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Catholics Working In Human Trafficking Implore President Trump To Investigate Plot By Soros/Podesta/Clinton And The Vatican To Depopulate Humanity.

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The reason why the elite view humanity as disposable throw away items -- with no no real intrinsic value -- other than what can They can be used for before being put in the ground or dehydrated, is because in Their minds, there are way too many of us for Them to effectively micro manage, and make use of for Their own personal needs.

Soon, normal human copulation will be outlawed, or so closely regulated that after seeing what happens to those who get caught having it -- without state approval -- and the resulting punishment, fewer and fewer will think less of risking such consequences for a fleeting roll-in-the-hay. 

It is no longer science fiction -- if it ever was -- to now see humanity as extensions of a all pervasive eye-in-the-sky control network, which is able to accurately monitor whereabouts, activity, speech, thoughts, and diet. The World Management Team never did, nor will They ever put real value on humans, which should be more than abundantly obvious in light of all the suffering, torture, and misery in this world.

The kicker to all this, is that the present state of the world would now be much different, if it were not for the one catastrophic mistake that was made sometime in the distant past, when the first individual allowed himself, or herself, to be ruled over by others of Their own kind. "There is no greater inappropriate set of circumstances, than those wherein the lot of men find Themselves governed outwardly by other forces not in Their control."  It matters not the manner or make up of the outward control, only that the individual has surrendered personal responsibility for Their own upkeep and maintenance over to someone or something outside Themselves, thereby placing them into a subjugated relationship, the direct results of which, amounting to a much diminished capacity of personal freedom.

Keeping the fire of the human spirit dampened and barley flickering is the name of the game for maintaining control of the farm animals, which is why The World Management Team can never allow Themselves to become lax, or let up even for one minute, when it comes to making sure that the human race is kept in a state of perpetual self-doubt and dysfunctional existence.


Catholics Working In Human Trafficking Implore President Trump To Investigate Plot By Soros/Podesta/Clinton And The Vatican To Depopulate Humanity.


by Ruby Henley

Have you ever heard anyone say, “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” The phrase was actually authored by Jean Jacques Rousseau, who formed the foundation for the French Revolution, and has been used as a motto by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A word I want you to think about is “Carbon.” A man once said “whoever controls carbon controls life.” Simply put carbon, ultimately, is you and me. We are carbon-based life forms.  Does this mean we should not live on this earth? According to our Creator/God we were created to live on this planet.  He endowed us with sovereignty, and no one has any right to tell us we cannot live here.  

Further, no one except Creator has the right to make the judgment to eliminate humanity or to depopulate the planet to a certain perceived quota.  However, the Global Elites like George Soros, the Vatican aka Pope Francis, Jeffrey Sachs, John Podesta, an Barack Obama intend through Sustainable Development to enslave us to adhere to their terms.  I think I can appropriately say, “Satan’s terms.”

This Sustainable Development Global Agenda New World Order is richly funded and elaborately organized by George Soros and his powerful elite. They have brought the issue of climate change and CO2 to the forefront of our political agenda. However, this issue is only a front for the goal of depopulating the earth.  And, yes, Soros and the Left have penetrated the Vatican and successfully removed Pope Benedict with Pope Francis.  If you think that is a conspiracy, then you are wrong.  If you are shocked and concerned, then you love the Lord and know Satan is too close for comfort.


An open letter written to President Trump by a group of Catholics will shock and concern you, as it has me.  I have been researching the link between John Podesta and his organization which was revealed in Wikileaks’ emails.  It is “Catholics for the Alliance of Common Good.”  Although it sounds benign, it is not! It is financed by George Soros, and it was formed to overthrow the Catholic Church with the Leftist agenda.  Pope Francis is in cooperation with this group of Elites and has had 16 meetings in 2016 at the Vatican for these people.

The group who authored this letter are as follows:

  1. David L. Sonnier, LTC US ARMY (Retired)
  2. Michael J. Matt, Editor of The Remnant
  3. Christopher A. Ferrara (President of The American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc.)
  4. Chris Jackson,
  5. Elizabeth Yore, Esq., Founder of Yore Children

Elizabeth Yore, Esq., is the Founder of Yore Children, and she works in human trafficking.  She has attended most of these meetings, and she is featured in the following video in which all of this is explained.  I pray you will watch it, as you must be aware of this if you are a human being living on planet earth at this moment in time.