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A great comment about Jesus by Jim Stone

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A great comment about Jesus

Yesterday I shredded a reader who said Jesus was non-violent, and I then said Jesus was being used as a weapon to cause good people to do nothing to stop evil, which only answers to violence, as proven by history. Today several readers mentioned Jesus violently attacking the money changers.

One sent this:

"I guess when Jesus, twice drove out the money-changers with a scourge, He wasn't being violent?"

My response: In today's "fair and balanced" world, Jesus would have done 20 years for that "crime". Heh. Yep. Sort of says where we are now. That was WAY TOO VIOLENT.

There were several other comments about how Jesus said to love your enemy and all kinds of other out of context hocus pocus.

I WILL REPEAT:  If you intentionally use Jesus as a tool of destruction, by misinterpreting his doctrine as an instruction set telling us to all lay down and accept getting our heads cut off, I would fear judgement day if I was you. If you are ignorantly and innocently stating that kind of puff, well, there's a street corner at the center of town where you can throw the bible at everyone. Maybe. The cops you should "love" will probably taze you and cart you away nowadays in this GREAT world we got by doing nothing to stop evil, when we should have scourged the "money changers!"