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Steve Philosophers Stone

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Aug. 12, 2016

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

– Edmund Burke

By Steve – Philosophers Stone

Physically Sick

I received some devastating news last week from a close friend, a healer who had been taken into the confidence of the well known and respected author, speaker, radio host and interviewee commonly known as Zen Gardner. A few days earlier, after he’d told her that he’d been a member and leader of a cult for 27 years, not knowing anything about the cult, she did some research. What she discovered over the next few days had traumatised her to the point of physical illness as she began to understand the depth of abuse and cruelty to children practiced by the organization and tried on her own to come to grips with the fact that her friend Zen had immersed himself in it for almost 3 decades.

We should have known

Despite his personable appearance, this wordsmith has left devastation wherever he has been. Several well respected alternative community champions, dropped him because they felt that “something was not right”, while others, including some very well known and celebrities on their own merit haven’t yet got close enough to him to witness the dark side of Zen because it’s masked with a joyous good guy facade. The truth is much darker, as I will reveal.

I have witnessed a couple of the “falling outs” between friends of Zen’s and always tried to stay impartial, not taking sides, but staying friends with both parties. When they’d escaped “the cult of Zen” they felt a huge sense of relief, as though a great burden had been lifted, though not knowing exactly what it was – they couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

What could I do?

After reading the e-mail in which Zen disclosed his involvement in this sordid organization, and talking my friend through the anguish and cognitive dissonance she was experiencing, my first action was to do some research. What was uncovered is shocking and made me so angry and ashamed that I too could be taken in by what turns out, in my view, to be a monster in disguise.

I knew I would have to bring this to the public arena, but what could I expect as a relative unknown in the alternative community (I always preferred to work behind the scenes, digging into the reasons and solutions behind the chaos wrought upon humanity at the hands of the psychopaths and their sycophantic servants). After all, I would be facing off against the established guru and cult leader, Zen Gardner – and his avid fans.

Twenty Seven Years

Currently going by the name of Don Ferguson, but known to all on the internet as Zen Gardner, he had joined the “The Family”, which later changed its name to “Children of God”, at the age of 22 to escape an abusive childhood. There he was to remain for 27 years working his way up the ranks to become a leader and a teacher in the notorious cult.

Zen always blames his youth – but 27 years…