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Mysterious Aerial Lights Mimicking Stars in Texas and Oregon

Linda Moulton Howe

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The light that stopped seemed to have gotten a little brighter

and to be mimicking a star in the sky!” -  Dripping Springs, Texas eyewitness

“Now the 3 ‘stars’ on the horizon seemed to form a perfect triangle pattern,

but the lower star kept rising.” - Eastern Oregon eyewitness


Dripping Springs, Texas, is about 25 miles southwest of Austin, Texas.

Also, recently there have been several half-cat mutilations reported in the

Shady Hollow subdivision in southwestern Austin.


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Aerial Lights That Mimic Stars, Helicopters and Airplanes


July 12, 2009  Dripping Springs, Texas - A year ago on June 6, 2008, I posted an Earthfiles report entitled, “Aerial Ring with Antennas in Southern Ohio Forest and Downtown Chicago Dragonfly Drone Sighting,” that is now in the Earthfiles Archive.

The dragonfly drone sighting was reported to me in a May 23, 2008, email reprinted here as background for another July 11, 2009, email from the same source sent to me about another unusual aerial sighting southwest of Austin, Texas, that seems to fall into the category of unidentified aerial lights that mimic stars, airplanes, helicopters and satellites. Also, over the past two weeks in the Shady Hollow subdivision of southwestern Austin, there have been several bloodless, half-cat mutilations reported yet again.

1)  Subject: Drone in downtown Chicago, New Year's Eve 2005

Date: May 23, 2008


Linda Moulton Howe,

I read about the dragonfly drones on your site and it reminded me of an experience I had 3 years ago. On New Years Eve in 2005 (December 31, 2005), my wife and I decided to go downtown Chicago and get a room at the W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive.

My parents were in town to watch our daughter at our condo. We were planning on getting away for the night, drinking some champagne and ringing in the new year. After a meal and a few drinks (2 or 3 glasses of champagne), we went back to the hotel room around 10:30 PM or so.

As my wife was getting changed, I was standing looking out of the window, which I believe was facing south, making Lake Michigan on my left. I was looking into the other lit windows of the high-rises around, people-watching... when I saw something that looked like it was hanging on the side of a building maybe 2 blocks away. I thought at first it was a window washing scaffold, but noticed it was moving slowly up on the right side of the building at a 45-degree angle.

I realized what I was looking at was an object with a tail, hovering unattached to the building. The tail pointed away from the building. It was not even close to looking like a helicopter as it had voids at the top and bottom that I could see with no rotors, no cockpit. I saw it for about a full 2 minutes before it ‘sparkled’ and de-materialized right before it turned the corner. I couldn't believe what I saw!

I yelled for my wife to come look, but she couldn't get there in time. The photos I have seen of dragonfly drones on your Earthfiles website are similar, although I think this one was about the size of a Volkswagen beetle, judging by the size of the glass on the building. When it sparkled, it was faint, and definitely not like a firecracker. It flickered a few times before fading out.

The skin itself was a weird charcoal-greyish matte finish, but there was definitely an underlying glow to it that drew my attention there in the first place. I had the impression this object was looking into the windows as well, but being very stealthy. It was an odd experience. I have never seen anything like that. I was wondering if you had received any other sightings like this. It seems most have been in rural areas. This was right downtown Chicago. Maybe others saw it as well?

Friday, July 10, 2009 - Unusual Moving Aerial Lights

Over Dripping Springs, Texas, near Austin

2)  Subject: 7-10-09 moving lights / mimicking stars in Dripping Springs outside of Austin TX

Date: July 11, 2009



My name is (name withheld at emailer's request). I wrote you on 5/23/08 about the drone/object I witnessed next to a building on New Year's Eve when we lived in Chicago around 2005.

We now live in Dripping Springs Texas, 25 miles or so southwest of Austin Tx. We moved out here 3 years ago to get away from living in a city and to raise our daughter in nature. At night we get a little bit of light pollution from Austin, but for the most part we can hang out on our porch or lay out on my daughter's trampoline and clearly view the Milky Way, stars and planets.

Last night (Friday, July 10, 2009) my wife and I were laying out on the trampoline located on the east side of our house, admiring the stars around 11:00 p.m. after our daughter was well asleep.

I usually and satellites when we go out at night. It was a clear night with a little bit of atmosphere from it being summer and a small amount of light pollution from Austin and the moon, which had not risen above the tree line yet.


Moving Blue Pinpoint Lights Form Triangle

At about 11:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m., I noticed a small pinpoint of light moving southeast. I thought it was a satellite at first. I then immediately noticed another pinpoint of light following behind it. It was going the same direction and at the same speed. My wife saw it as well when I pointed it out with the laser. We then both saw a third light appear moving the same direction and speed above the first two, forming a triangle. They were independent light sources (as we could see stars pass between them). I am not sure of the speed. They were faint, but still visible enough to discern that they were pale blue in color and looked to be at a really high altitude.

We tracked them for about 30 or so seconds and then two more lights appeared, same speed and direction. One was higher up and further out in the sky than the 3 flying in triangle formation, and the last was following far behind. It was going in the same direction, but at a slower speed.

My wife and I realized at that point the weight of what we were witnessing. After about 15 seconds of tracking them across the sky, what looked to me to be a light with a pinkish hue appeared out of nowhere beneath the triangle formation and shot due east from a standstill leaving a tracer-line of light behind it.

We see a lot of meteorites shoot across the sky out out here at night. This was not a meteorite.

At that point we both got very excited. I was still pointing my laser at them, and then the one slower light trailing behind at the very end stopped and stayed motionless! We were watching it as well as trying to keep up with the triangle formation as they still moved southeast.


90-Degree Rapid Turn

As the triangle formation moved further on, our surrounding cedar tree line was encroaching, and they were about to move out of view. Just then, the pale blue light following at the top of the triangle formation made an abrupt 90-degree turn as it shot due west. It was almost impossible to track it as it shot behind our house.

At that point we lost track of the 3 blue lights flying in triangle formation. The one light that had stopped stayed motionless for about 15 or more minutes as we watched the sky looking for more. It was located about 15 degrees off a bright star. The light that stopped seemed to have gotten a little brighter and to be mimicking a star in the sky! The whole sighting took maybe two minutes from when we first noticed the first moving pinpoint of pale blue light to when we last saw the triangle of lights.

The wind picked up a little, we heard some deer or critters making noises in the cedar grove on our property, and my wife got spooked so we went in. We did not see anymore that evening.

I will definitely go out again to watch the sky with my laser and a digital camera next time.

I am wondering if you have had any more reports of lights in the sky from our area?

I have included a shot of our property facing the direction of sky where we witnessed the lights. I used MS paint to draw the lights, text and directional arrows. It is a dusk shot of that direction of sky from a few months ago. It has been cropped and I adjusted the coloring on it to make it look darker for illustration purposes.

July 10, 2009, Dripping Springs, TX Eyewitness:  “Saw # 1 and # 2 appear first heading Southeast.

Then # 3, # 4 and # 5 appeared in order heading Southeast the same direction.

About the time # 5 came into view, we saw # 6 shoot due East at a high rate of speed out of nowhere. # 5 then stopped and stayed motionless, ‘like mimicking a star.’

# 4 appeared faint and shot due West at a high rate of speed. Total time of sighting:

Approx. 2 minutes. Tracked from NE to SSE.” Graphic illustration by Texas eyewitness.


More Aerial Lights Mimicking

Stars Over Eastern Oregon

Subject: Aerial Lights That Mimic Stars and Interact with Observers!!!

Date: June 23, 2009


Linda, I had a very unusual experience in the remote eastern Oregon desert, and I'd like to report it as it coincides with your aerial lights that mimic stars Earthfiles report.

[ 060909 Earthfiles: 

Aerial Lights That Mimic Stars, Helicopters and Airplanes ]

First, I have NEVER seen a UFO, except a couple the size of a penny once on a military base, and in dreams and meditation, where I've seen them regularly.

But last week, at early dusk, my wife and I were camping in the remote desert of eastern Oregon, nearest house miles away. We were discussing the massive number of chemtrails that appeared over the area last time we were there, literally covering the sky as seemingly dozens of grey jets passed every few hours over an area off of flyroutes....

I pointed out that there were no jets flying in the night sky this evening, which seemed unusual since so many were observable by day during our last visit. And I also commented to my wife that I had NEVER seen a UFO, and I'd like to. As I said this, we were scanning the sky and I began pointing out things in the sky that were NOT UFOs, like a small plane, and the flashing/twinkling stars on the horizon. As we watched one particularly bright twinkling star on the horizon over a period of time, I explained to my wife that the atmospheric angle created refraction/distortion, creating a twinkling effect.


Three Aerial Lights Move into Triangle Pattern

Then it looked like it began to move just a little. But then the star beneath it began to rise CLEARLY, so I immediately assumed it was a helicopter because it had held position for so long previously? Now the 3 “stars” on the horizon seemed to form a perfect triangle pattern, but the lower star kept rising.

Linda, the star rose above the other two stars near it, one of which was the twinkling one! It took about two minutes for it to complete the smooth movement, covering about 3 feet total at arm's length.

That star did not move again. None did for the rest of the night. They held position as they disappeared over the horizon at the natural rate of earth's-rotation until they were out of sight.

Linda, it was MIMICKING a star! And it seemed to respond or show itself at my mention of UFOs. Moreover, after it clearly moved as we observed, it BECAME a ‘star’ AGAIN.

It blew me away. That moonless night, as I lay in my sleeping bag, looking at all the stars, including the now-stationary “UFO,” I had the weirdest thought/feeling - that we had been lied to - that those lights up in the sky were not what we were told they were. And in point of fact, we only "know" what they are from what we've been told. That night, the entire universe seemed peopled with entities resembling stars, not the “stars” as science has described them to us.

No UFO in its right mind would respond to the thoughts and feelings of a lil' monkey on Earth. Clearly UFOs and monkeys are microcosms or part of something bigger, like an entity that encompasses us all.

Anyway, that star moved and remained a star. Why the f--k would any “entity” do that? It takes patience beyond the level of absurd to “mimick stars” over long periods of time - especially to fool a common monkey. Why hold a high-tech spacecraft in a star-mimicking position for hours to fool a single monkey? S--t, I won't even leave my engine running for a long stop light, much less waste hours of runtime of a high-tech spacecraft to fool a monkey in a sleeping bag.

Something verrrry weird is going down here. When stars are both stars and NOT stars, we have a re-mystified universe - just as it should be.

I welcome other reports from Earthfiles viewers about unidentified aerial lights that seem to mimic stars, airplanes, helicopters and satellites. Please email:  All requests for anonymity are honored.