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Moon Landing Hoax! NASA Unwittingly Reveals Van Allen Radiation Belts Prohibit Human Spaceflight. (2min vid incl)

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March 23, 20-15

Note that the Shielding they talk about is just Aluminum, not sure what if any it would have as shielding goes, other then lead, nothing shields Gama Radiation, except a very strong magnetic field, which we can not produce yet as far as I know.

An Air Force pilot told me that one of his buddies was sent on a mission to see how far they could make it, around 600 Miles out (he said he could not tell him the exact distance since its classified), you hit an area that makes you see stars in your head, not your eyes, but your head, the Apollo team said they do not remember seeing these stars (I remember this question ask of Buzz, that was since this mission and knowing the truth about it), which of course is radiation that is impacting the head because there is not enough shielding to protect it, but lets face it, just like Star Wars, it never happened, the trip to the Moon was just to make the Russians think we did it, but we never fooled them for a minute, so what was the Point, and why keep up the Lie, well we all know why

This is how they do the math: