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Earth's Time and Space Portals

By Antonio M. McCoy

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ually time, space, and dimensional portals, they are part of a " Universal Transportation System". The system extends from; Planet-to-Planet, Solar System-to-Solar System, Galaxy-to-Galaxy, and Universe-to-Universe. If a planet can rotate and resonate, it has the capability to produce magnetism and gravity, the electromagnetic process/es create these areas of distortion (kind of like "Transverse Waves"), i call portals. A portal activates when it's connecting "Lines of Electromagnetic Force "(Ley Lines) activate, this occurs every twelve and twenty four hours.

Extraterrestrials know this and they follow the lines to the portals, during the activation's, many U.F.O. sightings are around these lines. Once at the portal/s they guide the/their craft into it/them, sometimes this would appear to be flying into the earth. I believe that this is the explanation for the "Hollow-Earth-Theory". When a portal activates a vortex, cloud, or haze will appear, this is the portal entrance. People have reported these types of occurrences in the portal areas since the dawn of mankind on this earth. Scientist have tried to map the vortexes, clouds, and hazes with no success, because the portal areas are about 1,500 to 700 miles and the vortexes, clouds, and hazes appears randomly within these areas. The Bermuda Triangle is the one that is well known because of the traffic within it's area. The Japanese has documented their portal disappearances as well, sometimes placing the area off limits to traffic. In the Attachments i have provided a map of these portal areas around the world. Today governments waste time, resources, and money on space craft, listening devices, and telescopes.

They are looking out into space for the answers, when the answers are right at their feet. Or that is what they want us to believe. System of Transportation:

System of Transportation:

by Antonio M McCoy

The Electromagnetic Lines of Force (Powered Ley Lines) and the Portals are an interlocking system of transportation and energy, between the Planets in the Universe.

The many angles of this "Ley System" are geometric and trigonometric patterns, which all contribute to, and fit into the mathematical constant of "PI".

The very construction and layout of Earth's Great Pyramids are also based on PI, their locations are not random as many believe, they are part of a particular pattern, the pattern of PI and the "Tetrahedron". Many ancient practices, such as; "Feng Shui", "Chi", and other such rituals are also based on this universal and spiritual system of Ley.

There are a number of particular alignments around the world that act as intersections for the worlds Ley Lines, these intersections were marked by ancient peoples many years ago (probably 10,500 years ago and earlier). These intersections are perfect alignments that have exact opposites on the other side of the globe, many which has been covered by water from the "Flood of Noah". I believe that prior to the flood, the Earth's sea level was about 1200 feet lower than it's current level, if today's sea level was 1200 feet lower, many other land masses would be exposed. There are Pyramids, Temples, and Megaliths underneath the waters of the world, they are obviously proof of a lower sea level.

I have provided diagrams of the intersections (the major ones), see the attachments below. If you follow the lines from these intersections, around the globe, you will travel directly into the worlds Great Pyramids and Temples, they will also lead you directly to the worlds strange "Devils Triangles", which i call the Portals. I believe that extraterrestrials followed/follow these lines, which was/are visible to them through the use of special equipment (like Infrared Photo Equipment). I believe that extraterrestrial craft from other dimensions, space, and time can easily travel by the use of this vast and universal ley system.

When a newly arrived craft arrives within the Earth's ley and portal system, they follow the lines to other portals, i believe that the other portals lead to other dimensions, space, and time. Earth's ancient peoples probably witnessed many extraterrestrial craft doing just that. Today there has been an increase of extraterrestrial traffic within the Earth's ley/portal system, this is because the end of Earth's time is near. Evidence such as the "Nazca Lines" prove that our ancestors witnessed such things, and we are doing the same. These craft used Earth (and other planets) as a jump-point during their journey/s, today these craft are sighted around the very same locations.

Some of these craft abduct/abducted the inhabitants of Earth, prior to their jump into other portals. Some of these abductions are mass abductions.

Such examples are; the mass disappearance of the entire population of "Angkor, Cambodia", around the 1500's, where thousands of people disappeared without a trace.

The mass disappearance of thousands of troops during a World War 1 battle at "Gallipoli, Turkey".

Throughout history these strange disappearances have always happened and are documented by governments throughout the world, but of course, many are dismissed as unexplained.

There is only one explanation for mass disappearances (where thousands of people are missing), they either traveled into, or was taken into another dimension, time, or space.

Today could be a new beginning and age for mankind, it is time for the denial of this new science and discovery to become reality. This could be a giant-step for mankind of this Earth, he will become either a user of this great system of transportation, or remain a doubter of it.