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Phoenix Journal 83


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


This JOURNAL, POLITICAL PSYCHOS, must be totally con-fused with PSYCHOPOLITICS or you will have nothing upon which to base reference.

We can talk day and night into infinity and it will not mean nearly as much to you as a clear-cut example of what we effort to bring to your attention. I can only urge you to REALIZE FULLY that these things are not happening to "someone else" "somewhere else". It is not "just in Russia" or "just here or there"--IT IS IN YOUR DOORYARD--HAPPENING TO YOU! THIS is mind control utilizing the very physical expression of your physical brain. It is all but too late to change the direction of the world--for with the elder generation moving on there will be nothing to distract you ones of the younger generations from the programming already being set into your recognition--all other will be memories lost into oblivion for all history; all Truth is being rewritten into that which the adversary will have you believe.

How many Dharmas will there be to write the Truth that you may awaken? So few as to cause you to stumble in despair if I told you. But, the glory is: It only takes ONE! IT ONLY TAKES ONE IN GOD!

Some of the important topics discussed are: Who has the monopoly on the world opium trade? Princess Grace Kelly and the drug trade - How Tavistock of England controls the U.S. government, in detail. THE IMPORTANCE OF SPELT AND RED LENTILS FOR SURVIVAL. British East India Company (the Elite of England) and the drug trade - How Mind Control & Psychopolitics is used to enslave the world's population, YOU!!!