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Thousands of people from around the world are amazed with the extraterrestrial contact that was leaked through today's press causing it to be the largest News report ever!
At first we were worried about releasing such information because of mass panic and fear.. amongst the public but people have been waiting for this for many years..
The Latin message broadcast from the alien planet "Pāx Salvē" which means "Morning peace" means they are desperate to communicate with planet earth, the planet that has been sending these messages is a unknown hidden planet has now been made classified as the 12th planet in our solar system.
The distance from the planet to earth is estimated around 4,644 million miles away and hides behind the declassified planet Pluto.
Several RAO´s (Radio Observatories) like Aricebo and others now in the US have gone online, England is online, South Africa is online, Australia has been online since last night! Russia is going online now, Germany is still in a discussion to go online, China is online.
Wide spread rumours of there being a planet next to Pluto had always been a myth until today an this remains the largest life changing event ever recorded to mankind.
Government UN-officials have made a statement to the public saying: "People should relax and remain calm, the beings on this foreign planet are very similar to ourselves and show human characteristics in serching the Universe.  WE shall see what our returned messages bring back.
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Jan. 24, 2011