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Schizophrenia, Psychosis Explained?

The Unhived Mind

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Nov. 23, 2015

Schizophrenia, Psychosis Explained?




November 24, 2015 at 4:11 am

This all sounds like the actions of the Djinns or demonic realm which I personally believe exists. I once knew an older work friend who was from Pakistan and he told me his father use to command Djinns and he would also train others in how to do the same. I was told that not all students succeed and at times some would be killed by the Djinn. If you want to understand all these Lord of the Rings type of so-called fantasy lands and more importantly the dragons then you come to the flying Djinns, in other words its all stories covering up the realm of the Djinn and the magickal powers they possess. You’ll notice how it’s always Christians slaying dragons with their comet symbolizing swords. The highest levels of all religions are fully aware of this demonic realm. So when you hear of the Brotherhood of the Dragon and its newer forks then rest assured these people are Satanic and access the demonic realm. Ask yourself why these elites want to force mankind into a depressed state full of negative energy like we’re going through today.

The Djinn hooks onto you via I believe it’s the heart chakra as the heart is the seat of the human soul, then that Djinn will suck on your negative energy just as this man talks about with his Schizophrenic patients. This is one angle to the creation of the idea of vampires along with disease symbolism but the blood is very important to the Djinn. The Djinn have access to all of us but only a few people can actually hear them or know of their presence (so called schizophrenics, psychics etc). The Djinn can make any of us do things if we aren’t armed with the ancient knowledge of how to protect ourselves but in those who can hear them then the Djinn is very powerful. So when you hear of things like exorcisms you’d better believe this stuff isn’t all made up or paranoia, the ancient peoples knowledge knew far more than we do today. So your goal should be to remove negative thoughts and energy. I should also point out I knew a lady who told me how an Asian shopkeeper would come into her friend’s store and curse it using a Djinn but I forget the reason why he would do it. In the end the lady store owner had so much problems she quit the store. Have you ever watched the original ‘Evil Dead’ movie? Notice the use of Sumerian texts to bring about the Djinns and where they originate from in the film as they come in from the woods not to mention how the trees rape the female human victim. Ask yourself why woodlands and forests are always connected to evil especially at night and study the Green Man. Another movie that should interest you is ‘Fallen’ starring Denzel Washington which will really highlight what’s going on in the unseen world the herd have no idea about.


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