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COLORADO COMPANY Instantly Regrets Giving 200 Muslims Jobs, They Get NASTY Payback

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A meat-packing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado learned just what happens when you give hundreds of Muslim refugees a job. The Muslims band together and make demands for prayer breaks. They walked off their jobs to protest a “workplace prayer dispute.” Bad move- now you’re FIRED!

That’s right, about 190 Somalia Muslims are now officially unemployed.

10 days earlier the Muslims were employed by Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan when 200 of them decided to complain about changes made at the plant including ending the prayer breaks.


Some workers later returned, but the majority stayed away as representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) negotiated on their behalf, according to the Denver Post.

On Tuesday Cargill, through its attorneys, fired the workers who were holding out, said Jaylani Hussein, a spokesman and executive director of the terrorist group CAIR.


A spokesman for CAIR, Jaylani Hussein said he’s going to keep trying to get Cargill officials to come to a conclusion in favor of Muslim prayer time. “They feel missing their prayer is worse than losing their job,” Hussein said about the fired employees thoughts on the matter. “It’s like losing a blessing from God.”

Bravo to this company for taking back the control after so much has been lost under Obama’s lack of leadership. If refugees are going to be forced on citizens in American communities, we don’t have to change our way of life to accommodate them. They need to adapt or go back to the cesspools they came from. Preferably the latter…


So in a nutshell- GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!