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A rude awakening . . .

Mat Staver

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Last week, my team won a huge victory for religious freedom for service members in the Marine Corps against COVID shot mandates. The judge ordered the Department of Defense and the Marine Corps to stop discriminating against these people of faith ... but already some commanders are pushing ahead with their demands to “vaccinate” all service men and women under their authority!

Anyone disobeying this federal court order is in for a rude awakening.

This judge has the authority to place them in jail for contempt of court. We cannot rest until ALL of our service members have their religious freedom restored!

No one is above the rule of law. We CANNOT have rogue military commanders.

Help us stop the lawlessness. Our nation’s heroes need YOU. Your gift will be DOUBLED by our Challenge Grant. — Mat

A U.S. Marine Corps chain of command DEFIED a federal court order requiring the Corps to stop unlawfully harassing and punishing Marines who chose to exercise their religious freedom right to refuse the COVID jabs. Read on to learn the shocking details and what we are doing to stop this lawless behavior.

The powerful judicial order made it crystal clear that no one, not even the President or the U.S. Marine Corps, can infringe upon the religious freedom rights of our service members. The order required the Marine Corps to end all harassment of our plaintiffs and to stop all attempts to force these Marines out of the military.

But instead of obeying, some commanders are acting as though they are above the law.

Over the weekend, USMC commanders began attempting to boot unvaccinated service members from the Marines in direct defiance of Judge Merryday’s order.

We will not allow this to happen! Help us fight these lawless attempts to purge Christians and people of faith from the U.S. military with your best possible donation to our ministry today!

About 12 hours after Judge Merryday’s order went into effect, Cpl. David* was called into his commander’s office. There his Major and 1st Sergeant demanded to know if David “intended to continue fighting the shot mandate.” If so, David was informed that he would be moved out of the office and battery duty. This would be the third time David suffered repercussions and punishments for simply requesting his protected right to refuse the COVID shots on religious grounds.

But that wasn’t all. David was also informed that unless he got vaccinated by Monday morning, he would be removed from the military.

David reminded the chain of command that he and all his fellow religious-exemption-seeking Marines were now protected by a federal court order. David’s superior told him he didn’t care a bit about the protective order. “The class action doesn’t matter,” David’s 1st Sergeant told him. “Will you vaccinate by Monday or not?”

David repeated his stance—his faith prevents him from taking the abortion-linked COVID shots. Infuriated, the 1st Sergeant told David, “We’ll just do this now, then,” and pulled out an already completed 6105 punishment form and insisted David sign it.

Much to his commanding officer’s disapproval, David refused to sign the punishment form. Instead, David informed his chain of command that the form was in direct violation of the judge’s order. But David’s chain of command simply responded with “we don’t care” and continued the unlawful action.

It is hard to put into words the intensity of what is happening in some of these meetings. Early on, Department of Defense (DOD) attorneys attempted to tell the judge that the courts have no authority over the military! It is chilling that we must repeatedly remind these military superiors that their power is limited. This judge has made perfectly clear to the DOD, the entire military and even to Joe Biden himself—NO ONE is above the law, and NO ONE may defy it. The following is a part of his powerful ruling:

“Obviously, RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] includes everyone from the President to a park ranger, from the Chief Justice of the United States to a probation officer, from the Speaker of the House to a member’s district office staffer, from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to a military recruiter,” wrote Judge Merryday in his order, “even if they don’t like it and even if they don’t agree with it. The Free Exercise Clause and RFRA are the law of the land” (emphasis added).

This latest lawless move from the Biden administration shows our fight for religious freedom is far from over. We need YOUR help right now to defend the brave service members being unlawfully denied their religious freedom. When you give today, the impact of your donation will be DOUBLED by a generous Challenge Grant.

Liberty Counsel Action has been assisting on this case from the beginning, and we will not stand by while they continue to flout the law. We’re gathering information to help drag the reticent DOD back before the court as many times as is necessary to explain to the federal judge why this administration thinks it can violate the law and abuse our military members. This attitude must change, and, together, you and I can be the ones to change it!

We anticipate Judge Merryday will hold the people responsible. This judge is the LAST person they want to come back before.

Won’t you please prayerfully consider making a recurring monthly donation so that we will have every resource necessary to see this fight through to the finish?

Also, the moment our legislators choose to act, they could restore this same freedom through policy and bills. You can make your voice heard directly with a barrage of powerful faxes urging them to act now.

Please pray for David and other men and women still under these fake shot mandates as the Navy and Air Force are also continuing this abuse of people of faith within their ranks!


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


*Name changed for privacy.


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