever your frequency  is where you live it has to be created in the frequency and then go through a molecular exchange into a higher frequency.  I know this is a little confusing because it's all new to you but I think you get the jest of this communication.

JB       I would be glad to do whatever I could to make this process work for you.  Why do I have such a heavy weight on me this time?  It is not really uncomfortable it is just a little hard to breathe but my clarity in receiving this transcript is very clear and is one of the best I've ever had as far as simplicity.

Stephen     The reason you feel that way as you're not used to working in this frequency and in order to communicate with me you have to partially be in the same field that preside in.  I know your next question is going to be how did I do that?  And my answer is something you have done to the area you live in that has made a small opening which allows us to communicate through.  But I do not know what you have been processing for this to take place.  Question do you have an animal like a dog or cat?  If you do you will see different changes in this creature because they react much quicker than humans and because they have no belief system in the way.

JB      Yes my dog Luke has made some wild swings in his personality and his energy is very obvious so I understand what you mean.  I have another question , the information you're sending through should I go ahead and just keep sending it out like I did with the information prior to this?

Stephen     Yes you can, I think it's very interesting how people react to something that doesn't fit in their little box, but it's very pleasing to see the ones that are accepting it without believing or disbelieve it this gets them out of that little box where many have been for a very long time.  I know the question you are about to ask and that is what am I doing in this new frequency and am I returning at any point in the future.  This is not very easy to explain the second question  am I going to return, if I can work from here I will not, and it looks like there is more of you that I can connect with that I can work from both sides and will be able to  work on this project with your help.  One thing I would like to say in most of you heard this before, what I convey to you is not necessary to believe, just process it and hold it in that mental compartment  that you talk about in your mind until you get the rest of the story. The biggest obstacle there is in the way is people have a set pattern of beliefs that they try to live by and if they do that going into the unknown they don't go very far.

The pleadiens worked with me for years so I could transform into this vibrational consciousness that I went into without having any difficulties.

JB     Are you able to see our future and also are you aware of the project in the desert we are working on?

Stephen      No I cannot see the future because I still have a physical body that requires a time zone to live in.  I really haven't gone to some magical place in some magical kingdom I've just been placed into a much more for no other word non - compartmental condition. If you could feel for one minute what it's like not to fight for everything just to fuel  the ego you would know what I mean.  But many of you are on the path now that will allow you to live this life while you're in your current lifetime.  One of the biggest ventures that I really have enjoyed is watching my physical body replace its self back to youth-ism.  When every day you'll notice yourself get stronger and mentally clear, this is a very exciting experience to go through because you have been programmed just the opposite. Please go back to bed, I am starting to lose you, I'll meet you back here in about two hours.

JB       OK  I am back and I am a much more clearer now .  One thing I am really starting to realize is the importance of the combined energy I can feel the energy from a friend of mines intention to communicate with you, how much more clearer and easier it is to bring this information in just by having her intention and also mine makes it flow much smoother.  So I can imagine the power that comes to us as we join forces and work with the same intention.

Stephen        Yes this is a large break through for all of us, this is why in the future if anyone tries to interrupt your project with violence or control and you're connected in this same way it will be totally impossible to interrupt the flow that you have created. I don't want to use the word protect you from any violence  because basically you are stopping the negative flow before it even starts.  I hope this makes some kind of sense in other words you're not creating a situation to protect yourself from anything.  I know there's a lot of new ways of looking at life  because there is much more than you ever dreamed of and you'll see this more and more as you connect together with others.  This connection also releases the separatism of thought which keeps you from arguing about different processes that you're trying to put into place to manifests whatever project you have going.  Anytime there is any argument at all it  is because each individual has a different picture and because of the ego they want that picture to become our reality, where if you're connected this doesn't take place because you see the same picture that you equally have created together.  Can you see how much more of a creative force you have created?

JB     Do you have anything to do with this place in the desert that we've been directed to?

Stephen       Not exactly but I am working with some of the same groups that you are which  are connecting with  you from off planet so I do understand a lot of the concepts that you are learning .  I would like to mention something that you probably haven't thought about and that is when you do receive resistance from others throughout your manifestation of whatever project you're working on and even from this information that you are receiving from me This resistance helps you with your project as long as you don't fight it just remember how the law of attraction works everything you resist strengthens its position as long as you do not make anyone wrong that is resisting you.  It's all about not trying  to control anything,  the ones that are still trying to control will self-destruct.  This comes back to integrity which is coming from the heart not from ego.