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Beneath the High Sierra - Nikola Tesla and the Hidden City

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Brian Allan 2003

This article is adapted from a series of unsolicited e-mails received by SPI Scotland director and researcher Brian Allan.


What follows is an account that arrived on my computer as a series of e-mails over a period of approximately three weeks. Because of the uncorroborated nature of the subject matter my first instinct was to read, delete, then ignore them. Fortunately, experience gained as an investigator into claims of the paranormal delayed this until I had the chance to evaluate what the messages inferred. The research I have conducted over the years has led me into many shadowy areas that run contrary to convention and for this reason I decided to transfer the details given in these messages into a cohesive, verbatim account and allow readers to judge their validity for themselves. Although I have his full name and contact details, to protect his identity I shall only refer to the narrator by the name of ‘Dave’, and at his specific request I have also used the pseudonym ‘Juan’ to identify one of the other main characters

My initial response to ‘Dave’ was a series of questions, which due to fears for his safety up to a point he answered. As you will see, according to his account he considers himself in fear of his life should the information contained in this story ever reach the ‘wrong’ people. He also warned me of possible dangers to myself should I disseminate the information. However, this does not worry me greatly because I genuinely believe that the more people who know what is contained in this story, the less risk of harm there is. While fully recognising the shortcomings of e-mail, nevertheless it was the way in which he chose to reveal the information that he feels is of vital importance to the survival of every man, woman and child on the planet. Therefore, other than correct some typographical, spelling and grammatical errors I have not altered, ‘respun’ or adultered the content in any way. In addition, when I told Dave that his story was perilously close to similar accounts of underground cities, particularly those by the maverick archaeologist, researcher and author David Hatcher Childress (and others), Dave professed to have heard of him but stressed that he had never read his work. On reflection, given his apparent sincerity and the very uniqueness of the narrative, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Setting the Scene

The initial message from Dave came as a direct response to an article I wrote a few years ago concerning the mythology that has developed around the inventions of one man, Nikola Tesla. It is generally recognised that Tesla was a visionary and if the truth be told, a pioneering genius whose ideas on the applications of high voltage electricity helped propel society into the twentieth century. The number of patents he filed in the USA (of which he eventually became a naturalised citizen) runs into dozens, despite which, due to a conspicuous lack of business acumen, he died in near poverty. It is common knowledge that although while working for both Edison and Westinghouse he was responsible for dramatically increasing the worth of both companies, he never received the recognition he deserved. Also introduced into Dave’s account is Gugliemo Marconi the wealthy and prolific radio pioneer who, incidentally, used several of Tesla’s patents in his devices.

It has been speculated that in order to avoid being caught up in the escalating, pre-second world war international unrest, both Marconi (who allegedly faked his death in 1937) and Tesla, sailed for South America aboard Marconi’s yacht the ‘Electra.’ One of the relatively unknown and largely apocryphal stories concerning Marconi suggests that in the early 1930’s, he demonstrated a form of ‘death ray’ to the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Evidently Mussolini was surprised and delighted at the effects of this unusual weapon which allegedly caused car engines and other devices to fail at a distance of several miles. On hearing about the device and fearing the worst, pope Pius XI asked Marconi to halt development which evidently he did. Another character not mentioned by Dave who supposedly joined the pair on their journey was the enigmatic Italian physicist and alleged alchemist Fulcanelli, and given the subject matter of this account this is quite feasible.

A word of caution; before reading this story remember one thing; it is very easy to dismiss what follows as the paranoid delusions of a madman, as indeed some already have. Surprisingly, the same people who dismiss them fully accept the existence and reality of UFO’s, extraterrestrial entities and alien abduction, which, on examination forms part of this account. It never fails to astonish me that the very people who should have an open mind for whatever reason do not or perhaps this is simply a paradigm too far.

Beneath the High Sierra


First message


I have a rather interesting story to tell you. If there is anyone who may find this of interest it may be yourself. The reason I came across your website was because of an event that occurred to me in 1988 while sitting around a campfire in the middle of the jungle. I had put together a team to explore for gold and diamonds in the Guyana Highlands in south-eastern Venezuela. I had not any idea in the world when I first came up with this wildly insane plan that it would lead me into the world of hidden powers and deep secrets culminating around Tesla, the Illuminati and the year 2012.

To make a very long story short, I almost didn't make it out alive... but it would have made a great movie! During my amazing adventure of exploration, I met a man; ‘Juan’ was his name, whose uncle was the head of mining with the CVG in Venezuela. (*Authors Note*; My enquiries revealed that the CVG is a powerful, governmental organisation that oversees the mining industry in Venezuela, it is a branch of their security service) ‘Juan’ is CIA/Mossad trained, a very powerful man connected to the top in Venezuela. ‘Juan’ and I became business partners. We spent weeks flying in a military gun ship all over the jungle highlands exploring for the best places to mine for gold and diamonds. Each night we would return to our jungle base camp.

Meanwhile back at the campfire...’Juan’ was having conversation with a very high-ranking military man who flew in to have dinner with us. We were all gathered around the fire after eating and he and ‘Juan’ began speaking of ‘The City’ in hushed tones, not knowing that I shouldn't have really been listening, I asked, “What city?” If looks could kill! They totally changed the subject and I wasn’t about to push it.

It wasn't until 2 weeks later when ‘Juan’ and I were alone did I ask him about ‘The City’, this is what he had to say...

That there is a secret, very secret place, known only to a few high in the military and government that has direct contact with, as they call it, ‘The City’. I could tell he was very careful about his choice of words. He went on to say, that it is, quote, “Hundreds of years more advanced than the rest of the world”. I wish I could say more, but I've been asked not say more, ever. The only thing I can say is, I saw something beyond my wildest dreams and if ever attacked, there is a dome of energy that will appear to cover most of northern South America.

(*Authors Note*, before going further the reader should realise that I had to question Dave at length about his remarkable claims, and this will become apparent later in the narrative)


Second Message

Nice to have heard back from you on this amazing subject. People that I have told this story to over the years have nagged me to either write a book and or a screenplay focusing on all my wild adventures in the jungles of South America. The problem that I have struggled with has been that the people in high places haven’t wanted this information known. But I feel that the world needs to know that there is a very powerful force a very secret force that is going to fight the New World Order. That was the whole point of Tesla, Marconi and the ninety-eight others pooling their resources and creating the city to help mankind.

What they have been working on since and before 1937 is time travel, anti-gravity and free energy. I can tell you what you've heard about spacecraft is more true than you'll ever know. I was taken to one of their launch portals that is a hole at least 1000 ft. across, perfectly round at the top of a 9000 ft. mesa cut into solid stone. The portal was thousands of feet deep and the walls perfectly smooth. They use the portals also for ventilation. My goal now is to return to the city in hopes of being allowed to film some of what I was allowed to see there in addition to other secrets that are hidden deep in the jungle that I've seen!

Wish me luck.

With Regards Dave


Third message

I've read your last e-mail and I will try to respond with more info where I can. You have asked me some very probing questions that make me very nervous, I must be careful; all of this is much bigger than I can ever say. There are other people beside myself who could be impacted by this disclosure. We live in very dangerous times, as of course you are all too aware. I want very much to say more, however I fear for the lives of some people, namely ‘Juan’, and the high-ranking military man who came to the camp for dinner. Both men have moved upward in the power structure and they have families. This is very hard for me, because of what may happen. There is so much to this that has and will change our planet. However, with that said, I will take a step closer.

I was looking for other information, on Tesla and the city, in hopes I might find out if others have been allowed close to or, have entered the city. Why, because it's all I can think about. I feel driven to find it, and I'm sorry but at this point I will not say all of the reasons why. I was not aware that Tesla stated he was in contact with ET's. But, having seen some of the things shown to me, it makes sense. In fact, I'm going to say, I think he may still be with us. At this time, broaching the ET issue, is the most dangerous part of all I have disclosed, because it's central to everything that is about to happen in the near future on this planet. Perhaps, someday we can meet face to face and I will say more. But not this way, it's too dangerous, even for you and your family. Believe me, when I say, I'm doing you a favour by keeping much of this a total secret, for now.

Brian, good people have been killed already, both in Venezuela and here in the USA.

Bush and his demonic masters, are looking for something, a knowledge, shall we say, that is hidden from them and they know they must find it to defeat the light. I assure you, I could write a book about my encounters with ‘the Nephilim’. This goes far beyond Tesla and his city, which is partly where it all hinges but it's only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to this, so much more. The CVG, I'm sorry, I don't recall the words in Spanish it's been awhile. But, it's a federal branch controlled by the military that operates all mining.

‘Juan’ enigma...I trusted him, he's a good man...but very, very dangerous...I'll never know, who he is or the height of his power in Venezuela. If I ever see him again, it will mean I've said too much. What you must understand is, that there is a power struggle happening behind the headlines, leading to mass graves. The military man who came to our camp was above Juan, and with his connection to the city, made him even more dangerous, he's now at the elbow of the President, I will not say more. I've spent countless hours pondering why, why were they speaking in ENGLISH about the city, when they are both ‘blue blood’ ruling class Spanish? That is just one of many questions; I've had about what I got mixed up in. I was thirty-three then I'm forty-nine now, going back is all I think about. But, quietly and carefully, because, people started taking ‘dirt napes’ all around me, and I could till my turn was coming up. (*Authors Note*, the expression ‘dirt napes’ is an American slang expression meaning ‘toe tagged’ or ‘dead meat’)

You have asked me, why did they choose to show me these things...? I don't even know how to begin to tell you the answer to this...the biggest question of all for me personally. It goes so deep, Brian. I think, they're going to want the world to know something soon...maybe...of what I saw...that's so mind old yet, so this world, that we know or see, can prepare the world for this. THEY aren't Tesla and his city; THEY are so beyond our knowledge...we have no words for them. THEY are here to help save us from the ‘Nephilim’, Tesla and his group went there to work with them, I know they must have seen what THEY showed me also. Are they the centre of the NWO you ask? Nothing, nothing could ever prepare you for who they represent, ever! The beauty alone, of the beings is unspeakable. We are like cold stone before them! I never stop thinking about them, I can't, nothing else matters.

Did I see spacecraft? No, what I saw was, beyond spacecraft...beyond our knowledge of travel. DIVINE LIGHT, PERFECT SOUND, PERFECT LOVE

As said, we are cold stones before them. We are their babies and they love us. The NWO has no idea the trouble they are in!

Thank you Brian, I had no idea how much it has helped me to talk about this,


P.S. I've heard of Childress, I'll look into it, thanks.

The funny thing is, I never had a chance pick-up any gold or diamonds, this all happened instead.

(*Authors note*, In my replies to his emails I mentioned to Dave that his tale had strong similarities to accounts of lost cities given by the author David Hatcher Childress) 

One thing, I forgot to mention, I don't mind if you write about what told you, but, please, please don't mention ‘Juan’, that’s his real name! I'm not joking this is real information. These people don't play games. I'm taking a big chance by saying some of this. You are taking a big chance printing it. Think, very hard about this. You have a wife. I've said too much I fear, already. You have no clue, where this could lead, Brian. I'm living high in the Colorado Mountains, armed to the teeth, because the Order was watching me all the time. If you’re smart, you'll forget this and never mention it again. I'm so angry at my self for saying so much. I'll never say more, until they allow me to. If you know someone in the UK with real power to protect you, talk to them, before you do anything...please! My God protect you.


Fifth Message

Please forgive me, I hope I haven't insulted you, I've never told anyone but a few close to me, about any of this. I realize now, that you're someone who needs to know about some of what I've seen. I understand now, and feel comfortable with you, I become very emotional, when I type this down because, it brings all those memories flooding back. The thoughts and images, logjam in my mind and it becomes very hard to cope sometimes. Your professional attitude regarding this information has helped me ground myself better. Here is some of what they showed me. You may not like what you're about read. You've asked me to tell you it comes.

The world needs a warning, what they showed me was heartbreaking beyond words. If we don't change our ways...right now. We are killing everything, and we're going to pay, big time. They showed me, a near future, that's so horrible. All of the major nations gone, vaporized in mushroom clouds, followed by a tidal wave of fire, sweeping across the earth at hundreds of miles an hour with only a few small pockets of life left. I was shown that a dome of energy will protect Venezuela, the western half of Guyana, eastern Colombia, and the northern tip of Brazil. It was the only dome on the planet. They showed me the aftermath at ground level, of grey lifeless cities, nothing but ash and death. City after city of ruins being blasted by windstorms. Image after image they showed me of how this nightmare would come about, it is happening just as they showed me. They will be sending a plea and stern warning to the Order soon, end your mad lust for death or die. They showed me a new world swept clean of mindless greed and power starved killers. A world of divine love and beauty, but only after it was made clean again.

South America, from under the dome, life will begin anew; they have a name for it, ‘The Garden Of God’. This was confirmed to me, by jungle natives that I met, who call themselves, ‘The Keepers of the Garden Of God’. That they were told to love and protect it until the time of his return. They have been told through dreams and visions, that he's on his way.

I was shown, that there will be a deep and powerful desire in the hearts of those who seek God and a new world, they shall be drawn to the safety of the dome when the time is near. Those who seek truth, will begin to have dreams and visions of South America, and may not even know why. All they will feel is, that they must go there. Nothing else will matter. That's how I feel now. It's time to go back. My greatest hope is to return, find the city and asked to be allowed to share what I’ve been shown, to the world. They didn't show me another possible future. They made it very clear, that this will happen, that it must happen. They showed me how the world would become polarized by hate and fear. Food lines miles long, riots and fuel prices skyrocketing. Banks large and small, companies closing their doors, forever, ask yourself, is it not all coming true? This is what they showed me. Not toys, bells and whistles. They showed me something far more important.


Sixth Message

Hi Brian,

You're pressing hard on some of the wrong buttons, I can't at this time expose these people; I've already said more about them than I should have. You must understand, the information I overheard was top secret. There's a secret war taking place in that region. People don't know this yet, but end game may be played out there. Don't concern yourself with these men, they interface. You expose them, they'll come after you, these are very powerful men with deep resources. Remember, you only know what I'm telling you. If they come for you, they will think you know everything! As I've stated, I must go back and I don't want them coming after me. I may need them.

I know you're not concerned about them coming after you. I know that when you expose this info one must be, fearless. I feel the same or I wouldn't be trying to return.

(*Authors note*, in response to questions about whether, given the time involved was he sure it was Nikola Tesla, he replied;) ‘Tesla, is he still alive? This is where I must tell you that, I have far more questions than answers. I was being lead through an underground complex by a young women (sic) to what appeared to be a super advanced power plant, a man in a lab coat, was standing at a strange device in the middle of a large room. This device was mounted to rock pedestal; the device was twice the size of a lawn engine. I asked the man what it was. He laughed, and said it was a generator that could power the whole planet forever. They never gave me his name and I was escorted away to another area. At the time all this was happening to me I didn't really know who Tesla was, other than he used to have a lab near me in Colorado Springs and he played with lighting. It wasn't until 5 or 6 years later, that I went to a guy's home and laying on his coffee table was a book with a photo on the cover of a man in a lab coat. ‘Hey’, I said to my friend, ‘I've met this guy! Yeah right, that's Nicola Tesla you dumb shit he's been dead for years!’

That's when I started to research all of this that I was shown. Was it him? I don't know, [but] it looked just like him. And they were and are working on or have created a time travel device. I was not privy to that knowledge.

Why me? Seems to have something to do with my encounters throughout my entire life with “The Nephilim”. When I said I could write a book...all of my life they've been after me. Countless times they've tried to get me, but each time a ‘light’ would come or I would pray and they were gone. Big ugly Reptiles, hideous things. Sometimes solid beings, other times invisible, I could always tell when they were around because the air would get really cold, even on a hot summer night. I seen (sic) several types of them, some like more birdlike about 5ft. tall, [but] my first real deadly encounter with them occurred at a time when I was just starting to real (sic) focus on my relationship with the Creator. I was laying in bed against the wall with my girlfriend in deep prayer. Something grabbed me by the throat and threw me clear across the bedroom into a corner. About 14 feet, I was being strangled to death by my own hand. My girlfriend, who was sound asleep during all of this, heard something slam into the far wall, jumped out of bed, threw on the light and saw to her horror it was me! She thought I had something stuck in my throat and had fallen. She rushed to me, grabbed my arm from my throat. Meanwhile, all this time my eyes were closed. Just as she latched on to me, my eyes pop open. I see her and a whole room full of bird like reptiles screaming at me in total fear.

For some reason ‘The Nephilim’ must stop me. They never stop trying. Without going into it totally, it's about what's coming. The battle of ‘The Light and The Dark’. I'm just one of the actors. When I was ‘On Tour’ I saw a mixture of beings. Tall very white males with totally straight blond hair and neon blue eyes; they always levitated about 5 inches off the floor. They moved by thought and never moved their legs. They always seemed to be in pairs and looked very much the same. They were rather strange, almost like machines. Another type, were really amazing, they were over seven feet tall with elongated skulls and transparent, they run the show. My tour guide was or is I should say, like us. She looked like a Spanish movie star. The most beautiful women I've ever seen. I can't wait to see her again!

Ah...yes, why were they speaking in English, don't think that hasn't kept me up a million nights, asking that question. The only way I can answer that is to say...I was guided to South America for reasons I didn't understand and in many ways yet, I don't. Let me tell you what happened the first time I got out of the Helicopter, we landed on the edge of a huge mesa, to look across at Angel Falls, the highest falls in the world. I'm off to myself, standing at the edge, totally enchanted by the view, when a male voice booms deep and powerful in my mind. “You are home, this is where you will survive the atomic war to come!” I almost fell off the edge of the cliff! What the hell!!! I stagger back from the edge totally blown away. Home, war...what war? Where the...that was my second day in Venezuela.

(*Authors Note* I asked Dave why spy satellites, particularly the ones in commercial ownership had not located any of the portals)…Spy Satellites, damn good question; I wish I could get a photo myself. The problem is they can cloak themselves. We're talking about beings who are billions of years more advanced.

Oh, the blond guys, they said they lived in the Amazon basin thousands of years ago. Everyone is coming back for the big fight.

Talk soon



(*Authors Note*) Although I am still in regular contact with Dave, this is the last message that directly relates to the narrative, so for brevity what follows is the final entry

Seventh Message

Hey Brian and Ann,

Great to hear back from you, I wish I could meet both of you, without question you're an awesome couple. A little about myself? You are going to laugh, I'm single and I live in a tent high in the mountains of beautiful Colorado. I'm starting to build a home out of straw bales, logs and stone. I'm an artist and have been very lucky to have been able to make a living at it. I worked for many years in Hollywood and New York City in motion pictures, modelling and Television. But I became aware of the control of the Order behind the scenes. I was with CBS television (A major TV network here in the USA) during the First Gulf War. That's when I ‘Woke Up’ to the lies and half truths about the New World Order. It was a major cross road in my life. Stay in that business and be apart of the problem or quit! I quit. I wish I could say it's been easy, but it hasn't, I've struggled to make a living ever since. But, I'd rather crawl on my knees through broken glass than serve the NWO! I know you both can relate.

I try to be as ‘spiritual’ a person as I can be. However, I don't consider myself to be ‘religious’. I don't need a middle man to connect to the Creator. I don't need a Church to tell me how to think. To me that's all apart of the ‘Hive Mentality’ or ‘Collectivist’ mind control mechanism. I feel as I'm sure you both do, that much of the so called, spiritual and religious inter-action that has transpired throughout history has been a direct result of ET encounters. I'm sure you've read "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley or any number of the books by David Icke. The beings that I encountered in the city were super advanced. Gods? No, but to a primitive or elemental culture more than likely.

I do suspect the ‘Reptoids’ of being the ‘Nephilim’ based on my many encounters with these creatures and doing years of research. However, it remains speculative on my part, considering that they never speak, they only screech at me with what I would describe as ‘Primeval Fear’. They're terrified about something that they believe is going to occur in the not too distant future is my feeling. Something, that they think for what ever reason, I'm apart of. Why, because they're after me and they are always afraid. The really bad encounters I've had with them, blinding white light has always come to my rescue. When I got older, I prayed, that worked just as well or at times faster than waiting for the light to appear.

I grew-up on our huge cattle ranch here in the high mountains of Colorado, with vast pristine wilderness. Often in my life on the ranch I witnessed strange beings, mostly beautiful creatures very loving and supportive. I've seen the beings with the elongated skulls that appear to be transparent with a blue glow at least five times that I can recall. They’re very loving and totally beyond time and space as we know it. They're always the only ones who've showed me the future. It appears to me that a confederation of some sort is here to help us soon. The times I've asked questions I've been told that ‘You will remember everything soon’.

(*Authors Note*, what follows is Dave’s response to a question I asked when he mentioned David Icke’s publications) I wanted to comment about what you said regarding David Icke, and ‘Morphing Effect’. I've have trouble with that also. However, something he mentioned in one of his books I've seen twice myself. People without faces, just a strange fog or mist where their face should be. Both people a man and women in broad daylight. Icke connected this with ‘Morphing’. These people weren't together.

The tall transparent ET's, I wish I had the clout to call them at will, but no such luck. They're not dumb; they know I would be screaming for them all the time! But, the odd thing is I feel them with me much of the time. They're my favorites. From everything I've seen of these amazing beings, they do have angelic qualities

We'll see...

Talk soon




Well, what to make of it? The story is full of contradictions and difficult or impossible to corroborate details and it contains just about every imaginable concept culled from the worlds of conspiracy theory and UFOlogy. The inclusion of Tesla and Marconi appears to fit the mould of the conspiracy theorist, but as with all stories of this kind there is always the tiny glimmer of truth. These two technological giants were contemporaries and they knew one another, but how well is another question. Although Marconi may indeed have faked his death, Tesla reportedly died in ‘The New Yorker Hotel’ in 1943, but was it really Tesla? Dave also repeatedly mentions the Nephilim, the mythical race of half human, half alien entities who allegedly inhabited the earth in antiquity. They were supposedly the mutated, giant offspring of human women and the ‘fallen angels’, the biblical Goliath was supposedly one of last of them. After terrorising humanity for decades they were eventually supposedly exterminated by the armies of God. He also mentions what appear to be reptilians and Nordics; in fact almost the entire repertoire of ET entities that have even visited the earth is represented here. Finally there is a strange, vaguely mystical influence, the quasi-angelic ‘beings of light’ who will save mankind in the end of days, which evidently is much closer than we think. For some reason his description of the last type of ethereal entities irresistibly remind me of characters called the ‘Taelons’ in the TV series, ‘Earth, Final Conflict’.

Somehow I did not expect humankind’s final battle; ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’ described by the Hebrew scholar Zechariah Sitchin, to be fought out on the South American continent. Traditionally, Armageddon (which in reality is what Dave describes), will take place in the Middle East, specifically in Israel, at or near the hill of Megiddo, but apparently this is not the case. In fact the entire story appears by inference to culminate, if not with direct, divine intervention, then with the emissaries of God. Once again while this squares with different groups of believers who equate God (and Satan) with extraterrestrial entities, it does not make it right or wrong, but it certainly adds a bizarre form of corroboration. Whether this is indeed the count down to the ‘end times’ what Dave describes appears to vindicate the comment made by Arthur C Clarke, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. It follows therefore that any race possessing this level of technology would automatically appear godlike…or at the very least, magicians.

The identity of Juan and his military colleague is also a considerable puzzle, if this was all so secret why did they allow Dave to hear their discussion and why was he allowed to even see the city never mind get inside it? Was this perhaps some sort of plan to inextricably involve him in their endeavours, a sort of guilt by association, or was it a method of feeding the information into the public domain? The reasoning is as labyrinthine as the technology is advanced. It is also worrying that if the ‘New World Order’ (NWO) actually exists, then it must possess some very potent weapons indeed. Dave reasons that the interest in him and the reason that he was shown so much stems from the fact that he has encountered the Nephilim and other possible trans-dimensional entities in their many guises for most of his life. When I pressed him to elaborate on this phase of his life, perhaps understandably he chose to reveal very little more. However, from what he did say it could be inferred that the Nephilim/reptilian entities apparently fulfil the traditional roll of demons and goblins, this links back to the God/ET concept.

Finally, although it would be extremely easy to reject the entire story out of hand as nonsense, when one look at other claims of a similar nature there are many parallels to be drawn and in this instance additional supporting elements are introduced. I cannot guarantee that any of the above is true; it is up to the reader to decide.

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