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Coach Dave Daubenmire reveals how American institutions have abandoned God – Brighteon.TV

Franz Walker

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Former high school football coach turned minister Dave Daubenmire is bringing his show, Pass the Salt to Brighteon.TV.

Daubenmire first entered public consciousness after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued him for asking his players to pray with him. Since then, Daubenmire has turned into an evangelist, founding his own ministry, called “Pass the Salt Ministries,” and hosting his own show with the same name.

Now, Daubenmire is bringing his show over to Brighteon.TV, where he can freely speak his mind, safe from any form of censorship. You can watch his debut episode below.

For the love of God and football

Most folks who aren’t that familiar with his career as a coach and a minister may remember Daubenmire for threatening to sue the National Football League for the halftime show it held during Super Bowl LIV in February of 2020.

Back then, Daubenmire compared the performances of singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to a “strip club performance” and said that he was upset that it aired without any warning to the events viewers.

“There was no warning. There was no ‘caution: under the age of 18’ or ‘caution: under the age of 13,'” Daubenmire said back then. “We were watching a football game. People tuned in to watch a football game and what do you know, the next thing you have in front of you? You’ve got debauchery. Folks, are we going to protect our children or not?” (Related: Budweiser to skip Super Bowl ad this year, will instead promote coronavirus vaccines.)

While the lawsuit never went anywhere, it reminded football fans of the coach who believed in the link between football and Christian values.

Indeed, it was a similar involvement of Christian values with football that got Daubenmire in trouble with the ACLU in 1997.

Back then, Daubenmire was sued for leading his team at London City High School in London, Ohio in prayer and passing out scriptural verse to them.  This, the ACLU claimed, violated the constitutional separation of church and state.

From football coach to minister

In the debut episode of Pass the Salt on Brighteon.TV, Daubenmire goes back to that lawsuit. He explains how, despite what the ACLU claimed, he never actually forced any of his players to pray.

“I said to the ACLU under deposition. I can’t make kids pray,” he said back then. He added that he told his players that, if they didn’t want to pray, they could just “bow your head and if you agree at the end of the prayer, say Amen.

He then goes on to explain how the ACLU eventually offered him and the school a settlement and how the organization basically told them “you haven’t done anything wrong.”

However, the same settlement also had the school board pay thousands of dollars in legal fees.

“That’s what they do … They put a gun to your head and make you pay there.”

Daubenmire then explains how, thanks to things similar to what the ACLU did to him, many Americans now believe that it’s illegal to pray before a football game. This thought is what led him to start his ministry.

“I left and started ‘Passing the Salt’ ministries, I tried to awaken the pastors.”

He explains further that “Luciferians” such as those in the ACLU and the left have “seized control of every institution in America.”

“Somewhere along the line they tried to tell about those of us who were Christians when we walked into our churches. They tried to tell us ‘well, don’t mix the secular with the sacred.'”

As a result, Americans have turned their government agencies, their courts and their leaders away from God and over to atheism.

For more on how American institutions have abandoned Christianity, follow Pass the Salt on Brighteon.TV.

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