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Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through: Q&A with Author Julian Rose

Julian Rose

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Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through: Q&A with Author Julian Rose

JULY 3rd 2019

Q. Your eagerly awaited new book is entitled Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through, can you say why you chose this theme and the provocative title?

A. Humanity has a long history of falling into slavery when faced by the choice of abiding by the rules set by an oppressor or entering into a struggle to break-free from such an oppressor. Today ‘the oppressor’ is barely visible because it comes in the guise of a deceptive form of indoctrination and convenience, when once it came with a sword or a gun. The key form of oppression of the 21st century is shaping up to come in the form of a technology which does our thinking for us, thereby rendering us dependent and to an increasing degree, under the control of a non-human entity.

Q. Yet this entity to which you refer has been invented and given its power by humans – is that not the case?

A. Yes. Let’s take the Smart Phone as an example. It already has this name ‘smart’ because it has been programmed to perform many functions at speeds which humans can’t replicate. This is where the first steps of ‘indispensability’ come in. In a world where the everyday transactions of life move ever faster, the pocket-sized ‘smart’ computer takes on a role which makes its user dependent. Once a technology has powers which man cannot match within the context of instant calculation and information exchange, we put ourselves in a position which the slave has to the master.

Q. In the book you make a powerful call for people to recognize this danger and to develop their powers of creativity, spirituality and rationality as a counterpoint. How do you think individuals can free themselves from their dependence on technologies which seem to be increasingly a dawn to dusk preoccupation?

A. Firstly one has to recognise one is trapped. One cannot free oneself until one realises that one is not free. The remarkable thing is that these pocket-sized computer technologies give people the illusion that they are free. Free to engage in a constant banter with others, constant access to up to the minute news, weather forecasts, road, rail and flight conditions; food, clothes and accessory bargains – and so on. But these are all products of a consumer-based society run by an ever-smaller number of ever larger corporations. So, what one falls victim to, in complying to the indispensability of the mobile phone and its various cousins, is the reality of becoming a pawn in the hands of corporate behemoths. Multinational and transnational corporations that control the manufacturing, the sanitized content and the daily menu of news being dispensed. In the West, one becomes a victim of the voracious appetite of neo-liberal globalization to take control of one’s destiny – while simultaneously microwaving one’s brain and monitoring one’s every move.

Q. But does recognising one is trapped within this kind of virtual reality world, also offer a way out of it?

A. I gave the book its secondary title ‘Why Humanity Must Come Through’ because the road of compliance to a world built on the never-ending desire to acquire the trappings of material wealth and power, is a road to both human and planetary destruction. A process which is well advanced even as my book goes to press. More and more people are waking-up to this reality, but not so many are taking steps to do something about it. Something which would reverse the situation and start building a very different future than the one mapped out for us by politicians and their corporate puppet masters.

The steps involved in positively moving forward and beyond the Orwellian control system we live in today, involves reaching deep inside ourselves and finding our real strengths, our real sense of purpose. The qualities that we were all endowed with at birth but have failed to bring into the foreground of our lives. Therefore, I devote a significant part of the book to revealing both what these qualities are and how we can use them to develop a new vision of the way forward. This includes how to turn the that vision into the practical actions of our liberation.

Q. That’s a big challenge. Have you drawn from your own life experience in laying out this path of emancipation?

A. As a writer I draw deeply on life experience and on my perception of the components that make up the road of truth. Through combining my experiences of acting, organic farming, international activism and explorer on the path of spiritual wisdom, I have discovered a great complementarity and connectedness flowing through and between all of them – and this is reflected in both the content and style of my writing.

Q. Your book will come at a prescient moment. There is much talk of 5G electromagnetic microwave transmissions being deployed on Earth and in Space so as to cover the whole world with dangerous radiation and inescapable monitoring. Is this another example of the Robotic Mind at work?

A. Yes, it is. Here we face the ultimate test of our ability to reject that which would otherwise destroy us. There is nowhere to hide if 5G is established in the way the telecommunications industry and power obsessed millionaires wish to roll it out. We are talking about genocide and ecocide combined. An open war on the most fundamental building blocks of nature. In order to successfully combat 5G we have to work fast and become well educated about the thinking behind such intrinsically anti-life obsessions. Overcoming the Robotic Mind should serve as a useful resource in this respect.

Q. We clearly live at a time of considerable confusion and uncertainty, what essential message would you like to pass to your readers concerning the immediate years ahead?

A. The underlying reason for insecurity, fear and a lack of sense of direction, is due to the discovery that life is not a straight line from A to B. Not exactly the straightforward march to social and economic security we were led to believe it would be by our education system. It is actually much closer to what the English poet William Blake called “a crooked road of genius.” What we are educated to believe does not fit the reality of what we find along this crooked road. So we need to accept the twists and turns rather than get stressed-out by them. We need to learn to live by our deepest intuitions and bravely follow the path they lead us down – no matter what.

This is the only formula that will defeat the rise in robotic ‘solutions’ and the less than human cyborg which we are being conditioned to become. It is the only power that can defeat the robotic nature of a society conditioned to deny the cry of its own soul. The cry for the full manifestation of the divine gift of imagination, love and sharing which is our common birthright. That unnameable power which steers us down the organic path of our true individual destinies.

Q. Thank you Julian, how can people purchase a copy of your book?

A. My book is available at bookstores and on Amazon. Please see links below:

135 x 210 mm Paperback – 228 Pages

About the Writer

Julian Rose; early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralised community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilise our living earth and create aspirations and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awake new life and hope.