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They Are Back!

Suzy Star

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ad been absent for a few days so it was great to have them back. I sat up in bed and watched for a while and then went out on the deck so I could see it even better. After a few minutes it took off in a straight upward trajectory and then just vanished. I got the distinct message they were greeting me and wanted to be sure I got the message. After I came back to my warm bed and went back to sleep, I felt the presence of many of my ET friends surrounding my bed and again felt a lot of comfort and nurturing love being conveyed to me. This morning there was a long ventricular cloud nestled up against the foothills so I know they were still there. It was a beautiful clear morning here with a lovely sunrise that blanketed everything with its lovely rays. You can imagine my delight when I received the message below from my friend James Gillaland telling about his sightings at his Sanctuary and explaining why we had not been seeing any craft lately. Love & Blessings,

Suzy Star

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From: "ecetiwebmaster"

The last three weeks have been very uneventful concerning sightings at the ranch. When ever there was a break in the weather we were out sky watching. The sky watches were usually terminated by rain and thick overcast. There were a few clear nights yet nothing to report. It was as if our ET friends left the galaxy. When I received the transmission about a war far off in a distant galaxy between the controllers and other interstellar beings which was put to an end by the ultra dimensionals it all made sense. This would explain the total lack of activity. I was out Friday night with awesome clear skies: the stars and planets looked like you could reach out and touch them. Nothing unusual not even a satellite was to be seen. Saturday night was a repeat with clear skies and nothing was flying. Sunday made up for both Friday and Saturday night.

I went out around 5:30 to put the chickens away. I had a strong feeling to bring my camera yet after the last two nights I ignored it. Just as I locked up the chickens I turned to the East and there was Mars. Flying directly under Mars was a large golden ship heading towards the mountain. . I checked the heavens above website to see if any satellites or space stations would be visible and wrote down the times so as not to be fooled by any man made craft. Between 5:30 and 6:30 I saw at least five craft. The last craft at 6:15 flew directly over the house from the South heading straight for Mt Adams. When it was directly above the house it lit up twice and became a brilliant blue white light. I felt a strong telepathic message; we're back which left a big grin on my face.

Now that the tyranny has been dealt with in space it is time for Earth to receive a little attention. The Good news is these benevolent ETs have full use of creational energies and are using what we would refer to as spiritual technologies to assist in the vibrational lifting and healing of humanity and the Earth. The bad news is if you are waiting for the wrathful God, some malevolent ET to come and rule or want to continue to control and enslave the masses you are going to be surely disappointed.

Looks like Creation is going to open a can of woop ass on tyranny. The side effects are exposure of the agendas and deeds of the enslavers along with an acceleration of karma or the action reaction principle. There also will be support and protection for those who are working towards the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth which is long in coming if you want my personal opinion. It is going to get very dramatic from here on out on every level. It is time to be part of the solution. Be well, James Gilliland


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