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Phoenix Journal 87


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


The ADL/Mossad has tracks all over the Trade Center Bombing trial and convictions. I told you that the bomb used is called an Israeli Briefcase Bomb. You have just seen the case which rep-resents the epitome of the seriousness of your plight as regards your Judicial system.

"Ah," but you ask, "isn't it more important to scrape the goo off Dharma and the WORD which is being discounted at every turn by such as Bo Gritz, et al.?" NO!

Why? Because one group is the ENEMY of GOD OF LIGHT--the other are MEN out to strip, deceive and "gain wealth" off of you-the-people. YOU must be aware of those ones and do that which is "justice"--I do not intervene nor put down any MAN unless he impacts my mission and work. These have done so but I can still "negotiate" for I am NOT a "patriot" of some kind blundering around with minuteman rifles or "Bullets in '96 if not by ballot in '92". I SHALL PROTECT MY PEOPLE, BRING ALL INFORMATION AS IT FALLS, AND GET OUR MISSION DONE--THE WORD, THE AWAKENING TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY TO THOSE WHO DESIRE SAME--AND GET A REMNANT INTO UNDERSTANDING, SURVIVAL--AND "THROUGH"!

Hillary's Hellcats--the women of the New World Order Find out if Hillary’s law partner was murdered because he knew too much.--ARMED WITH GESTAPO POWERS (Big Sister Is Watching You) - "We women are going to bring an end to God!" Remote mind control technology - God is Light--God is love! Communist goals - Vince Foster murdered - The impeached President - GaiaLyte, Sucrose Neutra-Bond, Caffeine Neutra-Bond -- Learn the answer to the question: Have You A soul? Discover The Medical Disaster Of Bacteria Evolving Into Potential Killers—Read Why CarbraGaia Is A Better Product Than Shark Cartilage—Understand That God Is Light And You Are The Thought Of God—Study The Understandings Of Vibration, Light, The Mother/Father One, Cycles, Matter Is Not Spirit, Grace Given Of God, Mercy, Seeking And Knowing That God Within—Learn How Washington State Senator Jack Metcalf Wants To Restore To The U.S. Congress Its Power To create Money—The Protocols (Short Form).