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No Air - Just Ask The Sylphs

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Sylphs are parts of consciousness that live in the air. They are our brothers and sisters who form a part of the conscious infrastructure of our Earth.Robert Neil Boyd describes “Sylphs as immortal non-physical beings which have and are souls. These beings are the artists who form the clouds, in their wispy and thin forms, e.g., horsetails, feathers, etc. The typical cirrus, and cirronimbus formations are expressions of the Sylphs. Sylphs are not typically visible to the untrained eye. Sylphs do inhabit the same volume of space as the air, but their actual Being resides in the physical vacuum, as a coherent holographic form of energy.”However, with the energies rising towards 2012 and with the increase of chemtrail activity (the chemical trails laid by aircraft) at an all time high, some of us are perceiving the presence of sylphs. You now have new eyes to see what is happening above your head. Sylphs love to know that you see them. So say hi! And thank them for doing their part in the incredible journey towards 2012.