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Russian Fleet Rushes To Arctic Over Fears US May Have Started War With Unknown Alien Species

Sorcha Faal

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August 8, 2018

Russian Fleet Rushes To Arctic Over Fears US May Have Started War With Unknown Alien Species

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

At the same time the highly influential Veteran Intelligent Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) organization is warning President Trump that the “Deep State” intelligence on Iran he is receiving could be catastrophic, a new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today suggests that the United States, if not the entire world, may have even bigger things to worry about—and is due to a believed to be shootdown by the US Air Force of a known and accepted “interstellar-interdimensional device” (most commonly referred as a UFO) within the Arctic Circle on 25 July, whose explosive force was registered at 2.1 kilotons—and has now seen this “devices” suspected “pair-mate”, on 4 Augustenter our Earth’s atmosphere in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region-Yugra in West Siberia from where it began transversing the globe—until yesterday, 7 Augustwhen it hovered in the skies over the Philippines, then raced towards the Arctic Circle where it plunged into the Greenland Sea with enough force to cause a 5.8 magnitude earthquake—and in response to President Putin, just hours ago, ordered the immediate deployment of the entire Russian Northern Fleet to Arctic waters.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Massive “interstellar-interdimensinal” device (above) makes rare appearance over Philippines before racing to, and then plunging into, the Greenland Sea on 7 August 2018


According to this report, throughout the entirety of recorded human history, one of our planet’s most enduring mysteries has been the sudden and unexplained appearance of massive “interstellar-interdimensional” devices in our skies—and who, in the concealing of their presence, use unknown technology to envelope themselves in massive cloud formations—so gigantic, in fact, the late American physicist William Corliss Ph.D., in his 1983 scientific research paper titled “Tornadoes, Dark Days, Anomalous Precipitation, and Related Weather Phenomena”, documented them being able to cover entire regions, resulting in what he called “Dark Days”, as the Sun would be completely obliterated from the sky.

One of the most written about “Dark Days” associated with these “interstellar-interdimensinal” devices in near historic times, this report details, occurred on 19 May 1780 throughout the entire region of the United States known as New England—and where, shortly before Noon on that day, the sky turned yellowish, then went completely black.  



Shortly before Noon, on Friday, 20 July 2018, this report notes, another of these “Dark Days” occurred that covered the entire Eveno-Bytantaisky and Zhigansky districts of Russia’s coldest region Yakutia—and whose residents of refused to accept official explanations, with many of them stating it was, indeed, caused by what they called a massive UFO.

Though not having the technology to fully track these “interstellar-interdimensional” devices when they enter our Earth’s atmosphere, this report says, this particular “Dark Day” cause, five days later, on 25 July, was determined by the MoD to be operating within the Arctic Circle—with it then being observed that a missile had fired by the US Air Force from their Arctic Circle air base, and that was immediately followed with the registering of a 2.1 kiloton explosion—but that the Americans claimed was due to a crashed meteorite.   


US Air Force fighter pilots admit their being ordered to fire on UFO’s


Near simultaneously with this 2.1 kiloton explosion occurring in the Arctic, this report continues, and also on 25 July, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) sent out an urgent astrogram (astronomer’s telegram) notifying the world that they had just detected a mysterious fast radio burst (FRB) they designated FRB 180725—and whose frequency of 580 MHz is nearly 200 megahertz lower than any other radio burst ever detected in history.

MoD analysts, this report concludes, have formed a hypothesis that this mysterious never seen before FRB was directed to the “interstellar-interdimensional” device fired on by the US Air Force—and that caused its “pair mate” device to come to its rescue as it may be lying disabled on the seafloor within the Arctic Circle—but whose full consequences of, should the worst have happened, and the Americans, indeed, fired upon an alien craft, are contained in the most highly classified section of this MoD report we’re not allowed to mention—other then to note its containing the full details of the most infamous “Dark Day” event occurring in recorded human history on 14 April 1561—and was when the inhabitants of the German city of Nuremberg witnessed a massive aerial battle involving hundreds of UFO’s in the skies above them—but whose cause of has never been known.  


UFO battle over the German city of Nuremberg on 14 April 1561 as printed in an illustrated news notice in the same month


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