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Phoenix Journal 86


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


As the "front" heats up in confusion and time for "takeover" of the New World Order I wish to offer thanks and appreciation to those who work diligently and unendingly to PROVE MY PRESENCE. I specifically wish to take note and offer appreciation to ones, Col. James "Bo" Gritz, George Green, Gary Anderson (known under so many names as to be unable to list appropriate or current label), and all those participating in their nest of co-workers.

Mr. Green, for instance, gains ability to lie and have the courts back him up by his unending stream of "connections" (such as: "Ask Bo Gritz," and, "I'm just an 'agent' smoking out these cult operators..." etc.). Gary Anderson goes forth with their costly and DANGEROUS plan for sucking you nice people into "trusts" which will be confiscated and a full-out effort to see to it that you "patriots" do all the right things TO GET YOU DEADED IN THE UPCOMING CLOSE-DOWN OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Do not think for one minute that I am "against" these goodly teachers for they serve the most impressive jobs on the globe--that of disinformation, deceit and legal manipulation which ex-presses the very epitome of that which has GONE WRONG in your nation and world--AND PERSONAL VALUES.

Some very important topics covered in this JOURNAL are: Update on George Green and the above gang - An Illinois suit against FEMA - Russians "feeling their oats" - Patience vs. inaction - YOU must decide as a nation do we live or die. Paul Wilcher's letter to Janet Reno - WEAN'S DYNAMITE EXPOSE - Serious earthquakes ahead - Judge Smith guilty of jury tampering - New World Order targets Calif. first - The missing gold from Fort Knox.