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Paul Joseph Watson

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"When mass public chipping does occur -- as it surely must and will -- it will mark the end of any further resistance to big government on the part of most people."  It will also become a point of no return for those folks who've long toyed with the idea -- or have already consciously decided -- not to submit or comply, or be further willing to have anything more to do with  government, any government.

"No other occurrence in the history of this country, will have brought about a more singular divide than public chipping will when it finally does commence-in-earnest."

Sadly, but predictably, the overwhelming majority of 'jewbot livestock', masquerading as humans, will view chipping as just another component for more convenience, no different than Their smartphones.

"Overnight, there will be a separate class of people created from the announcement of 'mandatory public chipping's', along with the collective erasure of the past; gone, but not for good."


Implanted Microchip to Replace Credit Cards, Car Keys

Swedes already using biometric chip instead of train tickets



A microchip embedded under the skin will replace credit cards and keys according to Stephen Ray, who has already overseen a program for Sweden’s largest state owned train operator that allows customers to scan their chips instead of using tickets.

BBC News showcased the system in which Swedes are able to have their embedded chip scanned by a conductor who uses an app to match up their chip membership number with a purchased ticket.

Around 3,000 people in Sweden have already had a chip embedded in their hand in order to access secure areas of buildings.

SJ – the first travel company in the world to implement the system is north Europe’s largest train operator. The company initially expects around 200 people to join the program.

Despite Ray dismissing concerns about privacy, when the program was launched some customers complained that their LinkedIn profiles were appearing instead of their train tickets when conductors scanned their biometric chip.

“You could use the microchip implant to replace a lot of stuff, your credit cards, they keys to your house, the keys to your car,” Ray told the BBC.

His sentiments echo the tone of an NBC News report last year which asserted the microchipping of children will happen “sooner rather than later” and that Americans will eventually accept the process as something just as normal as the barcode.

“It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when,” electronics expert Stuart Lipoff told the network.

Concerns about the embedded microchip representing the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the bible have been expressed by many on the Christian right for over two decades.

Revelations 13:16-17 talks about every man receiving “a mark in their right hand, or in their forehead,” without which they are not able to “buy or sell”.