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Three Time Jump Events With THree Witnesses

Ted Tweitmeyer

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I received the following email from a lady named Linda who lives in Rochester, Minnesota. In a telephone interview with her on Feb. 29, 2008 a number of interesting facts came to light. During the telephone interview Linda came across as a highly intelligent, mature and rational individual who has at least one adult child which she spoke about. Linda has given me permission to relate two time jump events in this report. Her email message to me is shown below exactly as I received it (minus her personal information):



Feb. 29th, 2008 at 11:00:10 am CST I experienced a strange thing. I got in a car accident. It was so weird because it was like a jump in time and space ­ I was not at intersection and then suddenly in the middle of the intersection colliding with another vehicle. I can't explain it ­ but it was so weird that I went online and found your website. My question is was there anything that happened on 2-29-2008 at 11:00:10 am CST? The officer at the accident said that there were several accidents all that happened at the same time and she thought it was weird.



Linda provided me her telephone number and I called her to obtain more information. (Note - I do not normally telephone readers.) In the telephone interview with Linda, several new facts were revealed about her experiences on Feb. 29, 2008 which I'll summarize below:

* Her husband is a software engineer with a Fortune 1000 computer company. A computer he was working on was unplugged from the wall at the time of her accident and was also disassembled.

* Late in the afternoon, her husband plugged in the computer he had rebuilt and turned it on. The clock on the screen had the correct time before it was disassembled, which it should now be showing on the screen. Computer motherboards continue to keep time for many years by using a small lithium battery mounted on the motherboard. However, when the computer was turned on again the screen clock displayed exactly 11:00AM. This was the WRONG time ­it was SLOW by about 5 HOURS.

--- The computer's clock was displaying the EXACT time of the accident ­ 11:00AM. ---

If the computer's clock chip had stopped functioning, wasn't properly initialized, was reset because of a dead battery, then it would have probably displayed 12:00AM. Technically, the chances that the clock would show 11:00AM are no less than 1 out of 1,440.

* At the time of the accident Linda called 911 on her cell phone. An officer who responded to the accident scene stated that they had a number of car accidents like this around the city that day, all occurring at about the same time. This same officer told also told Linda that it was very strange this was happening.

* Linda also experienced some other after-effects of her apparent time jump. This is a common problem experienced by many involved in time jump events.


Both Linda's strange accident and her husband's experience on the same day appear to further support for an actual time jump. One might dismiss her accident as the result of being preoccupied and not paying attention to driving. However, I find this is unlikely for two important reasons:

Linda has owned her new car for just 5 days. Adults are particularly careful when driving their new vehicle for many months to come.

Events of her husband's experience with the computer's clock appear to connect with Linda's experience at the same date and time of the vehicle accident she had for reasons that remain unexplained.

A number of days prior to the vehicle accident, men from Homeland Security had paid Linda's husband a visit. They used a story about checking out their former neighbor, but then these same men also spent some time looking in and around her husband's vehicle. They did not talk to any of the other neighbors but simply left. The question arises ­ were these men actually from Homeland Security, or from a covert government agency sizing them up for a time experiment or a test of a new weapon? There is a known history for more than fifty years of the government selecting people at random for "experiments."

Prior to Feb. 29th, one of Linda's car keys came up missing. Her purse was stolen from her LOCKED vehicle, then according to police, "it was found in a snow-bank." Yet no valuables were stolen from the purse. A missing vehicle key was later found placed on top of the dashboard.


Facts about this event may be evidence that a new powerful weapon has been developed to alter space-time in a confined area. It may be that Linda and her husband were among those chosen pseudo- randomly to be unwilling participants in a field test. It may be a new quantum weapon. Some of the other drivers around the city who had accidents on Feb. 29th, 2008 may have been part of an experimental test as well, and this may have been the actual cause of many other vehicle accidents. The rare appearance by agents of Homeland Security adds additional credence to this possibility. Is it possible everything in Linda's time jump story is mere coincidence? After listening to consistent, intelligent and complete answers while interviewing Linda I feel she is a credible witness. She did not hesitate to answer any of my questions with rational, complete answers. It also appears that the incident her husband experienced was also real.


A few years ago, Linda was in a ramp garage and they were looking for a parking space. After driving up a couple levels in the garage they came upon a truck with a number of bumper stickers which they were trying to read. At the corner of one turn there was a nice blue sports car which was backed into a parking spot. Linda stated that the license plate was an easy one for her to remember. I will use the generic name "Jones" here to protect the vehicle owner's identity, although the actual name was that of a celestial body in our solar system.

Linda stated, "I remembered this sports car and its license plate because I thought my husband would look good driving it."

They continued driving upward to another level looking for a parking spot. There on the next level in exactly the same parking spot, was the same blue sports car again with the same license plate. Astounded at seeing this again, they quickly went back down one level to look for the car. The car wasn't there, and neither was the truck with the stickers.

What happened? Did they make a wrong turn, or see a glimpse into the future of a car parked up on the next level above?


Kevin Smith is a highly trained reliable witness, former police officer and radio show host. He was sent around the world to train and set up police departments. This part of the report is given with Kevin's permission. He too, is a fellow explorer into the unknown depths of the universe.

On March 1st 2008 I spoke to Kevin off-air about a moon photo. Recently, NASA had obtained new images of the Moon's South Pole using a new radar technique by using NASA's Goldstone radio- telescope array configured as a high resolution radar system:

Radar image from NASA's website at original size downloaded on March 2nd 2008. NASA's image name is "New radar imagery of the lunar south pole" [3]

The photo below shows a close-up of a "+" shaped structure in the center of a large crater (red arrow) which appears to be of artificial construction:

Above photo shows a structure in a crater at the South Pole of the Moon. I have added the red and blue arrows to Kevin's original photo shown here. [1]

There are visible in the above image a number of objects, some of which are semi-circular in shape. Some of these objects can be seen just to the left of the "+" structure near the center of the crater. Even more remarkable is that literally overnight, an almost perfect blackened square of pixels appeared (see red arrow) that was NOT present when Kevin first obtained the image from NASA on the afternoon of March 1st 2008, the black square was not present. There are also artifacts visible in this image that may be the result of JPEG image compression. These are indicated by blue arrows and are not the result of image editing. However, these video artifacts are not the issue here.

Just a few hours later on the evening of March 1st 2008, Kevin noticed that the black square had appeared at the base of the "+" object. When I asked Kevin if he had looked at other image files to confirm these also had changed, he stated that these images had also changed as well. Kevin noted that this event reminded him of what I observed with the Spirit and Opportunity rover sundials, which I wrote about on a short time ago and discussed on Kevin's radio show. This incident with the rovers was also another "past changed event" when the sundial on each rover suddenly displayed a gear-like structure around the base of each sundial post that was NOT present in original images.

Sundial images from Mars and Earth originally did not show the gear- like object.

These images were obtained in 2005 from both NASA and University of Cornell file servers. In that case of time alteration, all digital copies of my book with images of the sundial, as well as printed copies of the book were all changed too. Three other witnesses familiar with the sundial's design also testified to me that the sundial did not originally have this gear-like structure.

It appears that someone traveled back in time and altered reality. In the case of the crater on the Moon, perhaps either the original image was altered by NASA to hide something after Kevin brought it to public attention - or something else was changed backward in time at the structure on the Moon. This alteration would need to take place before the radar image was taken in the first place, hence the alteration which suddenly appeared in the radar image.


Some time ago, a part of my research included examining images from an imaging satellite named Clementine. Some of the images the satellite captured were of the South Pole on the Moon. Clementine was sent to the moon in the mid-1990s to image and map the entire surface. From my data archives I have extracted an image from a much larger NASA Clementine image which shows the same crater as that in Kevin's recent radar image.

Note - the NASA website "" no longer exists from which the Clementine photo was downloaded. This is an interesting website URL to say the least.

Below is a side by side comparison I have made of Kevin's radar image with another image from the Clementine survey satellite. Keep in mind that the radar image (below, left) is claimed by NASA to have a resolution of 20 meters/pixel, while the Clementine image on the right has a resolution of 200 meters/pixel. Therefore there will be differences in the level of detail we see in each image:



Explanation of added graphics

* Orange circled areas ­ show two reference points to be sure this is the correct crater in the Clementine image:

1. In the lower left corner, we see that there is smaller crater's rim which touches the larger crater. The straight-sided geometry along part of the top edge of the smaller crater (orange circle, lower left corner) matches in both images.

2. The top of both images (orange circle near center-top) have what appears to be a feature similar like a valley or road. There is little doubt that both of these images are of the same crater.

* Yellow boxed area ­ in the higher resolution radar map on the left, we see what appears to be a chain of small objects. This isn't likely to be a resolution issue with the radar image like a form of pixilation taking place, because of the high 20 meters/ pixel resolution. In the Clementine photo these separate objects appear as one darkened line.

* White arrow ­ points to what appears to be a defect in the digital Clementine image. This is similar to a defect in a photographic print, such as the result of a damaged photographic negative. However, this image was supposedly obtained only in digital form.

With all of this established, we can now focus on the "+" structure in the center of the crater. BOTH images have the same orientation Lunar North and South. I did not rotate either image. The radar image appears slightly stretched vertically. However, the structure in the center of the crater is not angularly oriented the same in both images. How the angular placement of the '+" object could change is unknown. That is, unless it isn't a building but instead it's a movable object.


If we enlarge both images equally by 150%, the blackened area appears to be more than large enough to be within the resolution of the Clementine image. And yet we do NOT see this same black area on the older Clementine image:



To be able to find actual photographic evidence like this showing an alteration in time is a first that I know of for an object like this. The difference in angular orientation of this structure in the bottom of the crater between the two images remains unexplained. However, the blackened area pointed to by the red arrow indicates what changed overnight.

In the case of the auto accident described earlier, we know that this also happened. The computer's motherboard clock was apparently somehow frozen at the same time of the accident, as indicated by the time displayed when the machine was turned on again some hours later.


Our human minds exist OUTSIDE of space-time because they are non- physical. Because of this, we know what the actual past history of anything familiar to us is supposed to be. Everything including images in computers and everything else which is physical all around us will be instantly altered, if someone returns to the past and changes an object. These examples in this report and other examples, have given us an important breakthrough in physics. Time travel is also a scary technology, because tinkering with time can have, and will have, completely unexpected consequences. If computer modeling is being trusted to predict every known possibility, it will be found to be imperfect. In the end it will ultimately be disastrous.

Contemporary physics theory states that changing the past does not change the future, but will only create a new timeline. Examples presented in this report prove this theory is certainly not true. We have already seen that a change in the past instantly changes our present. Time changes will subsequently change the future as well in ways which are impossible to predict or model in any computer.

The mere fact that I've connected these and other time events together will create unforeseen changes, hopefully for the better. We must not doubt ourselves or anything we see change in the reality which is all around us. Just because we cannot explain something changed in the present certainly does not mean that it cannot happen. Incidents in this report and other on-going examples not covered here show us that reality may not really be what it appears to be.

There are additional observations on time changes and jumps from other witnesses. When website completes the addition of a special section on time jumps and time shifts, these and other events will also be revealed.

Ted Twietmeyer

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