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Mike Kikng

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Fwb. 23, 2016

The cryptic fixation with Satanic / occult symbolism has been a feature of western culture for some time now. The all-seeing eye, the pyramid, the "number of the beast" 6-6-6, the pentagram / tilted 5-point star, Bhapomet the goat-headed deity, or Baal the bulled-head deity who demands child-sacrifice, and more.

1 & 2 - Baphomet or Baal, pentagram, illuminated eye & pyramid, 6-6-6 --- all part of the New World Order's symbolism.

3- D-Day (Devil's Day? aka Operation 'OverLord') was launched at 6 AM on the 6th day of the 6th month of 1944.


Whether the hidden homage to the Evil One is metaphorically based, or whether it represents the actual practice of Satan worship, is a difference without a distinction. Either way, the demented lunatics lording over us are sick and twisted souls who, through their influence over the media and advertising world, enjoy throwing their demonic symbols and numerology in our collective faces. Here is just a very limited sampling of the incredible evil placed right under our noses:


Open your eyes --- Satanic symbolism is everywhere. 


NOTE:  For further reading, read Phoenxi Journal 9 - "Satan's Drummers".   Fourwinds is posting this Journal Chapter by Chapter.  As Sananda says, "THE SECRET BEAT OF EVIL- SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL"   --AB