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Stargate Appears Above California!

Glen Canady

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Okay here’s something you don’t see everyday that’s for sure!  Remember that TV show and movie called StarGate?   The series was based upon  a ring like device having ancient symbols that could open up portals to another part of the galaxy.  Somebody from California just got a picture of what looks exactly like a StarGate up in the clouds above southern California!  It looks just like it!  It even seems to have some type of writing around the ring!  It’s crazy!


Many whistleblowers such as Andrew Basiago have come forward saying we’ve had such portal technology since at least the 1960s.  Many times they create movies and TV shows based on actual technology we’ve already developed as a way to cover it up with fiction.


This woman you’ll hear in the video above took 3 pictures around the sun in rapid succession and the StarGate looking thing only showed up on one of them.  Was this ring moving fast and she just happened to catch it in one frame?   I don’t know but these are crazy times we are living in!  I personally believe we already have starships going between galaxies in our secret space program.  Do some of the secret space program ships use these ring type portals to travel vast distances such as shown in the Stargate clip below?