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It all comes down to the spiritual battle between the Synagogue of Satan and those of us who will never join their cult...and who better band together soon!

Their forces are great, but we have God and the Angels on our side!

It is hard not to get furious watching all of the stuff they are getting away with. Murdering, lying, cheating, cannibalizing, molesting, and every other sick thing I can't think of. But if we give up, they win and we will be in line for the RFID chip and living in camps.

We have fought this battle before and many of us have incarnated to be here for this showdown between good and evil.

During the time of Atlantis, there were two groups that faced off viciously. The Law of One vs. The Sons of Baal---- whose name you should never say. This name is confirmed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and this most powerful evil entity never left!

Things are going to get crazy when the dark unleash the unseen forces they have been trying to access at CERN and other means.

That is why President Trump is trying desperately to stop them!

We can't give up! I am not in to politics, I am fighting for our souls and that is why I have jumped behind Q and Trump.

This is our only hope! They are aware... Much of the underground bunkers have been blown to bits! Australia and Antarctica are next...

In the end God wins!!