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THE CANADIAN: Canada's Ex-Defence Minister and other researchers on UFO Disclosure

Justin M Theriault

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Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defence Minister, spoke for only ten minutes at the recent X-Conference 2008, held in Washington DC on April 19th, 2008; hosted by Cheryl Jones, television journalist and ex CNN news anchor. The ten minutes in which Mr. Helleyer spoke, despite being relatively short in length, was full of some the most covered up truths of the modern era.

For those that are unfamiliar with the X-Conference, the X-Conference is an annual convention of high profile speakers vying for the full disclosure on the part of certain branches of the United States Government in regards to all information concerning UFO's, extra-terrestrials, extra terrestrial technology and illegal black ops projects that have been hidden from the American public for over half a century. Those that are familiar with Steven Greer's "Disclosure Project" but are unfamiliar with the X-Conference, consider the latter an annual disclosure of the UFO/Extra terrestrial phenomena by politicians, government officials, scientists, physicists and keynote speakers from all areas of government and all walks of life.


Steven Greer

Steven Greer.

The X-Conference would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of Stephen Bassett, who is "arguably the leading advocate in the [United States] for ending the 60-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the planet earth."

Stephen Bassett is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, the Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC) and the creator of the Paradigm Clock. Much of his work and research in the areas of Exopolitics and related areas have been covered in a wide range of media, including the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Legal Times, Christian Science Monitor, The National Journal, Pravda, London Sunday Express and Roll Call.


  Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett.

If you have never heard of the X-Conference it is hardly surprising as this subject is arguably the most secretive, ridiculed and covered up subject of the 20th and 21st centuries. Despite the overwhelming evidence and expert testimony over many years, when it comes to mass media, the average person hears nothing credible to open his/her mind to one of the most fascinating realities and truths that could unlock the collective consciousness to incredible new possibilities for the present and future conditions of the human race, namely transforming the American economy from a 'Military-Industrial Complex' into a peaceful space-age economy.

Paul Helleyer's speech was extremely intuitive and it gave a really insightful look into the realities of some of the more profound government cover-ups that have taken place over recent decades. It takes courage, integrity and honour, the three most lacking of traits of most of our major world leaders, to come out and speak the truth on this matter in the way Paul Helleyer has at this year's X-Conference.

Quite frankly, from what I see happening in the world today; specifically the wars in the Middle East (and just recently the NATO/Israeli backed incursion of South Ossetia), the corporate and financial induced global famines, and the human-made Global Warming political consensus (for the purpose of carbon taxes, of course), I don't have a particularly strong opinion of any of the current Western Leadership, except for perhaps the leadership in Ireland, which is currently the only country in the European Bloc to have any say on the shredding of their constitution and political sovereignty.

The Lisbon Treaty is no more than a giant power grab and the centralization of more political power amongst decision makers whom aren't even elected by any democratic peoples; a system of governance in which MPs will only play an advisory role in the creation of Law. Despite the result of Ireland's referendum (they voted NO), European countries such as Britain and France are still going ahead with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Sometimes I pinch myself and ask if this is really happening…indeed, it's unfolding right before our eyes.

So what exactly did Mr. Hellyer have to say during his presentation at this year's X-Conference? He stated that an Extra Terrestrial Civilization had made contact with the Government of the United States of America decades ago with the intention of helping us change the current course of civilization because they felt we were surely headed for a catastrophe and quite possibly the extinction of the human race on planet Earth. Apparently that wasn't in the best interests of the USA at the time. What was the reaction of the American Government? "Shoot first and ask question after".

Mr. Helleyer goes on to discuss other "phenomena" such as reversed engineered alien technology that our governments have been covering up for decades; technology that could effectively solve the energy crisis, which would in turn eliminate the alleged need for most of the major conflicts that are taking place all over the world, but particularly the most devastating crimes against humanity that continue to take place in the Middle East (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine). No matter which way you spin it, and despite Religious conflicts being parroted by world leaders as one of the major reasons underlying the cause of some of these wars and internal strife, many seasoned political and military analysts – at least the honest ones- will tell you that these conflicts are all geo-political in nature and for the most part are concerned with hoarding energy resources that belong to other sovereign nations.


Alfred Labremont Webre

Alfred L. Webre.

The idea of transforming the current military industrial complex into a peaceful space based economy would definitely hinder the power and control of what Alfred Labremont Webre, whom I like to refer to as the godfather of Exopolitics, refers to as the International War Crimes Racketeering Organization, which, according to Alfred Webre, consists of interconnected ego-driven Satanic-inspired networks. These networks are associated with ruling families/elites in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and continental Europe that Mr. Webre specifically lists

The current escalations of wars, famines and social and political unrest in many regions of the world are all potentially detrimental to the long-term sustainability and survival of our species. The continued use of depleted uranium bombs in these major conflicts exponentially compounds the damage done to our planet and our race (along with all the other species that we share the planet with). The American Government, over the past decade alone, through economic sanctions and military imperialism are responsible for the deaths of at the very least 1.5 million innocent people (including the Americans the International War Crimes Racketeering Organization sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan to inflict death and suffering on their behalf); that's one and a half million children, women and men. Is it the American people that are really going to war, or is it the International War Crimes Racketeering Organization through their tentacles in Washington that are taking the American People to war? All you have to look at is who is benefiting the most (i.e. who is making the most money) to begin to deduce a clear picture of what is really going on here. One plus one still equals two.

Alfred Webre is not only one of the leading researches and advocates of Exopolitics, but he is also at the forefront of bringing the International War Crimes Racketeering Organization to justice with the creation of the International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal to be convened under the jurisdiction of the International War Crimes Tribunal in Kuala Lumpur, for which Alfred is already a sitting judge. Established February 2007 and chaired by Tun Dr. bin Mohamad, who is Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The objective of Alfred Webre's newly formed organization is to prosecute the criminals that are responsible for the attacks of September 11th, 2001. He names the Bush Administration, the neo-con war hawks in the Pentagon, Intelligence agencies and the complicit media that pushed American Public support for a pre-emptive strike on Iraq with a pack of lies and deception. An honest and dissenting media is one of the pillars of a functioning democracy and despite the clown and monkey act that has become of our mass media in recent decades, there has to be some accountability in regards to the media's complicity in the war crimes of September 11th, 2001.

The Military-Industrial Complex in the United States of America, ever since the World War II, has been a fundamental pillar of its capitalist economy. More and more intellectual and financial interests are being invested into the defence industries, directly benefiting those corporate interests. It's ridiculous that some of those "corporate interests" include some of the very people that, in the public eye, are responsible for directing American Foreign Policy. The steady complicity in the White House throughout the last 60 years in which a steady flow of taxpayer dollars has flowed directly toward the defence industry is quite telling. War seems to be built into the current economic formula of America, which is why the American economy is commonly referred to as a "permanent war economy".

Geo-Politically, what are some plausible scenarios if the United States and some Western Multinationals – namely large oil and development conglomerates such as Shell, Exxon Mobil and KBR – manage to somehow, or at least attempt to, secure China's and Russia's major source of fossil fuel? Many Neo-Conservative (which as a geo-political power block have the same obvious geo-political interests as Zionism; namely controlling the Middle East and it's resources) "think tanks", even as far back as 1999 have called for massive military campaigns in the Middle East for the attainment and control of vast energy resources for long-term Geo-Political and Military superiority. Are these lunatics potentially pushing us into a world conflict with these emerging superpowers?

The recent conflagration is South Ossetia is a telling sign that a major conflict between the United States and Russia would surely advance the globalists' agenda for a New World Order. The insanity of this group never ceases to boggle the mind.

If we were to enter into a cohesive agreement with an off world civilization to implement sustainable solutions for the future of our human race, the power structures that allow these criminals to control the fate of humanity (while lining their pockets) would eventually cease to exist and they would lose their control. This obvious threat to their existence would have to be dealt with indeed, and effectively is being dealt with through a mass boycott on the truth of Extra Terrestrial Civilizations that we are currently sharing the galaxy with.

Through Hollywood, and through most of the mainstream media sources that this subject has ever come up, except for a few noteworthy exceptions, it has either been laughed at, ridiculed or the extra terrestrial presence has been portrayed in a negative light. Decades of repetition has deeply ingrained a certain perception amongst most people in regards to anything about UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, crop fields, flying saucers, alien contacts, Exopolitics or any other related area of research. The perception is that these concepts are science fiction and not science fact.

Despite the overwhelming witness testimonies that have been disclosed by the military, political and consulting experts, as well as people like you and me, in the hundreds of different independent sources, with videos of such testimonies all over You Tube and Google Video; the fact is that most people just aren't exposed to independent media, so most only ever hear one side of the debate. Most people will react to these seemingly preposterous scientific claims in a way that is logically expected of them. The mind is made up before any rational, unbiased and/or factual account of any evidence is considered, which is the biggest impediment to disclosure: the control of information and control of the peoples' perception of their world through the information filters of mass media, entertainment and academia.

To really understand Exopolitics, you first have to have a true grasp of the current geo-politics. Geo Politics is all about power politics and to really understand how we as a civilization got ourselves into this mess, we must understand exactly who got us into this mess and why. One of the most commonly overlooked spheres of the geo-political matrix is the control of information, which I believe to be the pinnacle of the current geo-power control matrix.

Exopolitics has to embody the current geopolitics into its methodology and application. Any off world civilization, especially a peacefully one, would have to assume a very cautious and defensive position when dealing with the most powerful and influential Earth governments. Through testimony that has been heard at the Disclosure Project's first public disclosure that was held at the National Press Conference in Washington DC it seems as though our militaries have already engaged and even shot down "Alien spacecraft" and retrieved and reverse engineered technology well in advance of our own.

When I spoke to Alfred Webre, he alleges that the American government uses a form of x-ray weapon in order to bring down Extra Terrestrial aircraft and that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was designed to serve as a space based weapon with this specific capacity. Along with this ability, it is speculated upon by many researchers and scientists that HAARP has the ability to create natural disasters, including earthquakes and tsunamis, through high-frequency radio waves, massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere)with one billion watts of focused energy waves.

Along with Alfred Webre's continued effort to bring the world's most alleged wanted war criminals to justice, he is also the International Director for the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS). As outlined on it's website, "ICIS works towards protecting the sanctity of outer space for all humankind by educating the world on the urgency to ban space-based weapons and to continue world cooperation in space." So the main objective or raison d'etre of ICIS is the effective banning of the weaponization of space.

Alfred Labremont Webre defines Exopolitics as the following:



[T]he new political science of outer space [and] is the science of relations between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the Universe. Like all models, Exopolitics provides a path for minds to go where they had not ventured before. Since its first formal expression in the year 2000, the Exopolitics model has provided an accelerating interface between human and advanced Extraterrestrial societies. The degree of conscious interaction and cooperation among human society and advanced, ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations will be a determining factor in a positive human future. In our era, Exopolitics – the science of human-Extraterrestrial relations - may function as a new survival science for humanity.

I have had the opportunity to speak directly with Eliahi Priest, director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) UK, International Director for Malcolm and Priest Technologies and Executive Producer/Director of Event Zero. Malcolm and Priest Technologies have accumulated a network of physicists, scientists and inventors that are at the forefront of making alternative energy technologies a reality for the near future. The most exciting of these technologies is the Zero-Point energy phenomenon. A recent interview, which is one of the best radio interviews I have heard in a very long time, of Eliahi Priest can be heard at Exopolitics UK herein: LINK.


  Eliahi Priest

Eliahi Priest.

So what exactly is zero-point energy? Zero-point energy is the natural, creative intelligence that is the driving force behind the infinite, ever expanding, ever evolving (and involving) Universe. In more scientific terms, a recent paper written by Eliahi Priest describes this technology much more scientifically:

The technology taps into what is commonly known as the quantum vacuum, which is in fact not a vacuum at all, but an infinite sea of pulsating and fluctuating energy. This energy exists in the space between the atomic world, and on a much deeper level, the subatomic world. However the Subatomic world, which makes up the entirety of the physical and material universe is fewer than 10% of the actual energy mass present in the Universe.

The profound fact that in one cubic centimetre of Space Time between the Subatomic particles exist: 10 to the 115th Power of energy density. This is many times the power in the epicentre of the suns corona, and enough energy in one cup to boil all the Earth's oceans. This energy is the quintessence that Albert Einstein [and originally Aristotle] talked about, yet it remained elusive to him during his professional career.

It is only because of the mainstream academic understanding of physics and because of the nature of geo-political power that this form of energy has not been scientifically accepted as fact by our mainstream academic institutions and scientific journals. The simple fact is that you can't attach a meter to zero-point energy. How can you find an equilibrium price for a resource that is infinite? The very idea of an infinite source of energy shatters our entire micro-economic model as it is based on the fundamental concept of resource scarcity. According to the new paradigm in which Zero-Point energy is a reality, much of the current economic models simply don't apply. As the enigmatic Croatian physicist Nicola Tesla once said "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable from any point in the Universe...It is a mere question of time when man will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

Again, it comes down to whom controls the information. It seems as though along with the extra terrestrial phenomenon, the true breakthroughs of science and physics have been very much suppressed by the gatekeepers of knowledge, which are the massive media and entertainment conglomerates, International News Wires (Associated Press, Reuters, etc), but most importantly, the Academic institutions and journals that control and direct mainstream scientific thought.

With 43 percent of total American taxpayer dollars being injected into the Military Industrial Complex in 2007, it's not hard to disseminate where most of the research funding is funnelled. Where does this research take place? It's like a well-oiled machine that has its tentacles working together in media, academia, world-finance, Military Industrial and on the global political stage. It sounds like a grand conspiracy because it is, by all measures, a grand conspiracy!

The day when people realize and understand the true nature of their origins in the stars, the day that people realize that we live in a Galactic community of many civilizations; is the day that the true potential of human consciousness is unlocked and humanity is truly freed. As Eliahi Priest said recently in a radio interview: All the problems we see happening on our planet are symptoms of a greater problem; and that problem is secrecy and a lack of understanding of our true nature and potential as a race. As many researchers have said before me the real war is the war on consciousness and in order for us to win that battle, we simply need the truth. The truth will set us free.

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