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JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ: Suffering Fools But Not Gladly


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Suffering Fools But Not Gladly

By Anna Von Reitz

October 8th 2017

I am a Christian and a great believer in letting people confess their sins and make amends and go forward on a new path.  That is what Pope Benedict did and my faith REQUIRES me to honor his action in this regard.

I have no evidence that he was not kept completely in the dark about the nature of the fraud and I have ample evidence that once he knew, he tried to correct it.

Many of the idiots who mistake me and misrepresent me as a "Vatican Sympathizer" are apparently too stupid to grasp the simple fact that I accused the Pope of great evil and did it to his face.

Not only that, I took his Cardinals to task, also. Maybe some of these same Know It All's should read my Letter to Cardinal George to get a flavor of it.

I can assure you that Martin Luther was more polite and diplomatic. I simply placed the blame for this horrific mismanagement and criminality on their shoulders and at their feet.

And upon their confession and attempts to make amends the second part of my obligation as a Christian kicks in. So long as they forswear their sin and try their best to correct this Mess I am obligated by my Lord to forgive and support them in it.

The only question everyone should be asking is where Pope Francis stands?

He has made some good moves, but fallen far short of taking the broad spectrum reform and reorganization efforts that Benedict XVI embraced.

Indeed, most of his work appears to be damage control for the Church to clean up its internal rot and public image-- and has not focused on the role of the Pontiff so much, which is central to the effort to deal with the World Debt and clean up the courts and make the kinds of changes that will fundamentally improve life on this planet for Christians and everyone else.

I do not suffer fools gladly and I can assure you that those who misrepresent me as a "Vatican Agent" are either (1) working for the Cabal and trying to discredit me by association or (2) truly are fools who haven't bothered to read what I have written.