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SCOTUS Upholds 1952 Law Outlawing Islam In Government

SCOTUS Upholds 1952 Law Outlawing Islam In Government

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Congress passed a law in 1952 that disallowed Muslims from participating in American government because in order to practice Islam you have to practice Sharia Law, which is governing law. Here in America, that is the ultimate conflict of interest.

The law was tucked away until 2009, when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals put a secret hush on it to allow Barack Obama to be President. After that, Muslims started running for office left and right, leading to a Senator, 2 congressmen, 5 mayors and a governor all belonging to the Islamic faith.

The Supreme Court finally weighed in and reversed the 9th Circuit’s injunction, stating that the law was written to “protect religious freedom as much as defend it.” and that the court would be hearing the full case sometime in 2018.

Until then, Muslims in government are once again considered illegal, which will undoubtedly lead to a whole slew of court battles. In the end, they can’t be allowed to govern unless they renounce their faith and their belief in Sharia Law, which to a Muslim is the worst thing imaginable. It would be like asking a Christian to condone killing.

The Justice Department will begin preparing an amicus brief that will show the damage Muslims in government have caused over the last decade, including canceling Christmas, allowing domestic abusers and rapists to go free and allowing a man to take his 4 American children in the middle of the night to Afghanistan where they were sold into slavery.

Those aren’t the kinds of things we allow in America. Thank God the Supreme Court is taking steps to fix it.