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The Great American Eclipse: A Defining Moment In U.S. History




Don’t watch Monday’s solar eclipse!

The Millennium Report

There are very good reasons why Monday’s total solar eclipse on August 21st is such a monumental happening.  The following excerpt provides some valuable perspective.

The United States of America will soon experience its first total solar eclipse across the entire landmass in almost 100 years.   The last one, which was visible from coast to coast in the USA, occurred on June 8, 1918 several months after America’s entry into World War I.

(Source: Americans don’t know what they don’t know about eclipses)

What do the astrologers say?

According to Vedic astrology, the energies associated with any eclipse are considered inauspicious ON THE MUNDANE LEVEL.

What that means is that the Earth plane of existence will be more vulnerable to all sorts of ‘”mishaps and misfortunes”.

Among all the schools of astrology, Jyotish offers the most comprehensive guidance and meaningful wisdom as follows: August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse : Stay indoors!

Depending on the constellation the solar eclipse is occurring in, the effects can range from A to Z in terms of exactly what happens, as well as 1 to 10 on the scale of intensity and/or gravity.

There is always a certain inevitability of impact on the region of the planet that bears the direct line of trajectory of a total solar eclipse.   In Monday’s case, the eclipse path has been well delineated from the Oregon to the South Carolina coast as shown in the following graphic.