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NASA engineer admits they can't get past the Van Allen Belts (Just for you Gary Gorrell)

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March 21, 2015

Hmmm… the video is supposed to be a real NASA promotional piece, which the young engineer announcer declares that a huge problem yet to be solved for manned space travel is getting through the Van Allen (deadly radiation) Belt, indicating that no space ship yet has been able to manage this with live people aboard, which is the main reason for Orion to be built.

Duh… they forgot about their achievement in 1969 landing on the moon?

Nasa debunks their own original moon landing by declaring you can’t put a human through the Van Allen Belt, YET.

At 3:11 they first point this out, that Orion is going to try to solve this problem of not being able to put a human through the belt and live.

At 3:31 the little sign says, why not use the 1969 technology, which apparently worked to get the astronauts back then?

At 3:42 the sign says, NASA has to solve this problem before they can put PEOPLE into space, past the Van Allen Belt.  The moon is way past the belt.  Has anyone ever been through it and live? Maybe not.

The inference made from this video is, NASA never put anyone on the moon because they can’t get people through that deadly belt alive.

The joke is; ask the guys who put the men on the moon in ’69 for help.  LOL

The other matter of serious consequence is the re-entry where the technology to endure the extreme heat, called plasma; did that little capsule in 69 have this managed like they portend is a huge problem too?  

Be sure to pick up on the notations in red on the screen during the video. Very interesting. 

I seem to be at a loss, all I saw was the red that was circled or drawn to show where and who would be protected by the radiation. On the lower left I noticed there was no red and at the end of the video I saw one of those boxes had been drawn in red. I don't know whether this is what you wanted me to notice because I've watched the video twice and I didn't see anything. I would love to know what you thought was interesting and what I most likely didn't see. thanks